8 Pregnancy Symptoms No One Discusses But are Perfectly Normal


Congrats! it is your first pregnancy and the next 9 months are going to be the most exciting moments of your life.  You can count on the fact that there are some uncommon pregnancy symptoms you will experience, but people hardly talk of them.

From bad to worse they can get and if you are a mother for the first time a sense of shock prevails. Your preparation is the key as you can devise methods on how to tackle them.

To navigate and be ready let us now glance through some pregnancy symptoms that are normal but no one talks about it.

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8 Pregnancy Symptoms That are Normal 

1} Bloody nose

In the early phase of pregnancy, the moment you blow your nose a gush of blood might seep in. You are bound to be scared and a sense of pain may creep in. Hold on! It is a perfect normal pregnancy symptom,for some it may be sound a bit weird. This symptom is going to be there in the full course of pregnancy and do not blow your nose in public. Chances are that the tissue will be soaked in blood. No one would like it!

2} Hairy belly

Yes you heard it right a long-haired belly! It is a pregnancy symptom you might not even expect in your wildest of dreams. Towards the end of the first trimester you could find sprouts of hairs emerging from your belly. A weird symptom where your belly has a covering of blonde hairs. Research indicates that the hair would fall on its own after pregnancy. Do not be tempted to shave your belly!


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3} Excessive discharge

This is to be one of the embarrassing pregnancy symptoms. You are constantly wet down there and keep in handy a few undies or panty liners for emergency situations.

4} Horrible constipation

The moment women confirm their pregnancy, a dose of prenatal vitamins is suggested. No warning signs are provided as it may backfire big time. It may lead to a constipation which could turn out to be the worst event of their life. It is not a pretty sight! Consumption of prunes or prenatal vitamins (Gummy) will provide some relief.


5} Shortness of breath

Most pregnant women experience shortness of breath at some point during pregnancy. Women who carry twins are more prone to it, as they put on extra pounds in this phase. There is an increase in the demand of oxygen levels, whereby progesterone hormone being released stimulates respiratory glands of your brain.

It may resemble a scenario where your body is not coping up, but exactly opposite happens. Once you reach the fag- end of pregnancy, your pregnant belly will slowly expand on to the lungs and so breathing problems are more likely to creep up in this advanced phase.


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6} Brown patches of skin

If you notice dark patches on your lips, nose or cheeks no need to press the panic button!  Chlosma(skin pigmentation) is common during pregnancy and your nipples or freckles are likely to become darker at this point of time.

Just like normal pregnancy symptoms, these also appear due to hormonal triggers. In this particular case an increase in the levels of melanin is noticed. Applying a high powerful skin cream would reduce the pigmentation, but most dark patches do subsidize on their own after pregnancy.

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7} Ligament pain

Incidentally this is a good symptom! It indicates that your pregnancy is on the right track. In no way it is devoid of pain and it paves way to sore pain also termed as ligament pain.

Some pregnant women are known to experience muscle pain or stomach ligament pain as the uterus is vying for more space. Any abdominal pain is a cause of worry, but in pregnancy it is normal. If it is severe consult your doctor.


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8} Itchy skin

This is a popular symptom of pregnancy, particularly around your boobs or belly as the skin is known to stretch to find way for an increasing size. 10 out of 1000 women suffer from PEP and it may sound to be alarming, but it is not the case.

Having tepid baths and spotting warm clothes would make it fade away on its own. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe topical creams (steroid).

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With the passage of time, the pregnancy symptoms reduce. Each pregnancy is different and each day you will experience something new. All pregnant women will experience mild to harsh symptoms at some point in their pregnancies. Seek medical help if things get out of control.

Hope you are feeling relaxed now? Do focus on the positives of pregnancy and ignore those negative thoughts.




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