20 Old Wives Tales about Pregnancy and Gender Prediction


Old wives tales literally mean a piece of advice or a traditional belief which is now considered to be illogical and unscientific due to the advent of more concrete methods.

Thanks to technological advancements and clever scientists, it is now not difficult to find out the gender of your baby. However earlier, the couple had to rely on old sayings to predict the gender. These aren’t scientific predictions and may only be 50% accurate or not at all.

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20 Amazing Old Wives Tales Regarding Gender Prediction

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Below here is a list of 20 old wives tales strongly used by women in earlier days.

The Linea Nigra

The dark line that appears on the bump is the key to predict the gender of the infant. If the line continues above the belly button it is a boy. If the line ends below the belly button it’s a girl.


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Carrying High or Low

According to legend, if the bump is high you’re pregnant with a girl. If it sits low, you will be bringing a boy.

The Feel of Your Skin

Carrying a boy is said to give to dry skin but if you are enjoying a silky smooth skin you could be welcoming a girl.

It’s All in the Heart

According to this legend, the baby’s heart rate can be used to predict the gender. Generally girls have faster heartbeat than boys. Above 140 bpm means you’re having a girl, and below will mean a boy.

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Truth or Hair

If the hair on your head becomes thick and glossy, you are carrying a boy and whereas if the hair is full and dry it’s a girl in your womb. The same goes with the body hair. Thick and fast growing hair indicates a boy.


The Weight

According to an old wives tale if the woman carries all the extra weight out front then it’s a boy and if it’s divided throughout then it’s a girl.

It’s All About the Taste

Sweet cravings mean that you are carrying a girl with the hint from sweets, chocolates and desserts. Salty and spicy food could be an indication that you are carrying a son.

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The Ring

Pluck out a strand of hair and attach it to the ring. Dangle the ring over the bump. If it moves in circles then it’s a boy whereas if it sways from side to side it’s a girl.

Having a Barf

Legend says if you are having morning sickness and an urge to vomit for the first 12 weeks of you’re pregnancy, you’re having a girl or else it’s a boy.

No Easy Feet

Cold feet is an indication of carrying a boy. If the feet are warm as ever you should expect a girl.


Facial Glow

Glowing and blooming skin is an indication of carrying a boy whereas dry dull skin may be a news of bringing a girl.

Big Breasts

If the right breast is larger it’s an indication for a boy where as the left being bigger may indicate a girl.

All Encompassing

One of the most ridiculous predictions. If the pillow faces North, it’s a boy and South suggests a girl.

Spot on

Acne or pimples suggest that you will be having a girl whereas fair perfect complexion indicates a boy.

Urine Test

If the urine is bright it could be a girl whereas a clear urine suggests a boy.

The Bump

If the bump is circular it means a boy whereas if it sags down it means a girl is coming.



If you combine the age at the time of conception with the number of the month when you conceived and the resulting number is odd it’s a girl and if odd it’s a boy.

Left or Right

When you sleep, if you sleep on your left it suggests a boy whereas right means a girl is coming.

Hairy Legs

If the body hair grows faster, then a boy is coming, while normal growth indicates a girl.

The Draino Thingo

Mixing urine with draino resulting in changing colour is also a way however draino is harmful for the environmental and not recommended.

These are old customs used by ladies in earlier days to predict the baby’s gender. However these predictions are not given a first preference now with the advancement of technology, being able to provide full proof results and predictions compared to the old ones giving only 50% of assurance or sometimes even wrong predictions. [1]