15 Best Pregnancy Underwear


Pregnancy underwear are anti-allergic, breathable, durable and also has absorbent fabric which absorbs a lot of moisture and sweat.

Clothing is necessary not just to define fashion but to also attain comfort. During pregnancy when the shape of the body changes dramatically, it is advisable to wear clothes which provide maximum comfort and support. One such clothing is maternity underwear which is specially meant to fit the butt plus the growing bump. This is stretchier and has a fuller cut. This is important as it keeps me the body in its natural habitat while being stretchy and body-fit.

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15 Best Maternity Underwear
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Types of Maternity Underwear

There are types of maternity underwear which are meant to suit specific purposes. Below listed are the following types:

Above the Bump

These are high waisted ones which supposedly cover the bump area thereby, providing good support to the bump. These also provide a good lining to any type of clothing plus are more comfortable than the lower cut ones. It is advisable to wear these during the initial months of the growing bump.

Below the Bump

These are low cut panties which fit below the bump. It is advisable to wear these during summers to keep the bump sweat-free. Once the bump is grown fully, these are the best pick feel less constricted.

15 Best Maternity Underwear

Below listed are the few best maternity underwear:

Fashionable Maternity

Maternity period is not just about changing body shape but also about certain mood changes. Fashion is an inner uniqueness which cannot be avoided. To make pregnancy much more fashionable this maternity underwear is made with cotton and net which keeps it fashionable. It is best worn after the 4th month of pregnancy and is low cut.


Full Waist Underwear

This is worn after the 6th month of pregnancy and has a normal waist length which makes it comfortable for ladies. This is best if worn in a cotton fabric and keeps the bump in full support and protected by providing a good lining.

Maternity Full-Coverage Shorts

Women also prefer to wear seamless shorts during this time as wearing underwear makes them feel uncomfortable most of the time due to pressure on the lower body and back. These shorts are made of cotton and polystyrene material and therefore, provide proper stretch. Few also have net shades attached in the end to give a sensual look.

Belly Pant Maternity Underwear

This is plus-size underwear which is over the belly for gives comfort with the fine cotton fabric but also the support to belly portion. Net is attached on the outer surface to provide proper stretch. This one is advisable to wear during the 6th month of pregnancy.

Low Belly Underwear for Maternity

Low Belly Underwear is a perfect pick for the initial term of Pregnancy. The bump has just started growing during this time and thus, this gives a normal underwear feel. This cotton underwear has a narrow waistline and rests below the belly to provide a proper grip plus support.

Disposable Pregnancy Underwear

These are a perfect fit for a pregnant lady after and during the 7th month of Pregnancy. These are easy to use and disposable that is, one doesn’t need to worry about period blood spots, thus you do not have to wash these now and then. These underwears can be carried anywhere without any hassle and worries.

Mesh Panties for C Section

Post-delivery underwear also holds importance along with pre-delivery one. These are meant especially for cesarean delivery as they are made of cotton plus mesh. These underwear are meant especially to take care of the stitched part providing it a soft touch. Such underwear should usually be disposed of after use.


V Shape Underwears for Maternity

This is stylish seamless underwear which is in V shape and gives proper grip over the waist. This not only keeps the belly in place but also doesn’t bother the lower lining. This is raised from the sides and is lowered from the front which keeps the waist intact.

Side Opening Underwear for Maternity

This is best suited for the later months of pregnancy. It opens from both the sides and therefore, it’s easy to remove and wear it without changing the position of the body like raising the legs or bending down. These are best to be worn during and after the 7th month of Pregnancy.

Maternity Thongs

Maternity Thongs underwear sits under the baby bump. Its wider cut makes it stretch widely across the hips. A blend of cotton and spandex gives these thongs the perfect stretch as the bump grows.

Maternity Fold Over Underwear

These give excellent coverage without being uncomfortable. Made of spandex and cotton this provides perfect stretch while being soft plus very supportive. These also cover the waist but leave the belly which makes it extremely breathable.

Cotton Whisper Pregnancy Panties

These underwear are made of cotton and spandex to provide a good amount of stretch. Plus, they come in a variety of prints to impart a fun feel like funny smiling faces and so on. These are high waisted which gives the full coverage to the belly. Adjustable drawstrings are attached to this that allows one to customize the fitting according to the belly size.

Adjustable Maternity Underwears

These can be worn throughout the Pregnancy as its fitting can be customized around the tummy section. One can expand these to cover the growing bump or take it down like normal underwear. The material is soft cotton with a proper stretch which helps to cover up the entire bump without slipping.


Women’s Regular Maternity Underwear

This brief provides full support to the growing bump and is advisable to be worn during the last trimester of pregnancy. It is a perfect fit for women who spend much of their time on their feet working as this keeps the belly in proper support. This one is made from soft microfiber that is a blend of nylon and elastane which is breathable and a comfy fit.

Under the Bump Maternity Cradle Briefs

These are meant to fit right below the belly to provide rear coverage and stretchable leg bands that widen when body shape changes. A perfect blend of cotton and spandex gives these a proper stretch along with comfort. These look like boy shorts but give a proper feel of bikini briefs.

Benefits of Maternity Underwears

Opting for a maternity brief is a good choice because of the following benefits it offers:


Maternity Underwears can absorb a lot of moisture and sweat because of the fabric which is majorly cotton. Thus, it avoids the feeling of stickiness.


Women with sensitive skin should opt of these during and for a few months after pregnancy. The underwear are soft and gentle on skin which keeps skin safe from irritation and itchiness.



Cotton as a fabric allows the air the pass and also has a good fit. Therefore, these panties in the first place do not cause sweat and absorb the excess sweat.


These panties remain in shape because of cotton and thus, do not lose the stretch if washed properly in a gentle cycle and cold water.

Choosing a Right Maternity Underwear

Choosing pregnancy underwear can be hectic but the following points should be kept under consideration while purchasing one:

  • Size should be perfect.
  • Styles like color, print, and type are important aesthetics which should be considered while choosing one.
  • It should be perfectly adjustable to accommodate the growing bump.
  • Panties should have liner within them to keep hygiene in place.
  • One should also choose according to the dress type, like seamless or with seams.

Choosing the right pregnancy underwear will help to ease out the changes that happen during pregnancy. Thus, one should not stay limited to regular underwear but consider the maternity underwear.





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