Does Placental Lakes Affect Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is an important phase of a woman’s life. It is a life changing phase which turns a woman into a mature woman. Pregnancy is a period of uncertainties where the to be mother is unsure of the changes that her body will be going through. She cares and worries for even slightest pain and losses her sleep till the doctor verifies there is nothing to worry. One such issue is being discussed in this article as Placental Lakes may cause panic.

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What are Placental Venous Lakes During Pregnancy?
Are Placental Lakes Something Serious?
What are the Causes of Placental Lakes?
Complications of Placental Lakes

All You Need to Know about Placental Lakes During Pregnancy

What are Placental Venous Lakes During Pregnancy?

Placenta contains pools of blood either on the surface or inside. This pool is called placental lakes. Ultrasound test is used to locate these bleeds. These are observed as black mass on the front wall of the womb just above the baby during scans.


Usually these placental lakes become noticeable during the third trimester or before the ultrasound are done and become an issue of worry. But thankfully neither the pregnancy nor the baby will be affected in anyway.

The occurrence rate of placental  venous lakes is approximately  20%. The main pathology of the venous lakes is deposition of perivillous  fibrin in subchorionic areas.

Are Placental Lakes Something Serious?

These lakes cause no serious complication normally but it is advised to visit doctor and seek medical attention. Studies have shown women with thick placenta are more prone to develop placental lakes. Doctor pays more attention and keeps the check on the baby’s development in case of placental lakes in second trimester as it might cause reduction of average foetus size.

If the placental lake covers more than 10% of placenta and appears to be abnormally large, there is minimal risk of placenta growth accumulation. In such cases doctor advise for ultrasonography to be specific for multiple large placental lakes. If the to be mother has undergone any uterine surgery in past or if the lake lie close to cervical os further diagnosis is required. The best method is ultrasonography to clear all the doubts.

Many women believe placental lakes cause haemorrhage during the child birth but this is a myth. It has been proven that many women with placental lakes have risk free pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies.



What are the Causes of Placental Lakes ?

The main cause of placental lakes is still unknown. The reason for it’s existence remains unknown. Since the cause is not known, there is little to prevent these placental lakes. Many a times smoking is mistaken and considered as a factor in increasing the chances of occurrence of placental lakes.

Complications of Placental Lakes

Placental Lakes are not likely to cause any major complications, but sometime the pregnant mother may suffer through few problems. The following are the complications one may notice due to placental lake :

Premature Labour

Severe health complications can occur if the mother or baby is not ready. But still the placental lakes are not directly responsible for any of the complication. The premature labour could also be due to high blood pressure or gestational diabetes in the mother.

Placental Abruption

It is considered as a life threatening medical condition for both mother as well as for the baby. Placental abruption are usually caused by anaemia in mother and multi parity but there is no direct connection of placental lakes to the this condition.


Pre-eclampsia in Mother

High Blood Pressure during pregnancy is known as Preeclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a serious pregnancy related problem. Instead of obesity, lesions in placenta are the main cause of pre-eclampsia. It can also be due to stress  or extra weight  but not due to placental lakes.

Placental Lakes term gives a worrying impression on the the mother. Sometimes the doctors are unable to report the presence of the lakes.  Some of the mothers may experience one placental lake and on the same time the other can have even three venous lakes during her third trimester. Though having placental lakes is nothing much serious and there will be no problem to the baby or birthing process, one must go to the doctor and take medical advice if it is noticed in scans.


Placental Lakes – Does it affect Pregnancy?

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