Pros and Cons of Wearing Postpartum Corset


Pregnancy is a wonderful experience in a woman’s life. But we are also under great societal pressure to get back the pre-pregnancy body. The glossies are full of photos of celebrities flaunting their perfect post-pregnancy bodies. It seems almost miraculous how fast they seem to shed their baby weight.

One way to get your pre-pregnancy body is with the use of postpartum corsets. Celebrities have given glowing reviews for using this technique. For those of you who want to get back in shape after childbirth, the postpartum corset can be a good idea.

What is a postpartum corset?

These are medical-grade abdominal girdles. These specially designed belly wraps can be used by new mothers effectively. These can help provide support and definition to your post-pregnancy belly.

It is not only used for cosmetic purposes. Postpartum corsets have also been prescribed by doctors to help post-delivery mothers with back problems. It can also help you with your posture after childbirth.

Postpartum corsets work by gently compressing your abs. This helps your uterus rturn to its normal size much faster. You may need to buy several different sizes. This is becuase with regular use, your girth will decrease faster. However, be sure to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use one.


What are the pros of using a postpartum corset?

There are many advantages of using a postpartum corset. Let us have a look at few pros of wearing a postpartum belly wrap.

Advantages of using a Postpartum Corset

It helps shape your body

For those of you who want to look slim soon after pregnancy, a postpartum corset is a great choice. It makes you look slimmer in an instant without much effort. This is useful in boosting new mothers’ confidence as well. It is also a good way to ensure that all the organs get back to their original positions.

Unlike the older corsets, modern day corsets are safe to use. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you start using one. In case you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, make sure that it is not too tight. If you continue to feel faint, discontinue use and see a doctor immediately.

postpartum corset

It can help provide additional support after child birth

Your stomach is stretched out during pregnancy and after childbirth. Without proper support to the loose skin it can start to sag. This is both unsightly and concerning. The corsets help trap your post-pregnancy belly tightly. This helps hold your skin properly and also provided support with your posture.


It is great for moms with no extra time

When you think about shedding baby weight, you probably think about hours at the gym. But you don’t have that much time on your hands. With all the new responsibilities of the new baby it is often difficult for new moms to set aside time for exercising. The postpartum corsets are a good alternative to getting a slimmer waist without gymming. Just strap it on, and shed inches off of your post-pregnancy body instantly.

What are the cons of wearing a postpartum corset?

The postpartum corset is a convenient and safe way of reducing your girth post-pregnancy. However, if your have decided on using one, there are certain cons that you should remember.

They are not comfortable

We all know the problem of corsets. They are not meant to be comfy and snugly. These are stiff and can be uncomfortable for you to use right after childbirth. The hard surface of the corsets are also not really comforting for your baby. They are also likely to pinch and cause discomfort. Wearing one throughout the day can be very troublesome.

Postpartum pain

For the best results you should start wearing the corsets right after childbirth. However, for some women there is a lot of postpartum pain owing to complicated childbirth process. In this case, wearing a corset can be doubly painful.

You are likely to be already sore from childbirth. The additional pain of a corset may not be something you are ready to deal with immediately afterwards. Talk to your doctor and find out what is the best time to start using a corset in your specific case. If you have a generally low discomfort threshold, this is definitely not the correct choice for you.

It can be embarrassing

Many moms find it embarrassing to use one. This is because the heavy criticism it has received recently from all quarters. It is an old-fashioned way that many people find embarrassing to admit to using. There is also the social stigma attached to wanting to work on your body post pregnancy. Many think this is a selfish act and neglectful of their duties as a new mother. The stigma attached to using a corset makes many new moms uncomfortable to use one.



It is true that many celebs swear by the use of postpartum corsets to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. However, there is no guarantee of exactly how effective it will be for you. Simply relying on a postpartum corset to get back into shape is not the correct approach to take. There are a number of other factors that should also be kept in mind. These include a healthy and balanced diet, genetics, and breastfeeding.

Regular exercising post childbirth is also required to help you get back into shape. Not only that, but it can also help you recover better from childbirth. Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle post-pregnancy will help you get back in to shape as well as let your body heal faster. Taking care of your little one and yourself is most important.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start using a postpartum corset. If you have had a c-section birth, make sure to purchase a brand that provides support for healing the incision. Make sure to choose a type that is easy to put on and take off. Choose one that is best suited to your needs. Do not hesitate to try on a few before selecting one. What works for others,may not work for you.

Once you have decided to use one, after reading all the pros and cons, make sure you buy the best one for you. Pick one that is suited to both your requirements and your budget.

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