13 Amazing Benefits of Onion Juice


Onion juice fights cancer and nail fungus, treats diabetes, prevents inflammation and blood clots, boosts immunity, promotes vision and fertility, improves mood and sleep. Did you know about the incredible benefits of onion juice from benefiting overall health to improving skin health to promoting hair growth? Check them out below.

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13 Surprising Benefits of Onion Juice
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13 Surprising Health Benefits of Onion Juice

Fights Cancer

Onion juice has anticancer compounds like anthocyanins, quercetin and organosulfur. Research also found that stronger its flavour, more an onion’s effectiveness to prevent cancer. Quercetin is proven to reduce the risks of lung and brain cancers. Onions have fibre to prevent colon cancer. Onion juice (particularly made of red onions) destroys tumour cells.


Treats Diabetes

Onion bulb extract can reduce blood sugar levels, thereby preventing diabetes. Onion has fewer calories and can raise the metabolic rate to control diabetes symptoms.

A Korean study states that onion juice can decrease plasma glucose levels.

Prevents Inflammation

Onion has quercetin to inhibit histamines, prostaglandins and leukotrienes. These often cause inflammation in osteoarthritis. Onion juice also cures chronic pain and bone disorders related to inflammation. It’s proven to promote bone mineral density in women post-menopause.

Boosts Immunity

Selenium in onions can boost immunity. Selenium improves immune response and checks its hyper response. Immune cells lacking in selenium are prone to more oxidation and trouble transporting calcium and producing protein. Onion juice also helps cure asthma and other respiratory problems by stimulating and strengthening your lungs.

Promotes Vision

Onion juice contains antimicrobial properties to help cure eye infections like blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Onion juice can also treat cataracts. An Iranian study saw that it could prevent selenite-induced cataract formation.

Fights Nail Fungus

Studies revealed that onion juice has antifungal properties to fight Candida albicans (a pathogenic yeast) responsible for fungal infections in people. Soak a cotton ball in the juice and put it on the affected toenail. After leaving it for an hour, wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat once a week.


Improves Mood and Sleep

Some studies found that onion juice contains folate to relieve depression and improve mood. Folate prevents homocysteine (a chemical which checks nutrients and blood from reaching your brain) from building up. Excess homocysteine obstructs the production of serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel good). Folate also aids in producing dopamine and norepinephrine that help regulate sleep.

Promotes Fertility

Studies say that onion juice can raise testosterone levels with its antioxidant properties that improve sperm health. In a Jordanian study, male rats ingested with the juice showed increased testosterone levels.

Fights Acne

The antimicrobial (especially antifungal) properties of onion juice can fight acne, fungal and bacterial infections and, possibly, psoriasis. A study found a gel containing onion extract effective in improving acne in patients. It reduced the associated inflammation and redness.

Apply onion juice on the face, focusing on open blisters. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Delays Wrinkles

Onion juice has flavonoids and other antioxidants to slow down signs of premature ageing.

Here, the sulfur content of the juice helps in boosting collagen production and fighting premature ageing.


Improves Digestion

Onion juice contains a fiber, inulin which is a food source for the good bacteria in your intestine. Inulin allows the body to maintain healthy levels of these bacteria. Oligofructose (a sub-group of inulin) in onions can check and fight diarrhea. Onions also have phytochemicals to prevent gastric ulcers. Onions contain natural prebiotics to ease constipation and stomach ache though more research is required.

Treats Cholera

Onion juice is found to inhibit V. cholerae which causes cholera. It can be attributed to the antibacterial properties of onions.

Prevents Blood Clots

Onion juice contains rutin, a compound that checks blood clots. Clots are platelet-rich in arteries and fibrin-rich in veins. Rutin hinders an enzyme, protein disulfide isomerase that is released swiftly during blood clot formation. Rutin proved to be the best anti-thrombotic compound in several mice studies.

Onion Juice for Hair

Enhances Hair Growth

Onion juice contains sulfur which strengthens and thickens hair. Sulfur also increases collagen production that further helps in hair growth, treating hair thinning and producing healthy skin cells. Applying the juice to your scalp and hair can also promote blood supply to hair follicles. You can massage the scalp and hair with a paste of onion and banana juice or simply fresh onion juice for hair growth.

Treats Dandruff

The antibacterial properties of onion juice can destroy the dandruff-causing bacteria. The juice can also cure scalp infections and act as a remarkable hair conditioner. You can simply apply onion paste or a mixture of onion juice and fenugreek seeds for this purpose.


Reverses Grey Hair

Though not supported by any research, certain proponents claim that onion juice increases the production of the enzyme catalase that prevents greying of hair. Keep applying onion juice to your hair daily for reversing grey hair.

Maintains Hair Colour

Applying onion juice combined with mustard oil can help maintain your natural hair colour and make the hair glossy.

Removes Head Lice

Sulfur in onion juice helps remove head lice. Massage your head with onion paste (from 4-5 onions) and leave it for 2 hours before shampooing with lukewarm water. Repeat this consecutively thrice a week initially and once a week after 2 months.

Can I Use Onion Juice Every Day?

In a study (published in the Journal of Dermatology), participants with alopecia areata (non-scarring patchy hair loss) were treated with an application of onion juice on their scalp twice daily. After 2 weeks, they started having hair regrowth. So the juice can be used every day.

Does Onion Juice Really Work?

A 2002 study tested onion juice for hair loss problem. The group who used onion juice to wash their hair had more hair growth than those used only tap water. But, since the study is quite old, more research is needed. It has still been used for years as a home remedy for hair regrowth with actual results.



Start consuming onion juice and applying it to your hair daily to get wonderful results of better overall health as well as enhanced hair growth.


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