11 Natural Ways to Protect your Child from Mosquito Bites


Mosquitoes and their bites can be a real menace to society. When they sting you, you’re left with red and itchy bumps–something that can make kids cry in pain, while scratching them. A mosquito belongs to a very hardy species which develops great resistance to chemical repellents. However, you needn’t watch your kid cringe in pain after a nasty mosquito bite. There are safe and natural means of preventing mosquito bites:

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Natural Remedies to Protect your Child from Mosquito Bites

Here are 11 natural methods of preventing mosquito bites in children:

1. Garlic

Garlic is a natural and eco-friendly veggie that can be pulsed to make a juice. Add a little salt and olive oil to keep it safe. Apply it to the various corners of your child’s room and bed every day.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is antiseptic in nature, so it can be directly rubbed on to your child’s mosquito bites to take away the itchy feeling.

3. Lemon

Cut a few lemons and place them on your window sills. The smell of lemons will drive away these pesky insects. Alternatively, try this with lemon grass for equally good effect.


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4. Honey

The anti-microbial property of honey works hard to decrease the nasty skin irritation and itchiness of a mosquito bite. So, apply it on his skin for best results.

5. Tea tree Oil

The antifungal and antibacterial nature of tea tree oil help prevent mosquitoes from biting your child and drives them away. It can be used effectively by rubbing some of it on to the skin of your child or adding a few drops of this oil to a vaporizer. By this means, the fragrance of the tea tree oil fills the air and kills all the mosquitoes in the environment.

6. Neem oil

Neem is not just a strong antibacterial substance, but also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-protozoal agent. Its natural fragrance is far too strong for mosquitoes to handle. To use neem oil for preventing mosquito bites, mix equal proportions of neem oil and coconut oil in equal portions and rub it on the exposed parts of your child’s body. This will keep him safe from mosquito bites for about eight hours.

7. Grow mosquito-repelling plants

Set up insect-repelling plants like marigold, catnip, aloe vera, citronella and garlic in your window sills and keep these insects far away from your kids. These naturally insect-repelling plants have a strong and unpleasant odour that will send mosquitoes flying far away from your home.

mosquito bite prevention for kids


8. Camphor

Camphor is extracted from a tree and is legendary for repelling mosquitoes and other insects. To use it to prevent mosquitoes from biting your child, light camphor in his bedroom and close all the doors and windows. Let it remain for the next 20 minutes or more and move into an area of no mosquitoes.

9. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil isn’t only sweet-smelling but it is also excellent in repelling mosquitoes from your little one. It is present in a variety of products like soaps, lotions, gels and sprays that can be applied topically. When mixed with essential oils, it works better and faster.

Since lavender is a very safe and popular essential oil, its ability to repel mosquitoes is excellent. It can be used on kids at bedtime, when the sweet fragrance of this oil gives instant relief when applied on mosquito bites. It also helps send away these insects far away from children. but it is also effective in warding off these insects.

10. Citronella Oil

Citronella grass gives off an essential oil, citronella oil. It is extremely efficient as a mosquito repellent and can be safely used on children. Apply citronella oil on your child’s body for safety from mosquito bites. It is so safe that people prefer to use this oil rather than any chemical products. You can either infuse the oil in a candle or put it in a vaporizer to keep you free from bites and even help you kill mosquitoes.

11. Soy­bean Oil

Soy­bean oil is a vegetable oil extract from the soy-bean seeds. It has amazing properties of repelling mosquitoes.


You can keep your child safe from mosquitoes with a little knowledge and preventive measures for saving your child from bites. After using any of these measures, if your child has a fever or skin swelling, see your doctor immediately.