21 Awesome New Dad Gifts


A tie of subtle color,  fitness watch,  fujifilm instax camera,  customized t-shirt,  diaper bag that looks manly, an amazon echo dot and a diaper bag that looks manly are some of the best new dad gifts.

Dad gifts can be something that you can gift your father. These gifts can be given on father’s day on anniversaries and just for accomplishing a goal in life. These gifts can propagate the fact that you are a new dad.  Giving a gift to your loved ones does not need a special occasion. It can be given whenever you feel like making someone feel special. Father is someone who is a role model or guidance for every child. Choosing the best gift for a new dad can be a really difficult and confusing task. Men need guidance about how to go about a situation and being a new dad is something men are nervous about.  Here are 21 Best New Dad Gifts that can be gifted on the special moments of life:

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21 Unique New Dad Gift Ideas

new dad gifts

A mug with the printed picture of the dad and the child.

A coffee mug is something that comes in hand every morning either with a brewed coffee or with tea. It can be gifted on any day. Gifting this will make him feel how special he is as a dad and how important is his role.



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A tie of subtle color.

A tie is a sign of chivalry and gentlemanliness. Gifting this to a new dad will make him think that you have a positive outlook about him. A tie is something that one can wear on special occasions or when your dad goes out with the whole family. It can be kept as a great momentum and is really a memorable gift. It gives a sign of responsibility and the coming future surprises.


A trophy with best dad in the whole world written on it.

This gift is really different and out of the box thing. It really makes the person feel above the world. It is a great way of complimenting someone or making them feel special. It can be kept as momentum or a showpiece for the drawing room or living room.

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A photo frame with the hand of the new dad and the baby’s photo in it.

This is one of the cutest gifts you can give to your dad. This is the best gift to capture all the memories that you and your father have had until now. It can be one of the best ways to collect all the memorable moments and then gift it to your loved dad.


A cemented statue of the new dad’s hand and the baby’s hand.

This is an out of box ideas for gifting a new dad. It is new rare and trending. This is done by holding hands together and the outing it in sand clay or cement and then taking out the carving of both the hands out of it. This will look really cool and exciting. It can be done by contacting someone online, or by doing it on your own and it can be done by sculpture artists. It hardly takes any time and is really trending these days.


A manual made by the mother, counselor or relationship advisor.

A new dad can be gifted with a baby manual. This will help him to figure out things for him on his own. It can be a great way to deal with the birth of a child. It will help him in managing his day and changing his behavior and attitude for his new child.

A baby carrier for the new dad.

Whether it is for the dad to be or the already new dad, baby carrier is something which is really helpful. Wearing it and carrying your baby around with you is a great way to look adorable together. When both parents divide the responsibilities then sometimes there can be chances that there will be a requirement for a baby carrier. As though a man’s hands are hard and strong enough but when the chorus is to be done while handling the baby it can get really tough.

A fitness watch.

A new dad has a big journey for himself waiting desperately as the child is born and brought to this world. A dad is someone who has to see everything and is really responsible. What is surprising is that health is the most important part of life.  A new dad should be highly active and should take good care of his health as he has a whole range of new responsibilities.



A Fujifilm Instax Camera.

This is one of the most adorable gifts that can be gifted to a new dad. The funny and memorable moments can be recorded and printed on the spot. It is best to record an album or for putting it up in your notice board or wallet. It is the best way of capturing memories.

A customized T-shirt.

A customized T-shirt with beautiful quotes or funny stuff written on it is a great idea for gifting new dad. This can be really different and exciting. Anything related to the new dad can be written on the tee.

A whole range of books related to the new dad can be gifted.

A new dad might be nervous about what is coming in the future. A wide range of novels and books can be gifted which are related to the experiences of people while or after becoming a new dad. This can be a great help for the new dad.

A diaper bag that looks manly.

Women usually carry a feminine and attractive diaper bag. When the new dad has to handle and take care of the baby then he will not be able to carry that cute, funny and floral diaper bag. Thus gifting a manly diaper bag is a great idea.

A high storage hard drive.

After a man becomes a new dad, he will capture a whole new range of picture with the baby and the special moments of the baby, mother and he himself. This might require a lot of space, thus gifting a hard drive will help him to keep all the memories together safely without any storage issues.



A sports equipment like a ball or a bike with a baby seat at the back.

The new dad can have huge loads of moments together. These moments are incomplete without moments of sports. Choosing gifts for your husband or friend who is about to be a new dad can be a difficult task. Giving a bicycle with a baby sitter at the back is the best thing one can gift to a new dad. It will help him in spending quality time with his child. One can also gift sports equipment like baseball and bat, ball, basketball and volleyball for both the kid and the new dad.

An Amazon Echo dot.

A new dad has a wide range of activities to think about. There is a to-do list for the whole day and the dot makes it easy to perform. This makes him very confused. Everyone needs a hands free assistant to look after and keep on reminding about the daily tasks. There can be a whole range of activities like washing clothes, giving milk or even meal time. All these activities will become easy after there is a bot to remind the new dad about his chorus.


Daddy and Me T-Shirts

Daddy and my t-shirts can be customized by what you want to write on them. Adorable nicknames can be printed and even twinning can be done with the baby.

A  customized onesie with something related to new daddy written on it.

A onesie is something that you can gift to the new dad. Cute and customized onesie for the baby is something that the new dad and the mother would adore all the time.

A customized and personalized keyring for the new dad.

A keyring can be personalized by writing different things like this daddy belongs to or the baby’s name and the dad’s name. This keyring can be used for cars and lockers and is something which is really memorable for a long time.


A beard trimmer for the new dad.

A beard trimmer is something that the new dad would appreciate as shaving would consume a lot of time. The trimmer will be easy and also make a smart look. Beard trimmers are really a good gift as they help in making good shave or trimming and that too in a little time.

A good pair of shoes or slippers.

As a new dad, there are a lot of responsibilities that come up. It makes the person forgot about himself and focus all the time on the baby. Thus gifting a pair of sneakers or shoes and even slippers which are comfortable can be really a good gift as the new dad will have a comfortable pair with which he can be active all the time.

One handed beer opener or bottle opener.

Men drink freely when they are alone or single as there is no responsibility. After having a child and family the time gets divided and shifted to the baby and the family, thus the new dad would hardly get enough time to open any bottle with both hands thus single-handed bottle opener is something one would gift to a new dad as it eases the task of opening the bottle with little effort.


The Best Gifts for New Dads