11 Instances When Sex is Not Safe During Pregnancy


A lot of women often have a question whether sex during pregnancy is actually safe or not? Although sex during pregnancy is quite safe, it is imperative that sex at this time does not any harm to either the baby or the mother herself. In normal low risk pregnancy cases, sex or orgasm is not considered as a threat to you or your baby, which means, it is completely okay to have sex during pregnancy for a healthy pregnant woman. But, there are cases when you can be asked to completely abstain from sex at the time of your first or last trimester or sometimes even for the entire period of pregnancy. We have listed below a number of cases and conditions when your doctor may ask you not to have any sort of sexual intercourse for a specific period. Read below to find more:

Sex During Pregnancy: 11 Instances When Its not Safe

sex during pregnancy not safe

Vaginal bleeding

In case, you are having leakage of fluid or vaginal bleeding, sex should be highly avoided throughout the pregnancy. You should consult your doctor and find out the reason behind this bleeding. There can be a number of reasons for vaginal bleeding and some of which can also require you to not have sex throughout your pregnancy or during the first or last trimesters.

When sex hurts

Yes! If it hurts, stop! The only purpose of intercourse during pregnancy is closeness and pleasure. But if you are having any sort of difficulties during your intercourse, your doctor might provide you with some evaluation or advice.

Ongoing preterm contractions

Oftentimes, sex leads to some uterine contractions which are basically because of the pelvic contractions of orgasm and substances in semen, called as prostaglandins. Usually, these contractions stop within an hour or two but in case of ongoing preterm contractions, you should consult your doctor and report it to him.


It is absolutely normal to feel a bit of cramping during the intercourse and even after it. But if these cramps last for a longer time period and do not go away after a few minutes, then you should report it to your doctor.


Genital herpes

For instance, your partner has been diagnosed with genital herpes, it is suggested that you do not indulge into any sort of sexual intercourse during your pregnancy period regardless of the fact that your partner has noticed any symptoms or not. More importantly, you should avoid oral sex as well in case your partner is suffering from oral herpes.

History of premature labor

In case you have had a premature labor, your doctor may advise you to not have sex especially during the last trimester. This is because a number of activities can often lead to premature labor, for instance, when the semen comes in contact with the pregnant woman or when the woman has nipple stimulation or has orgasms.

History of repeated Abortions

You may have experienced repeated abortions due to some reason or the other and they might have become pregnant again. In such cases, doctors often advise you to abstain from sex at any cost throughout the pregnancy.

Any kind of STDs

If you or your partner has any kind of sexually transmitted diseases, it is advised that you do not indulge in any sort of sexual activity or intercourse during the pregnancy period.

Cervical insufficiency

In conditions where the cervix is not strong enough, sex is absolutely not something that you should go for during your pregnancy. Especially, when the fetus gets bigger and the load to be held by the cervix gets, even more, heavier, you should completely abstain from sex.

Placental issues

There are higher chances of placental issues if you tend to experience bleeding during the last two trimesters of your pregnancy. Placental issues can include placenta accreta or placenta previa, abruption. In all these cases, your doctor would recommend you not to have sex throughout your pregnancy.


Dilated cervix

In this condition as well, your doctor would ask you not to indulge in any sexual activity until the time you deliver your baby.

There is nothing to be concerned about even if you are told not to have sex for the entire period of pregnancy. After all, it is for you and your baby’s benefit. There are also other ways of expressing your love to one another, for instance, cuddling, kissing or massaging. Make sure that you are expressive and able to speak up your needs and requirements and show your support to one another. This is what will make your relationship strong and healthy. More importantly, in case you notice something wrong with your body, you have to be communicative and report it urgently to your doctor or midwife. Take complete rest, eat healthy food and do not let anything stress you out.

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