5 Effective Numbness Creams for Ear Piercing


Hush, Dr.Numb, Numb Master, No Scream Cream and Topicaine 5% Numbing Gel are some of the best numbness creams for ear piercing.

Ear piercing is quite popular with kids now – both with girls and boys. In fact, now boys also go for ear piercing and other kinds of piercings in the body. Piercings have become a kind of fashion trend, which everyone is following. People get almost 4-5 piercings in their ear and wear equal numbers of earrings or studs as they prefer. Along with ear piercing, conch piercing or septum piercing are also quite popular.

The process of piercing is not as simple as it seems to be. The needles pierce through the skin, making the hole and obviously it is pretty painful. But since this is for fashion and style, the pain seems to be worth it. However, for some children, the pain from the piercing is quite too much to bear. This usually happens when the piercing is not done in the right manner. It is always recommended to get piercings done by professionals as they know the tricks of the trade well and can get the piercing done with minimum pain and discomfort.

Use of numbness creams for ear piercing

There are many children who are scared of the pain during piercing but still want to get the piercing done for making a style statement. What is the solution to this problem? Well, worry not, experts have devised a way in which this particular problem can be handled. This can be achieved with the help of application of numbness cream. Topical application of the numbness cream on the area of piercing takes away sensation from that part of the skin and hence no pain is felt during the process of piercing. In many places, ice packs work well for making the piercing area numb, but the effect of the pack does not last long like it does in the case of numbness creams. This is the reason such creams have gained immense popularity in piercing salons. These creams are highly efficient and effective.

The numbing cream is a kind of local anaesthetic, which helps in blocking the signals of the nerves before transmitting the same to the brain. As a result, the sensation of pain is not felt by the child. For purchasing these numbness cream, no prescriptions are needed. They are readily available as over the counter products in almost all pharmacy stores. However, one should know how much cream should be applied to the area for the best effects and results. If used in higher concentrations, there might be some side effects. Also, be sure not to apply this cream to broken skin.

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5 Effective Numbness Creams Which Can Be Used for Ear Piercing

5 Effective Numbness Creams for Ear Piercing

Various piercing creams are available in the pharmacy stores and you can choose any good cream from them. Mentioned below is a list of such effective yet safe creams:


This numbing cream is one of the most popular creams available in the market. Initially, the use of this numbness cream was done for numbing the pain that would emanate during the procedure of tattooing. But later, this cream is being used widely for piercing procedures as well. This is indicative of the effectiveness of the numbing cream. Lidocaine is the main component present in the numbing cream and it has 4% concentration of the component. Along with this, the numbness cream also has the goodness of other natural ingredients like Aloe Vera. Other kinds of botanical products are also used in the numbness cream. These ingredients do not have any serious side effects and they are not harmful in any way. Along with numbing the skin during the procedure of piercing, Hush numbing cream also helps in skin healing quickly.

Dr. Numb

When dermatologists recommend some numbness creams, there is nothing safer than the product. Dr. Numb is one such numbing cream, which can be applied topically and is highly recommended by all leading skin specialists. The product is safe and effective from the perspective of health. One of the best things is that the product has been approved by the FDA too. Along with being widely used for piercing, this numbing cream is extensively used for waxing, tattooing and also for children’s skin. Like HUSH, this numbing cream also contains Lidocaine, the concentration of which is 5% – 1% more than that of Hush. When applied topically, the skin remains numb for more than an hour in the area it is applied. The cream is easy and convenient to use. Moreover, there are no harmful side effects from the application of the cream.

Topicaine 5% Numbing Gel

Similar to Dr. Numb, Topicaine too has 5% Lidocaine as the main ingredient in the numbing gel. This numbing cream with its excellent composition is highly effective on all kinds of skin processes and procedures like piercing, tattooing, waxing and so on. The brand has become quite popular and well known and is readily available as well. When applied on the skin, the cream gets absorbed really quickly. This is mainly because of the gel-like component which is present in the cream.

This cream makes the site numb really soon and the numbness persists for over an hour once applied. Along with making the area numb, this topical cream has other benefits as well. There are times when a pierced area might get inflamed and redness develops. Such conditions can be improvised with the application of this cream. This is possible because the cream contains many botanical products including glycerin, Aloe Vera, jojoba seed oil, etc. because of these ingredients, the cream is free from all kinds of side effects.


Numb Master

When talking of leading and popular anaesthetic numbness creams, Numb Master needs special mention. This cream is not only used during ear piercing but many other skin processes and procedures. Some prominent names in this regard include waxing, tattooing and so on. The percentage of Lidocaine present in Numb Master is the same as that of Topicaine and Dr. Numb numbing cream – 5%. The effectiveness of the cream lasts for about an hour like a majority of the numbing creams. Just keep in mind that this numbing cream should be applied at least 20 minutes before the procedure like tattooing or piercing. It takes little time for the cream to become effective and make the area numb.

No Scream Cream

Very smartly named, No Scream Cream is an excellent numbness cream, which has been used extensively in various places. When compared to other numbing creams, this one is a little different from the others in composition and use of ingredients. This particular numbing cream is being licensed by a waxing expert and an aesthetician. While a majority of the numbing creams have Lidocaine as the main ingredient, No Scream Cream has Benzocaine as the main component. The component comes in 20% concentration in the product. Along with ear piercing, this numbing cream can be used in all kinds of piercings in the body. It has shown to be highly effective for lip-piercing too. Most importantly, this cream is designed and manufactured in such a manner that it is suitable for all skin types. Also, the cream is affordably priced to fit into the budget of the common man well.

Possible dangers from using numbness creams containing Lidocaine as one of the main components

If you study the main component present in most skin numbing creams, you will find one name in common – Lidocaine. Present in 4-5% concentration, this ingredient causes the numbing sensation in the area where the cream is applied topically. It has been proven in studies and surveys that when such creams are applied in small portions over an area in the body, these creams cause no harmful side effects. In fact, they are absolutely safe. However, if the concentrations of Lidocaine are very high in the cream or if the cream is applied over a large area of the body, there can be dangerous side effects from the same. Ensure that creams containing Lidocaine should never ever be applied to broken skin. Also, make sure that you wash off hands thoroughly with soap and water minimum twice so that there are no traces of the cream on the hands whatsoever.

It might happen that on the application of skin numbing cream containing Lidocaine as the main component, the skin becomes red. The application of the may sometimes cause burning, itching, and inflammation as well. These symptoms mainly appear in the area where the cream is applied. In case such things happen, it is recommended to stop using the numbing cream completely. Use mild soap and clean, plain water for washing the area where the cream was applied well. The symptoms will subside in some time. If it still persists, it is recommended to see a doctor at the soonest. However, application of such creams can also cause really serious side effects, including seizures, difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeat, numbness in other areas of the body etc. Visit a doctor immediately before things get really serious.

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