11 Natural Ways to Treat Drool Rash in Babies


A drool rash though small can be worrisome for a new mom. Fortunately, the rash can be easily treated at home with the help of some home remedies. Listed below are a few home remedies to treat a drool rash naturally.

Before we talk about remedies and different ways to treat drool rash, it is important to know about how drool rash occurs. Drooling is a common side effect of teething. However, some babies drool even when not teething. Drooling refers to the constant flow of saliva from the baby’s mouth that falls over the chin, neck, and even chest. This constant presence over saliva on these areas can take the form of irritating rash, referred as drool rash, as a result of excessive saliva leading to wet skin.

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Drool Rash in Babies: 11 Natural Ways to Treat

Drool rash usually occurs around the cheeks and mouth, in neck folds, and over the chest. You cannot keep your baby from drooling but there are surely some ways and remedies that can help you treat a drool rash, if it occurs, in babies.

1. Use a Moisturizer

Use a gentle or mild moisturizer to treat drool rash naturally. It not only soothes the irritated skin, but also creates a protective layer to prevent the drool from getting worse. However, make it a point to apply just a thin layer to avoid ingestion.

2. Keep it Clean

Keeping the baby’s skin clean is the best way to treat drool rash naturally. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene helps to protect from other topical infections. However, it is recommended to use a clean and soft cloth piece to suit your baby’s skin. Use it gently to soak the drool from the skin. Do not rub the skin as it can further irritate the rash.


3. Wipe it Off

Make it a point to wipe off the drool and change the wet clothes at the earliest. Be gentle while you wipe so as to avoid the rash from getting worse. Also, it is not wise to use worn out wipes or towels to prevent the rash from getting worse.Drool Rash

4. Keep away from Skin Irritants

Make it a point to keep your child away from chemical based products as these can irritate the affected skin areas. Also, make sure to use an odor-free mild laundry detergent to wash your baby’s bed sheet, pillow covers, his bibs, clothes, and the hand towels used to dry the drools. Another suggestion is to use the same detergent to wash your clothes as well for your baby is in constant contact with you. Also try to avoid the use of lotions and crèmes that contain harsh chemicals.

5. Use Protective Lotions

After you have discussed your baby’s health issue with the doctor, it is wise to choose a protective lotion, ointment, or crème that contains lanolin, which is not harsh for the baby’s skin. However, make it a point to apply just a thin layer over the skin so that it doesn’t get into the baby’s mouth.

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6. Coconut Oil

The use of coconut oil over the skin affected with drool rash helps to serve a dual purpose. It not only acts as an effective lubricant, but also possesses anti-bacterial properties, thus reducing the chances of secondary infections.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

The use of pure Aloe Vera gel makes a popular home remedy to treat drool rash. However, it should be used on your baby’s skin only after your doctor’s permission.


8. Bathing

Make it a point to use mild and unscented baby soap or wash when bathing. Scented soaps or shampoos can increase the irritation on the rash. Also, avoid the use of baby lotion over the rash area just after the bath as the chemicals contained in these lotions can aggravate the problem. Also, make it a point to use a prescribed moisturizer or ointment over the affected areas.

9. Wash

Make it a routine to wash the drool rash area with warm water. However, prefer to make first wash in the morning. Pat dry the washed area carefully. Also, do not try to rub the washed area to prevent aggravation of redness and irritation. Another precaution is to use a soft and absorbent to washcloth to soak the drool and reduce irritation.

10. Petroleum Jelly

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the rash area. Generally, applying petroleum jelly helps the rash to resolve and also prevents future rashes.

11. Use Bibs

Use of bibs is one of the most effective ways to prevent the drool rash from getting worse, especially around the neck area. However, it is important to use bibs made from soft fabric or material to protect the baby’s chest and neck area from constant dribbles. Moreover, bibs also help to keep the baby clean and dry.

Armed with these tips you can easily treat a drool rash at home. Try them today!

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