Newborn Baby Skin is Peeling: 11 Home Remedies to Treat Peeling Skin


A child’s skin is normally smooth and silky. Any form of dark patches or scaly texture is not good. There are certain ways in which you can improve the quality of your child’s skin. Remember that your child’s skin is delicate and tender. For that reason, you have to b extra careful whilst taking care of his/her skin. Since precaution is always better than cure it is better if you can avoid exposing your child to too much pollutant. However, that always cannot be guaranteed.

Why does baby skin peel?

According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Human Genetics during the first few weeks, a newborn undergoes a lot of change. That is why parents should not get alarmed if the child’s skin changes color or texture.

However, there are instances where the skin of the child flakes and peels off. This is completely normal. This peeling occurs in different parts of the child’s body.  It can start from the hands or the feet or the ankles.

Normally, when a newborn is born it is covered in different fluids. Along with amniotic fluids and blood, the body is also covered in vernix. Vernix is a thick coating protecting the child from the amniotic fluids.

The nurses at the hospitals often wipe off this vernix. Thus eventually the natural moisturizer for the baby is gone. Then eventually the flaking starts as the tender skin tries to adjust. Premature babies have more vernix. That is why they show fewer chances of flaking.


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11 Home Remedies for Peeling Skin in Newborn Babies

baby peeling skin remedies

There are many ways you can solve the flaky skin problem for your child. Some of the remedies are of topical usage. There are few which will need you to have certain food so that the nutrition is passed on to your child via breast milk.

Mix Milk and Turmeric and Apply on Skin:

You need to mix and turmeric. Then make it into a paste. Apply this paste on your child’s face and hands along with rest of the body. Wait till it dries. Remove the paste with a soft wet cloth. Then give her a water bath. Do not use any soap or body wash. This will make the skin to glow.

Mixture of Curd, Tomato Extract and Oatmeal:


Make a mixture with curd, tomato extract and oatmeal. Apply it on the rough patches on your child’s skin. This natural mixture helps in reducing the problems and gives a smooth skin. It also enhances the complexion of skin.

Avoid Chemical Products:

Chemical can further damage your child’s tender skin. Using natural equipments helps in improving the skin quality. Instead of commercial moisturizers, aloe vera gels are preferred. Aloe-vera gels are effective in treating rough and dull skins of young children. It also helps the skin to get relief from irritation and allergies. If your child is feeling a bit itchy, then aloe-vera lotion might be helpful.

Oil Massage:

Oil massages are very helpful. It does not only improve the texture of the skin but also strengthens the bones and muscles of your child.

Include Cereals and Fiber Rich Food in Diet


Enrich you diet with fiber rich foods. Fiber helps in the growth of skin tissues. It also nourishes the skin. Since fiber keeps your child’s digestive system clear, it makes his/her skin also glow.

Mixture of Turmeric and Beetroot:

Add a hint of turmeric powder in beetroot juice. Then make it into a thick juice. Then apply the mixture on the affected area. In this way it helps your child to regain the natural glow and complexion.

Feed Yourself with Nuts like Acorn or Almond Milk

Providing nutritious alternative to improve the skin health is very essential in your child’s early growth stage. Acorn nuts contain certain amount of tannin acid (some of which remains even after washing/boiling/drying) and it provides enough nutrition to keep your child’s skin healthy.

Almond milk is also rich in Vitamin E which makes it a perfect for your child’s overall skin health. Sometimes pollutants can challenge the natural smoothness and glow of your child’s soft skin and the regular consumption of almond milk makes sure that the right sort of nutrition is being offered to your child to help him/her maintain a healthy skin.


Chickpea Flour on Skin

Chickpea flour is effective in removing unwanted hair from your child’s body. Make a mixture with chickpea flour along with milk or water. Then apply the paste on your child’s face and skin. After applying scrub your child’s skin. Repeat this process on a daily basis. This will make your child’s skin glow.

Make him/her Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water helps your child to keep his/her body hydrated. Plenty of water intakes, by your little one, will help your child’s body to flush out all the toxins. Getting rid of the toxins helps your child’s skin health improve a lot. Make sure that he/she drinks around 8 glasses of water, each day. This will help him/her to have a clear system.

Make Mint Leaves Paste

Take a handful of fresh mint leaves. Then grind them. Make it into a thick paste. Then apply the paste on your child’s face. Do it on a regular basis. This will nourish your child’s skin. It will help it remain healthy. Mint leaves have anti-oxidants. It will fight-off all the effects of pollution from your child’s tender skin. It will also help him/her to get rid of any sort of irritation and rashes. Regular itchiness and burning can also be cured. But make sure that your child is not allergic or sensitive to the cooling sensation produced by the mint leaves.


Mix Curd with Dried Orange Skin

Make a paste with dried orange skin and curd. This is also another mixture which you can apply on your child’s skin. But make sure that the orange skins are peeled and dried well. Because any remains of the juice can be harmful to your child’s skin. It can cause irritation and allergy. Dried orange skin has the potential to make your child’s skin glow. Apply the paste regularly to get the best result.

Precautions & Considerations:

Apart from all the above mentioned tips, you can feed your child with Vitamin E and C rich fruits and vegetables. This helps to maintain a healthy skin. Offer him/her with foods which make the liver functions regular and proper. A healthy liver often reflects into a healthy glowing skin. If your child has a generally bad skin then you can apply the above mentioned cure. However, look forward for some allergies. If your child is allergic to certain things, it is better to avoid them. But under normal cases, these natural remedies are pretty harmless.

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In case of consistent problems like dry patches or itchiness, you might decide to consult the doctor. Sometimes the problems are chronic. Hence cannot be treated by home remedies. In such cases your child requires medication and ointment.



Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!