21 Old Fashioned Baby Names You’ll Fall in Love With


Fashion is a cycle. What is out of fashion few decades back will be trending now. That is what fashion is. Right now old-fashioned baby names are coming into fashion and ironically parents are choosing vintage names for their babies. Naming your baby is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a new parent. So take your time, browse through baby name ideas, analyse all the aspects and start making a shortlist of your favourites. If you want to name your baby boy with a good old fashioned name, here are the best old fashioned names for baby boys.

21 Best Old Fashioned Names for Baby Boys

old fashioned names for baby boys


Origin: German

Meaning: Noble, bright

Famous namesakes: Albert Einstein, Actor Albert Finney

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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: carried by God

Famous namesakes: Famous character in novels by author George Eliot and Thomas Hardy.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: gift of God

Famous namesakes: American writer Theodr Suess Geisel (Dr Seuss), US President Theodre Roosevelt


Origin: English

Meaning: near the stony clearing

Famous namesakes: Actor Stanley Tucci, American film director Kubrick


Origin: French and English

Meaning: Saint Denis

Famous namesakes: Australian painter Sidney Nolan, American actor Sidney Poitier


Origin: German

Meaning: wise-protector

Famous namesakes: Actor Ray Romano, American short story author Raymond Carver


Origin: English

Meaning: Wolf Counsel

Famous namesakes: Fashion designer Ralph Lauren, author Ralph Waldo Emerson and American actor Ralph Macchio


Origin and meaning: It is French surname from place name Perci-en-Auge

Famous namesakes: American singer Percy Sledge and composer Percy French.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: friend of deer or spear of God

Famous namesakes: American actor Oscar Isaac, Playwright Oscar Wilde.


Origin: German

Meaning: strong as a bear

Famous namesakes: Playwright George Bernard Shaw, St Bernard and presidential nominee Bernie Sanders.


Origin: French and German

Meaning: free man

Famous namesakes: Charlie Sheen, actor Charlie Chaplin, jazz musician Charles Mingus and many Royal kings.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bright

Famous namesakes: Robert Clarence Irwin, Dutch footballer Clarence Seedorf.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: river Clyde

Famous namesakes: Actors Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney have a son named Clyde.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: form South Munster

Famous namesakes: Nobel Peace Prize-winner Bishop Desmond Tutu, Reggae singer Desmond Dekker.


Origin: English

Meaning: serious, resolute

Famous namesakes: Novelist Ernest Hemingway.


Origin: English

Meaning: fortunate protector

Famous namesakes: English astronomer Edmund Halley, New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary.


Origin: German

Meaning: Frenchman or free man

Famous namesakes: Musician Frank Zappa and American singer Frank Sinatra


Origin: German

Meaning: peaceful ruler

Famous namesakes: English novelist Frederick Forsyth, actor and dancer Fred Astaire


Origin: Greek

Meaning: farmer

Famous namesakes: Composer George Gershwin, Beatles guitarist George Harrison, Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw.


Origin: French

Meaning: renowned warrior

Famous namesakes: American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: foreigner, stranger

Famous namesakes: William Wallace, leader during Scottish wars of Independence.


Origin: French

Meaning: estate ruler

Famous namesakes: US author Henry David Thoreau, Prince Henry (Harry), English sculptor Henry Moore.