What to do if Pregnancy Prevention Pills Fail?


Most of the women around the world rely on pregnancy prevention pills to abort any possibility of pregnancy. Majorly, Unwanted 72 uses include preventing pregnancy in case of unprotected sex. There are many circumstances under which women take pregnancy prevention pills like Unwanted 72. Some of them are:

  • Having unprotected intercourse.
  • Condom breaks down.
  • A gap in the consumption of regular birth control pills.
  • Expiry of your UID.

All You Need to Know About Emergency Contraception Pills

pills to prevent pregnancy

Though pregnancy prevention pills like Unwanted 72 are highly reliable, there are many cases reported where a woman gets pregnant even after sticking to birth control methods. The reasons for it may be endless. Only a proper examination by the doctor can confirm the possible reason for it. But one thing is for sure that no birth control method can rely 100% on. Every method has some chance of being ineffective for controlling the pregnancy.

Many possible reasons suggested by the doctors for why a woman can get pregnant sometimes though relying on pregnancy control pills are:

  • A broken condom: If a condom is broken and if the sexual partners are unaware of it, a woman can easily get pregnant.
  • A woman has missed many regular birth control pills.
  • If someone is taking some special kind of medication which has a tendency of interfering with the effectiveness of regular birth control pill or emergency contraceptive pills.
  • If someone has used the condom in a wrong way or has not used it properly.
  • If the regular pills are not taken at the same time each day. There is a window of 3 hours for taking the regular birth control pills. They need to be taken at the same time or 1 to 3 hours before or after that. But if someone misses to take it at a proper time, it increases the chances of birth control failure.
  • If the NuvaRing falls.
  • If someone is overweight.
  • If someone drinks too much alcohol.
  • If two condoms are used at the same time.
  • If the patch comes off during intercourse.
  • If someone takes the expired contraceptive pill or do not use it properly within the prescribed hours.

So, you must have observed that the reasons are many and endless. The chances to get pregnant while on the birth control are limited but are present. So there are some things that you need to learn about the emergency contraceptive pills and the way in which it should be taken. A pregnancy prevention pill like Unwanted 72 may fail to work efficiently under the following circumstances:

Consuming antibiotics

You must have read on the pack of the contraceptive pill that the consumption of antibiotics may affect the working of the pill. So it is always advised that if you take the pill you must not take antibiotic of some kind. The antibiotic which has an established record of interfering with the contraception pill is ‘rifampin’ which is used to treat the bacterial infection or tuberculosis. Though doctor says that other antibiotics do not interfere with the contraceptive, but there are chances of contraceptive failure because of antibiotics.


If you vomit or have diarrhea while on the pill

It sometimes happens that when we have diarrhea, our stomach is not able to absorb the content of the pill well. Together with it, if someone vomits, the chances are that the content of the pill may come out of the mouth and it is not well absorbed by the body. In such cases, a pill may fail to work as a birth control measure. In such condition, it is highly advised that you must not rely on the pill as a birth control measure.

If you are already pregnant

No contraception pill works on the already seeded womb. If you are already pregnant, the contraceptive pills are not going to help anyhow.

If you have missed too many regular doses

Some ladies take regular birth prevention pills instead of emergency contraceptive pills. Actually, these pills are needed to be taken each month and at a particular time each day. If a woman misses to take it for many days or does not take it at the correct times, the chances of its failure increase manifold. The regular pills are also known as mini-pills. Actually, the mini pill contains only one hormone and not two different hormones as present in the combined pills.

Starting to take the pills from the pack at a backdate

The first day of the active pills is very important to be noted. You must start to take the pill on the day suggested on the pack or by the doctor. The first week of the pills is very important. It is in the first in which the pill starts the egg development. There are higher risks of pregnancy when you miss the pills in the starting, the risk reduces when the pack is getting empty.

If you are treating with St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort treatment is meant to treat mood disorders. In it, a type of herb is used to treat the patients. The working of the herb is such that it increases the estrogen breakdown, thereby reducing the effectiveness of oral contraception.

If you are taking antiretroviral medication

There is some content in the medications used to treat HIV which are known to interact with the birth control pills. These drug interactions impact the blood hormones and make the working of the pill less effective.


If you have got pregnant while on the pill, you don’t need to worry too much. There are ways to get away with it. If you feel that your pregnancy prevention pill has failed and you are pregnant, you need to, first of all, find whether you are really pregnant or not.

Determine if you are pregnant or not

How do you come to know that your pregnancy prevention pills have failed? For this, you must first observe the common symptoms of pregnancy like:

  • Swollen Breasts
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive urination
  • Cravings for food
  • Aversions to certain foods

It may be that you have identified after you have missed your period. But if you have missed the period, it doesn’t mean that you are pregnant. It may be that for some reasons your periods are delayed, and you are considering it as a sign of pregnancy. Do you know the meaning of ‘late period’? Actually, a menstrual cycle is considered as the time between the first days of the last period to the first day of the next period. Women observe different cycle length. Some women get the period at the same time every month; some observe it every 28 days, 21 days, 25 days, etc. Actually, the span of the menstrual cycle is anywhere between 21 days to 35 days.  Not only the menstrual cycle length is different, but menstrual days in a cycle also vary. For some, the bleeding occurs only for 3 days, while for some others it extends to 7 days. A period is said to be late when it is overdue for over 5 to 10 days. But a period is said to be ‘missed’ if the menstrual cycle does not start even after 6 weeks.

If it’s over 6 weeks and you haven’t got the periods, it is better to go for a pregnancy test. There are many pregnancy test kits available in the market which gives about 99% accurate pregnancy results.

Some people doubt that pills may affect the result of the pregnancy test. But this is not the case. Pills do not affect the pregnancy test at all. Actually, the pregnancy tests detect only a single hormone.



Pregnancy prevention pills like Unwanted 72 do not fail when we make a ‘perfect use’ of it. A perfect use makes birth control pills about 99 percent effective. The perfect use means taking the pill at the right time each day without missing even a single dose for the prescribed duration. When someone makes a ‘typical use’ of the pill, the effectiveness gets reduced to 91%. Typical means are taking both the pills, i.e. progestin-only pill and the oral contraceptive pill. When a woman misses a dose or does not start to use the new pack on the accurate time the probability of accidental pregnancy goes up manifold.

You must now be very clear that pills like Unwanted 72 and other contraceptive pills must be taken properly and as prescribed to work efficiently. There are some circumstances defined above under which the pills do not work efficiently. Always keep all of these points in mind while relying on the pills as a birth control measure. However, if you have got pregnant anyhow and you are planning to continue this pregnancy but are afraid that if pregnancy prevention pills have some adverse impact on the baby, you must relax. Pregnancy prevention pills like Unwanted 72 do not have any bad impact on the fetus in any form. So just relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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