Olives in Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


Pregnancy is the most crucial phase of a woman’s life and is regarded as the second birth of the woman. This phase brings a drastic transformation not only in the woman’s body but also in the diet that she follows. As now you have to think of yourself and the child as well, it is essential that you take a balanced and wholesome diet that has all the required vitamins and minerals in it. Olives turn out to be one of the enriched sources that take care of the overall metabolism of her body. In this article, we will discuss whether it is safe to have olives in pregnancy or not. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about olives in pregnancy.

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Are Olives Safe During Pregnancy?
Advantages of Olives During Pregnancy
Benefits of Olive Oil During Pregnancy
What are the Side Effects of Olives During Pregnancy?
Are Canned Olives Safe During Pregnancy?
Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good for Pregnancy?

Are Olives Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, Olives have a proven track of benefits for pregnant women. The oleic acid present in olives is responsible for reducing the cholesterol levels of the blood and protects the baby from asthma and several allergies. Not only it maintains the nutritional content in the woman’s diet but it also helps in providing vitamins and fatty acids to the child.

olives in pregnancy

Advantages of Olives During Pregnancy

A diet rich in fresh olives plays a positive role in the nourishment of the baby as well as the mother. Olives provide all the vital vitamins and minerals to the woman’s body and make her body look healthy, fit and fine. Olives are very easy to incorporate into the pregnancy diet. Olives are beneficial in numerous ways that include:

Act as Antioxidants

Olives are powerful antioxidants that reduce the risks of harmful diseases such as heart disease, blood cancer, etc. Besides improving the circulation of blood, it also helps in protecting the stomach from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Improves the Sugar-Levels

Olives are a rich source of vitamin E. The oleic acids and polyphenols present in olives help in lowering the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Cancer Prevention

Studies have shown that olives mitigate the possibility of breast cancer which is quite common in post-pregnancy. These have powerful cancer-killing cells that affect the colon, breasts, and stomach.

Improves Bone Health

Olives alleviate the risk of fractures and help in increasing bone mass and bone quality.

Benefits of Olive Oil During Pregnancy

Olive oil contains a number of nutrients like vitamins and fatty acids that help in hydrating the skin and keeping the mother safe. There are various merits of using olive oil such as:

Healthy Growth of Child

The intake of olive oil by mothers can be very useful in the child’s cognitive, mental and physical development. Olive oil is enriched with vitamin A that aids in the formation of the eyes of the unborn.

Reduction in Stretch Marks

Olive oil is responsible for diminishing the marks and mitigating the stretches. Regular application of this natural oil is necessary for getting desirable results.

Clear Complexion

Pregnancy can make the skin dull and dry. Therefore, Olive oil is best for dehydrating the skin pores, removing the dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin.

Protects the Immune System

Olive oil plays a pivotal role in regulating the immune system of the mother and killing the harmful pathogens that spread the infections.

What are the Side Effects of Olives During Pregnancy?

  • Even though rare, olives are not 100% allergy-proof.
  • Olives may contain a small amount of heavy metals like tin and lithium. As it comes in the preserved form the sodium content will also be high. None of this is advisable for a healthy pregnancy.

Are Canned Olives Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, the canned olives have an adequate amount of vital elements and render the same effects as others unless checked for expiry date. Pregnant women must ensure that they take only fresh olives for satisfying their pregnancy cravings and avoid the use of olives that have been stored for a long time.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good for Pregnancy?

For pregnant women, extra virgin oil has an excellent impact in keeping the bad cholesterol in control and provides a permanent solution to the problem of arterial thrombosis besides balancing the blood circulation in the heart.

Therefore, to conclude, it is an undeniable fact that olives have a significant role in treating several ailments that subsides during pregnancy and is highly recommended for use by pregnant women to promote the healthy development of the baby. However, before deciding on anything, always consult a doctor.