500 Most Popular Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Everyone eagerly wait for a baby and rejoice after they are born. But the tricky part comes now; what will you name him? Is it an old name, funky name, modern, or any other significant name? You will be confused with these thoughts while searching for names to name your baby boy. If you are vexed with these ideas of how to name your baby boy, here are some points to consider while naming your baby.

How to select a baby name?

There is no exact way of naming a baby. But it will be great and good if you consider the following things while naming your baby.

  1. The sounding of the name is the first thing you need to consider. The name should sound nice and should go well with your last name.
  2. It is always better if the name is unique. With unique name you have to face some problems like mispronunciations and unwanted attention.
  3. It’s always good to check what the name means. A name with significance always sounds great.
  4. Check how the name goes with the initials or it will end up as a hilarious nickname at school.
  5. Pick a name that ages well and which sounds professional & good in future.

baby boy names

If you are still having problems in naming your baby boy, here are 500 most popular baby boy names with meanings.

500 Popular Baby Boy Names and their Meanings

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Aaron Exalted one American
Abilene A plain American
Adam Red Earth American
Ackley Dwells at the oak tree meadow American
Adrian Dark American
Aekley From the oak tree meadow American
Alison Truthful American
Alwin Noble friend American
Andrea Manly American
Anne Gracious American
Arwyn The people’s friend American
Andy Manly; Brave; Variant of English Andrew American
Arik Ruler of All; Sacred Ruler; Noble Leader; Ever Ruler American
Aaron Exalted One; High Mountain American
Akira Anchor American
Albie Highborn; Brilliant American
Alvan Sublime; Noble Friend; Wise Friend American
Anakin Warrior American
Archibald Bold Prince American
Archer Bowman American
Alston From the Old Manor American
Ambrose Immortal American
Aubrey Ruler of the Elves American
Axel Man of Peace American
Aldrich Old Wise Leader American
Blayze A spitfire. American
Braden From the Broad Valley American
Brian High, Noble, Strong American
Bert Bright American
Blair Man of Flatlands American
Barnaby Prophet American
Basil King-like American
Bryant Strong American
Brooke A stream American
Bailey Law enforcer or bailiff American
Balder Prince American
Barret Brave as a bear American
Barrick Grain farm American
Becky Bound American
Bernard Brave as a bear American
Birtle From the bird hill American
Blyth Cheerful American
Bronson Son of the dark man American
Bryan Honorable American
Burton From the fortified town American
Becky Abbreviation of Rebecca American
Ballard Mighty American
Bambi Little child; bambino. Pet name American
Barney comfort American
Baron Noble fighter American
Calder Stream American
Cahil Young American
Caleb Faithful, bold American
Calisto Most beautiful American
Calvin Bald American
Caradoc Beloved American
Cargan Little rock American
Carney Victorious American
Carsten Annointed American
Crispin Curly Haired American
Conroy Wise Man American
Cuthbert Famous and Brilliant American
Culbert Cool and Brilliant American
Conrad Able in Counsel American
Collier Miner American
Connell Friendship American
Curt Short or Little American
Chris Pet form of the name Christopher American
Chuck Mainly US based term of endearment American
Clayton From people who lived in the clay settlement American
Cyril Lord like from Greek name Kyrillos American
Carlton Free men’s town. American
Calvex Shepherd American
Caddarik Battle leader American
Cadby From the warrior’s settlement American
Dacey Southerner American
Dagwood From the bright one’s forest American
Dalbert Bright or shining American
Dalen Hollow or valley American
Dallas Waterfall near the field American
Dalyn Hollow or valley American
Damon To tame American
Daniel God is my judge American
Dante Enduring American
Daran Great American
Darence Blend of Darell and Clarence American
Darius Wealthy American
Darnall Hidden place American
Darold Blend of Daryl and Harold American
Darrel Darling American
Darwin Dear friend American
Davian Beloved American
Davion Brilliant Finn American
Dayton Sunny town American
Dedrick Ruler of the people American
Deems Judge’s son American
Delbert Bright as day American
Delvon Good friend American
Denley From the valley meadow American
Dennis God of wine American
Edy Strife for Wealth; Rich in War American
Edik Wealthy Defender; Rich Protector; Wealthy Guardian American
Eric Ruler; Peaceful Ruler; Ever-powerful; Forever Ruler American
Ewin Law’s Friend American
Earle Nobleman; Chief; Leader American
Edrik Wealthy Ruler American
Elvis All Knowing; All Wise American
Emory Industrious Ruler; Brave; Home Ruler American
Evald Powerful in the Law; Good Worship; Boar Battle; Law-powerful American
Evert Strong as a Boar; Shepherd American
Eadgar An Old English Name; Rich; Happy American
Ealdun From the Elves Valley American
Earvin Friend of the Sea; Sea Friend; Green; Fresh Water American
Eawart Shepherd American
Edison Son of Edward American
Edmond Prosperous Protector; Wealthy Defender; Wealthy Protector American
Egbert Bright Sword; Name of a King American
Eldred Old and Wise Adviser; Old Counsel American
Elbert Noble; Highborn; Brilliant; Shining American
Ellard Brave; Noble; Noble and Valorous American
Elrick The King American
Elwell From the Old Spring American
Erwinn Boar Friend American
Eadburt Wealthy American
Egerton From the Town on the Ridge American
Gabriel Man of God American
Gale A Stranger American
Galvin Sparrow American
Gavin White Hawk American
Garret Spear Champion American
Garrick Spear King American
Garth Herdsman American
Grant Great American
Glenn Valley American
Gayle Cheerful; Happy; Stranger American
Georg German Form of George; Earth American
Garrey Mighty with a Spear; Spear American
Gaagii Raven American
Gaal Contempt, abomination American
Gaarwine Friend with a spear American
Gaash Tempest, commotion American
Gabbai The back American
Gabbatha High, elevated American
Gabby Woman of God. A feminine form of the Hebrew name Gabriel American
Gabi God is my strength American
Gabino God is my strength American
Gabriela God’s able-bodied one. Feminine of Gabriel American
Gad A band, a troop American
Gadara From the top of a mountain American
Gael Stranger American
Hadden From the Moor America
Hadley Heath Covered Moorland America
Hadwin Friend in War America
Halbert Bright Stone America
Halden Half-Dane America
Hale Robust America
Halsey Residence Name America
Hamlin Ruler of the Home America
Hanley From the High Meadow America
Hardy Strong America
Harley Army Meadow America
Henry Ruler of the House America
Herbert Bright Warrior America
Herman Warrior America
Howard Strong Minded America
Hubert Bright Minded America
Humphrey Supporter of Peace America
Haleigh Field of hay. Usually a surname America
Hamilton From the mountain town America
Hampton Place-name and surname America
Hamza Lion. Sour leaves America
Hank Rules an estate America
Hanna Grace America
Hannah Favor; grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel America
Hayley Hay field. From the hay meadow. America
Iasus Fire bringer British
Ibraheem Founding Father of Many’ British
Icarus He follows British
Idris Fiesty British
Iestyn Righteous British
Ieuan God is gracious British
Ifan Gracious Lord British
Igor Warrior British
Ihsan Perfection British
Illyrius Cyclops British
Ilyas Gods Name is Jehovah British
Imam Leader British
Imran Glorious nation British
Iolo Handsome lord British
Isaac To laugh British
Isaiah Salvation of the Lord British
Ishaan Giver of riches British
Ishaq Merriment British
Ismaeel God will Hear British
Izaak Merriment British
Ibhan Lord Ganesh Hindu
Idhant Luminous Hindu
Iham Expected Hindu
Ihsaan Beneficence Hindu
Ijay Lord Vishnu Hindu
Jack Godly American
Jacob Conqueror American
James Supplanter American
Jason God is my Saviour American
Jasper Bearer of Treasure American
Jed Beloved of the Lord American
Jeffrey Peace Bringer American
Jeremy Exalted American
Jerome Of Sacred Name American
Jesse Gift Giver American
John God is Gracious American
Joseph, God Multiplies American
Joshua God is my Salvation American
Justin Just American
Joe God Multiplies American
Jabari Brave American
Jacalyn Feminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. American
Jace a healing American
Jackie Supplanter. Feminine form of Jacques (Jacob). American
Jackson God has been gracious; has shown favor. American
Jaclyn Abbreviation of Jaqueline which is the feminine of Jacques American
Jacque Abbreviation of Jacqueline which is the feminine of Jacques American
Jacques He grasps the heel. Supplanter American
Jade Jewel American
Jaden Jehovah has heard. A Biblical name American
Kaden Fighter American
Konner Alternate Spelling: Conner. American
Kadalynn Unknown American
Kadyn Fighter American
Kaitlinn Unknown American
Kaity Variant of Cathrine. American
Karasel Musical American
Kaydance Joyful rythm. American
Kellie Warrior or Defender American
Kendele English, Royal valley referring to Kent in England) American
Kyndra Variant of Kindra. American
Kane Honor American
Keegan Fiery American
Kelsey Island of Ships American
Kelvin Friend of the Sea American
Kendrick Ruler American
Kenneth, Handsome American
Kent Bright White American
Kenway Courageous in Battle American
Kenyon Blonde Haired American
Kevin Handsome American
Kimball Royally Brave American
Kyle Handsome American
Kody Helpful American
Kacey Form of the Irish name Casey American
Lambert Land Bright American
Lamont Lawyer American
Lancelot Land American
Landon Owner American
Landry Ruler of the Place American
Lars Variant of Lawrence American
Leith Wide American
Lee Meadow American
Leroy Powerful King American
Lester Camp of the Legion American
Lewis Warrior American
Lowell Beloved American
Luke Luminous American
Luther Warrior American
Lacey a French Nobleman’s surname American
Lakeisha Joyful; happy American
Lala Equivalent of English Lara: famous;cheerful American
Lamar Of the sea American
Lane From the long meadow ‘Path; roadway American
Lanette Fair; good-looking American
Lara Famous American
Laraine meaning from Lorraine American
Laureen Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory) American
Lauretta Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory) American
Lauryn the place of the laurel trees; place of honor and victory. Feminine of Lawrence American
Maddox Beneficient American
Magnus Great American
Malcolm Royal Blood American
Melvin Servant American
Martin Warlike American
Marvin Sea American
Matthew Gift of the Lord American
Maurice Dark Skin American
Maxwell Great American
Medwin Powerful Friend American
Melville Form of Malvin American
Michael Like God American
Miles Soldier American
Morgan From the Sea’s Edge American
Morton From the Farm or Moor American
Murray Seaman American
Mabel Beautiful, loving, lovable. American
Mabelle Lovable American
Mac Son of American
MacKenzie Fair; favored one. ‘Son of the fair man’ or ‘Son of Kenzie American
Macey Derived from medieval male form of Matthew American
Mack Son of American
Madalyn From the tower American
Madeleine From the tower American
Madge Child of light. American
Neal Champion American
Nathan Gift of God American
Nicholas People Triumph American
Nigel Black American
Noel To be Born American
Norman Norseman American
Norris Caretaker American
Nelson Son of Neil American
Nelwin Bright friend American
Newton From the new farm American
Nickson Victory of the people American
Nolan Noble American
Norman From the north American
Nortin From the northtown American
Norvyn Friend from the north American
Nygel Dark night American
Nyle Champion American
Nada Hope American
Nanci meaning favor; grace American
Nanette Grace American
Napoleon Of the new city American
Natalee Birthday; especially the birthday of Christ American
Nathanael The gift of God American
Neil Champion American
Nestor The History of Troilus and Cressida’ A Greek commander American
Oakden From the oak tree valley American
Odell Otter American
Oliver Olive tree American
Omar Long Living American
Orford From the cattle ford American
Owen Well-Born American
Oswald Of God-Like Power American
Oscar Spear of God American
Orvyn Brave friend or spear friend American
Osbert Divinely brilliant American
Osmin Servant of God American
Osrick Divine ruler American
Osrid Divine counselor American
Oxford From the ox ford American
Oxley From the ox enclosure American
Oz Divine American
Oakley From the oak – tree meadow American
Octave Born eighth American
Odelia Wealthy American
Odessa Wrathful American
Olaf Relic American
Olga Holy American
Oran White American
Orson Ormond’s son American
Osborne Divine bear American
Paul Small American
Paxton Travelling Trader American
Perry Pear Tree American
Peter Rock or Stone American
Peyton Form of Patrick American
Philbert Illustriously Brilliant American
Philip Horse Lover American
Phineas Brazen Mouth American
Pierce Rock or Stone American
Pablo Little; small American
Paige Attendant American
Palma Palm tree American
Palmer Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch American
Paloma Dove American
Pamela invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book ‘Arcadia’, American
Pansy Flower American
Paola Small American
Paris Son of Priam American
Parker Keeper of the forest; forest ranger. American
Parrish Lives near the church American
Parthenia Virgin; chaste American
Pasquale Born on Easter American
Patrice noble American
Patrick Patrician, noble. Romans society was divided into plebeians: American
Patsy Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples American
Rafael God has healed American
Raina Strong American
Raleigh From the roe deer meadow American
Ralph Strong American
Ramiro Judicious American
Ramon Wise protector American
Ramona Wise defender American
Randal Wise power American
Randolph House wolf, protector. American
Ramsey Island of Ravens American
Randolph Strong Shield American
Raymond Wise Guardian American
Reginald Power American
Renfred Peacemaker American
Rex King American
Richard Powerful Ruler American
Robin Bright Fame American
Roderick Famous Ruler American
Rodney Famous American
Roger Famous Warrior American
Roland Fame of the Land American
Ronald Of Mighty Power American
Rory Red King American
Roy King American
Rufus Red-Haired American
Samson Bright as the Sun American
Samuel Answer to Prayers American
Sean Heavenly Generosity American
Sebastian Majestic American
Seth Appointed One American
Shamus Supplanter American
Shawn God’s Gracious Gift American
Sheridan The Wild Man American
Sherlock Fair-Haired American
Sherwin A Friend American
Sidney Earthy American
Sinclair The Illustrious American
Spencer Steward American
Stephen Crown American
Sterling High Quality American
Samir Jovial. Entertaining companion American
Sammy Sun child; bright sun American
Sampson The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet’ Servant to Capulet American
Sanders Defender of man American
Sanford From the sandy ford American
Sawyer Cuts timber American
Scarlett Red. One who wears or sells scarlet cloth American
Schuyler Shelter; Scholar American
Scotty From Scotland; a Gael American
Seymour Tailor American
Shane Gift from God American
Shannon Old. Surname and river name American
Sharlene Femininemeaning manly American
Sharon His plain; his song American
Shaun Irish: God is gracious; gift from God American
Theobold Patriotic Islam
Theodore Gift of God American
Thomas Dependable American
Titus The Safe American
Timothy Honour God American
Tony Beyond Praise American
Trent Torrent American
Tristan Sorrowful American
Truman A Faithful, Loyal Man American
Talmadge Tall.. Surname American
Talon Sharp American
Tammie Thomasina and Tamara American
Tammy A feminine name beginning with ‘Tam- American
Tanner Worker in leather American
Tarik Morning star American
Tariq Nightcomer. Morning star American
Tatum Brings joy American
Taurean Bull-like. Refers to the saint Taurinus American
Tavon Twin American
Taylor Tailor American
Teagan Good-looking American
Teddy Prosperous protector rich or happy, and protection American
Terence Smooth American
Terrance Roman clan name American
Tevin Twin American
Udolf Prosperous Wolf america
Unwin Nonfriend america
Uriah God is my Light america
Udale From the Yew Tree Valley British
Ulmar Wolf Famous British
Urson Like a Bear British
Udayle From the Yew Tree Valley British
Urbane From the City; City Dweller; Courteous British
Ulbricht Highborn; Brilliant British
Ulric Wolf power British
Umair Intelligent One British
Umar Thriving British
Uri Light British
Uriah God is light British
Uday to rise Hindu
Udayan up rising Hindu
Udbhav creation, to arise from Hindu
Udit grown, shining, awakened Hindu
Ujjwal bright, clear Hindu
Umang enthusiasm Hindu

So select a name which suits your baby boy the best and also which you feel is significant. Don’t just rush in naming your baby boy. Take time, because the name will last for a lifetime.

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