7 Reliable Online Pregnancy Test For You


Are you wondering if you are pregnant? Is it too early to take a home pregnancy test? Whether you are looking to get pregnant or avoid it,it is likely that your mind is full of questions. To help you understand your chances better you can always try taking any of the below listed online pregnancy test.

What’s best about these quizzes is that you can take them from the comfort of your own home and any number of time you want!

What are online pregnancy tests?

These are online tests designed to help you understand and determine whether your symptoms are at all pregnancy related. You need to remember that they are in no way replacements for the home pregnancy tests or an actual medical report.

The advantage of these online pregnancy quizzes are that they are fast and simple. You don’t need to wait for hours worrying about the results. All you have to do are answer a few simple questions and determine whether or not you are on the path of maternity easily.

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How does an online pregnancy test work?

Its very simple! The online pregnancy tests ask you few simple questions for you to answer. These are related to basic information related to your sex life. You will usually never be asked to share personal information at the time of taking any of these online quizzes.


The best thing about these online tests are they are absolutely free of cost! You don’t have to pay a single cent to take these! You can take these online pregnancy quizzes any number of times. So if you see new symptoms few days after taking a test you can always go back and take it again.

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What questions can I expect to be asked?

The questions that are asked are based on symptoms of early pregnancy. You can also expect to be asked on the type of birth control methods you use. Questions about your periods can also be expected. The tests may also ask about your partner’s birth control methods.

What are the most recommended online pregnancy tests?

There are hundreds of online pregnancy tests on the internet for you to choose from. Here we have listed the 7 best online pregnancy quizzes that you can take.

Online Pregnancy Test You Can Rely On

  1. Check Pregnancy

This an easy yet accurate online pregnancy test that you can take to determine whether your symptoms are pregnancy related. It is absolutely free and there is no limit to the number of times you can take the test.

So if you are looking for an easy and effective online pregnancy test try this.



  1. Lets Baby

This is yet another free online pregnancy test. This online pregnancy tester attempts to help you determine whether your symptoms are those of pregnancy. Be sure to answer all the questions accurately and honestly. Otheriwse you are likely to get either a false positive or a false negative.

Here is where you can take the test:


Online Pregnancy Test

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms Test

Do you want to keep track of when you are most fertile? Do you want to know if your symptoms are those related to pregnancy? Then this is a good option for you. The results of this online pregnancy test are valid for only 24 hours after taking it.


Best thing is that you get instant results once you have completed the questions. It has been taken by over 18,000 women across the world to know whether they are pregnant. The test results are based on the analysis of the most frequently encountered symptoms (e.g. fatigue felt by more than 80% of actually pregnant women) to the less frequent symptoms (darker areola in less than 40% of pregnancies)

You can also save the results of your tests by registering as a member on the website. This is a good option for those who want to keep a track of daily symptoms and ovulation cycles.

Take the test at: http://www.pregnancysymptomstest.com/pregnancy-test-online-free.php

  1. Menstrual Cycle Calculator

A late period got you worried? Do you think you are pregnant? If you think you maybe pregnant you can try taking the pregnancy test at menstrualcyclecalculator.com. Wait at least 10 days after the date of your expected period before taking this test.

If you are worried about pregnancy after having unprotected sex, this could be a good way to find out.

The best time to take this online pregnancy test is at least one week after missing your period. The privacy of each and every person who takes the online pregnancy test with menstrualcyclecalculator.com is of utmost importance.


All you need to do is answer the 20 basic questions and you will get your instant result. Try the test at:


  1. First Time Pregnancy

The “Am I pregnant?” quiz at firsttimepregnancy.org asks you 12 simple questions to give you an accurate answer. The questions are all based on the early pregnancy symptoms. The answers will help you understand whether your signs and symptoms are at all related to possible pregnancy.

Based on the answer you receive at the end of this simple online pregnancy test you can decide whether or not to buy a home pregancy test kit.

The days after having unprotected sex can leave with a tumble of emotions. If you are worried then you can try taking this test to see whether there is indeed any cause for worry.

You can take the quiz as many times as you want. Its absolutely free of cost. Take the test at:



  1. Negative Pregnancy Test

Stop worrying about the chances and take a proactive step by taking the online pregnancy test at negativepregnancytest.com. It is simple, easy, and safe to perform. There are only 10 questions for you to answer.

The best thing is that you can take the test any number of times from the comfort of your own home.

The online pregnancy test at negativepregnancytest.com uses only the information provided by you. The information you share is then compared to signs and symptoms of early pregnancy to determine whether you maybe expecting.

Remember, there is a chance that you may still be pregnant even if the result of the online pregnancy test says negative. So it is always better to get yourself a home pregnancy kit or adoctor’s appointment if you are to be 100% certain.

Nevertherless, this free online pregnancy test can be taken at:



  1. Babymed

A good and accurate home pregnancy test kit can be quite expensive. So is a trip to the doctor’s. The online pregnancy test at babymed.com is absolutely free of cost! It tells you if you could be pregnant based on pregnancy symptoms and signs.

To get an accurate result it is adivasble to take the test entirely till the end. You are also recommended to be absolutely honest with your answers. That is the only way to get accurate results.

You can retake this Am I Pregnant quiz as often as you’d like. Or even just find out what changes you should make to increase your chances of conception.

Take the free online pregnancy test at:



Note: An online pregnancy test is not 100% accurate. It is as accurate as the answers you provide. It is also never to be treated as an alternative to home pregnancy kits or the doctor’s examination. For any queries or complications it is always best to consult your doctor immediately.