11 Tips to Prevent Postpartum Depression


Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mental health condition that affects about 80% of the new mothers in the first few weeks following childbirth. In a majority of the cases, this condition is even more severe among women who have just completed their first pregnancy. The latest reports state that of all the women experiencing postpartum depression, a meagre 15% seek help.

Postpartum depression is the mental state that arises mainly from the fear of being a new parent, lifestyle alterations, changes in the body’s hormonal levels, lack of proper rest that was possible before pregnancy, and deprivation of a peaceful environment with a family-like situation rapidly becoming more prominent. This is also commonly called ‘baby blues’. Doctors are constantly saying that this condition is vital to be dealt with so that it does not lead to serious mental health issues. There are numerous simple yet effective remedies to prevent this condition. All of these tips surround your well being!

Postpartum Depression: 11 Ways to Prevent

 postpartum depression prevention

Spend quality time with family and friends

The best way to beat the stress and soothe your mind is to interact openly with like-minded people. Call over some of your closest family members or fun loving friends to enjoy a nice evening with, share ideas, and let them get to know the baby! This way, both the baby and you will have a great time.

Visit a counsellor

If you are depressed all the time and feel like talking it out, visit a professional counsellor or psychoanalyst who can help decode your thoughts. It is always a great idea to have someone to help you out with your dilemmas when you are not sure which way to go. Attend regular sessions with a counsellor and share your deepest fears with them, so that your heart feels much lighter with each passing day.


Lack or shortage of muscle movements and a regular intake of fresh air can result in you feeling stuffy and depressed all the time. Make some time during the day, preferable early in the morning when the baby is asleep, for practising some yoga moves, pilates, or pelvic exercises. These will not only keep your body’s tissues, joints, and muscles healthy, but they will also rejuvenate your mind from its core. Moreover, early morning is the best time to replenish yourself!

Maintain a healthy diet

One of the major reasons behind both physical and psychological stress is lack of proper diet. Even after your delivery, you must keep following a strict diet chart that will help you nourish yourself well. Consume wholesome foods like green and yellow vegetables, an array of fruits, and dairy products to make sure that you and your baby are healthy.



Amidst all the hectic parenting schedules, try to get some time for relaxing. Rest is one of the vital factors to focus on, which most of the new mothers ignore in lieu of catering to the baby. Soothe your mind and body by engaging in healthy and informative reading, music, art, and films. This is the best therapy that you can provide to relieve the stress that’s building inside your mind.

Get some alone time

Just like relaxation, a few minutes of isolation is also vital to maintain the level of sanity in your new life. Take a break from babysitting and do those things that you’ve been waiting for, on your own. As odd as this may sound, take yourself out for a coffee break, shopping spree, a spa time, or even a stroll in the nearby park. This solo time will immensely help you realise your true desires and revert to your old self, which was highly ambitious and had a lot of self-confidence!

Sleep with the baby

Most new mothers feel the tight obligation of sitting wide awake when the baby is napping. Doctors advise that you should also do the same. The baby’s nap time is one of the few times in the day when you might be feeling at peace, and hence you must utilise it to your advantage. This practice will give your mind and body some rest as well as enable in creating a better bond with the little one. What can be a better therapy for the mind than falling asleep with the tiny bundle of joy in your arms? However, make sure that you are in such a position that does not result in the baby rolling and falling over when you fall asleep.

Keep thinking positive

Counsellors and gynaecologists always complain that majority of the mothers suffering from postpartum depression tend to think that their life is changing and becoming more stagnant in terms of all-encompassing growth. While motherhood is a full-time responsibility, keep in mind that better times are ahead. You will soon have a new way of looking at parenthood and will love the change that it will bring in your life. As the baby grows, you will grow! Keep those positive thoughts alive!

Don’t push too much towards perfection

As already mentioned, don’t try to make things look perfect right away. Good things take time to develop. You are still learning the nuances of child rearing, and there is yet a lot left to learn. Perfectionism is, however, a subjective notion. Keeping that in mind, take some time to think what, according to you might be perfect parenting or a perfectly balanced life, and gradually work towards achieving the same.

Be open to flexible routines

Now that you have an infant to look after, your regular schedule has definitely gone for a toss. It might come as an irritation to you that nowadays you get to eat the first meal of your day at lunchtime, instead of 9 am in the morning. This is something that only you have control over. You must be flexible and open to adjusting your timetable. You cannot blame the innocent little thing for everything! Think calmly about the possible changes you can bring about in your sleeping, eating, and bathing time slots. Once you start the new practice with a positive mindset, your body will catch up soon.


Join weekly sessions for new mothers

If you are frustrated about cleaning poop all the time, you might want to visit some other new mothers who will willingly share their stories, which will make you feel rather funny about doing the baby chores. Join a weekly training or gathering for new mothers in the locality, where you can meet women like you, make new friends, and share fun (and dirty!) stories!

Follow these easy daily tips to relieve yourself of all the things that are troubling you! The most important job in your life now is parenthood, and you have to be there for the baby whenever required. For this, you must make sure that your own health, both physical and mental, is sound. Continue doing your best, and everything will automatically fall into place!

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