11 Astonishing Facts About Peeing After Sex


Human beings are diverse. From varying skin colours to cultures, the collective human experience is a vast and varied one. And yet, there are some characteristics that define us all, no matter where we live or how we get on in our lives. The anatomy of our bodies work the same way for everyone, and there are certain inherent, everyday phenomena which define us as belonging to the same class of being.

Sex, as the means of procreation definitely belongs to this set of characteristics. And urination as a key function of the excretory system also constitutes a key feature. While it is not particularly favourable to think of these two functions in the same chain of thought, we owe it to ourselves to at least know the connection between the two and the benefits of peeing after sex. To pee after sex is part and parcel of leading a healthy life and any sensation of burning pee after sex is to be taken seriously.

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11 Must Know Benefits of Peeing After Sex

peeing after sex

Here are 11 astonishing facts about peeing after sex that one must know about the human body:

The healthy option

It has been agreed upon by doctors and medical professionals that peeing after sex, no matter how unappetizing the notion may be, is by far the healthiest option for both men and women engaged in sexual activity, either with same-sex partners or partners of the opposite sex. Sexual intercourse is essentially about the exchange of body fluids, and peeing after sex can help make sure that the body does not undergo any sustained harm.


Prevents bacterial infections

The bodily fluids involved in sexual acts heighten the risk of bacterial infections occurring in human beings. While this is true for both sexes, it is particularly applicable in case of women. The vagina can be said to be a reservoir of the fluids and the fact that it is located close to the urethral opening in women may be even more risky. Peeing after sex can prevent this from happening, saving you from harm’s way.

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Muscles can relax

The post-coital haze that most people associate with sex is owing to the winding up of the muscles during the act and their relaxation once you achieve orgasm. The lax and loose feeling can be further enhanced when you pee after sex, with the relaxation of the bladder muscles during micturition.

Especially important if you are a woman

The close vicinity of the urethral and vaginal openings in the body of a woman makes her even more susceptible to infections. In order to maintain your sexual health, you should make sure that you pee after sex and enhance the self-cleaning means of your body.

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Helps clean the urethra

Any bacteria related issues in the urethra may also be cleared when you make a habit of peeing after sex. This applies to both men and women, and is an important aspect of healthcare that we tend to miss or ignore.


Applicable for same-sex relationships

Peeing after sex is a health tip that is applicable to all, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. Sex can be definitely considered to be important part of the human experience. But in order to be on top of things, one must pay due attention to their sexual hygiene and sexual health. Developing the correct habit before, during and after sex can contribute towards a holistic and healthy sexual life.Make sure you develop the habit of peeing after sex from the get go, and urge your partner to do the same.

May prevent UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections can be extremely painful to deal with and can have sustained symptoms for a long time that can adversely affect your sexual drive and libido. By making sure that you pee after sex, you can prevent any possibility of being plagued by urinary tract infections. By keeping up your sexual health, you can maintain a position with which your partner is bound to be satisfied, leading to a happy and prosperous life.

May help detect STDs

Peeing after sex can also be indicative of any sexually transmitted disease that you may have contracted. While it may not be immediately understood, the habit can help you detect any uncomfortable situation like burning pee after sex. If the situation persists, you can pursue it further with a medical professional and provide an accurate medical history on when the symptoms first started bothering you.

Not gross at all

Most people would not associate peeing with sex, deeming it gross especially after engaging in the pleasurable pursuits of sex. But it is not gross at all. A sexual partner, who you truly care for, must be someone who accepts you for who you are. That must necessarily include your body and all its functions, peeing being an essential aspect of that. Taking a quick bathroom break after sex should be fine, and you must encourage your partner to do the same so that you may remain on the same page of good health.

Reasonable time frame

In spite of the importance attached to peeing after sex, you don’t have to rush to the bathroom immediately after you have achieved climax. Take some time to cuddle up with your partner and shower them with love and affection. As long as you pee after sex within a reasonable time frame, your sexual health should be doing great.

Useful on an anatomical level

From all the points above it must be clear that peeing after sex makes sense on an anatomical level. It has multiple benefits and can help maintain a standard of health that can never be a bad thing.


Make sure you develop the right habits as you embark on the journey ahead, no matter how unconventional these tips may seem.