5 Health Benefits of Prune Juice for Babies


If your little one is experiencing frequent bouts of constipation, you must have been advised to give him or her some prune juice. Prune juice is indeed very helpful when it comes to easing constipation. Prune juice for babies is a top remedy used against constipation. But the health benefits provided by a glass of prune juice don’t stop at just that. Read on find out more about the health benefits your baby could reap from prune juice.

What is prune juice?

A prune is any type of dried plum. It is a myth that prune is its own type of fruit. Just like there are so many types of plums that differ in texture, colour and taste, so is the case with prunes. Any dried version of plum can be considered a prune. However, the term generally refers to the dried version of the European plum. The most commonly used plums that are turned into prunes are all freestone plums, meaning the pit inside the fruit comes out easily in these. This ensures that the prunes remain whole throughout de-seeding, drying and processing. The juice of these prunes is called prune juice.

Prune juice is one of the earliest used natural remedies against constipation. Apart from that, prunes have been used in medication against high-blood pressure, jaundice, fever, diabetes, etc. Therefore, it is safe to assume that prune juice can provide more health benefits to your baby than just help improving the symptoms of constipation.

Prune Juice for Babies: 5 Amazing Health Benefits

prune juice

Cures constipation

Of course, this comes first on the list. It has been used since ages as a natural medication that helps in smooth bowel movement. Therefore, if you find your baby suffering from constipation frequently, administering prune juice can be tremendously helpful.

Prune juice contains about 6.1gm of dietary fiber in about 100gm of the product, which helps to bulk up the waste products in the body and leads to smooth passage of it. This is the reason why prune juice is so helpful for those suffering from constipation, even babies.


Besides the ability of prune juice to regulate and maintain smooth bowel movement, it also is an excellent natural laxative. This is because prune juice contains high levels of sorbitol, a slowly digested sugar alcohol which produces the effect of a laxative. Prune juice contains 6.1 gm of sorbitol from a 100gm quantity of produce, and is therefore so very effective agasint constipation.

Additionally, prune juice is 100% natural without any side effects of harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful entering your child’s body. It also has a high nutrient count which combined with its laxative effect, makes it an excellent component to include in your child’s diet.

Prevents hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a resultant of slow and hard bowel movements. Theses are quite rare in infants, but it is not to be said that infants don’t suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, also called piles are painful swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. When babies suffer from hemorrhoids, it is from going through long periods of constipation. Constipation happens in babies when they are suddenly put on a solid food diet as opposed to a diet of breastmilk. To prevent this, the transition from liquid diet should be made gradually. Sometimes, your baby could develop constipation even if he/she is on a liquid diet. Breastmilk and iron fortified formulas have been seen to cause constipation. Long periods of constipation lead to hemorrhoid. Prune juice can be very helpful in treating both, constipation as well as hemorrhoids. Because prunes are so rich in fiber, they can be used to treat and prevent constipation, thus preventing hemorrhoids are well, which are a consequence of prolonged constipation.

Strengthens bones

Prune juice has high potassium content. Potassium is a mineral that has been closely associated with bone health. Potassium has other health benefits as well, such as promoting neural development, balancing water in the body, regulating fluids in the body, etc. Therefore, this juice can help with development in all these areas for your baby.

Consuming food that helps with bone growth is especially important for infants, since it has a direct impact on their physical growth. Besides, giving your baby food that helps with bone growth and strength from a young age ensures that they remain strong for extended periods of time, and do not start decaying when he/she is still young. Prune juice strengthens bones and reduces the chances of osteoporosis in the future. Bone health is an integral part of child growth and nutrition, and prune juice promotes bone health. This is yet another reason why you should include prune juice in your child’s diet.


Prunes are a rich, natural source of simple sugars. Glucose, fructose, sorbitol, and sucrose are all found within prunes. Because of the natural fibers within the fruit, prunes do not spike the blood sugar as much as the sugars themselves would, which makes them a really healthy source for the body to get its sugar dosage from. Prunes are a rich source of carbohydrates which is important since carbohydrates are essential for an infant. Carbohydrates are the chief fuel source in the infant’s body and are therefore a very essential part of his or her diet. Without them, your baby would constantly find himself/herself tired and running low on energy. It could also impede his growth and development. Therefore, prunes, as a rich source of natural sugars can provide your baby with his daily dose of carbohydrates.


Treats anemia

Anemia occurs when your child’s body does not possess sufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. Anemia induces many other health discomforts like breathing issues, irritability, and fatigue. Prune juice contains a high percentage of iron and helps to overcome the iron deficiency.

Apart from these, there are still many more health benefits of prune juice. Prunes should always be included as part of a healthy diet. Since the taste of prunes doesn’t always appeal to children, prune juice is the wisest option. Children normally love sweet juices, therefore, would not resist prune juice. If your child is a picky eater, you could always mix prune juice with a portion of your child’s favourite juice such as cranberry juice, to make it go down easier. However, keep in mind that prune juice is very sugary and should be taken in a controlled amount. Too much of it could potentially have side effects as well.

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