11 Natural Cures for Habitual Abortion


All of us are familiar with the term abortion. However, many of us are not aware of the medical term “habitual abortion”. Also called as spontaneous abortion in layman language, it is the most discouraging medical condition for every woman who suffers from it. Habitual abortion refers to 3 or more pregnancy losses consecutively before 20 weeks of gestation.

This heterozygous condition has several causes mainly being immunological, genetic, uterine, infectious diseases, endocrine, thrombophilic, metabolic, and environmental. Nearly 1 to 2% of the women suffer from habitual abortion, without being aware of it.

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Natural Cures for Habitual Abortion

Natural remedies are a great way to support the body and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Although there is no guarantee to stop or cure habitual abortion, there are a few remedies to decrease the chances of it. Listed below are some of them.

1} Fertility cleansing

Although easier said than done, the first remedy to reduce the chances of habitual abortion, is to prepare for conception of pregnancy. This can be done with fertility cleansing. Fertility cleansing helps cleanse and eliminate toxins and excess hormones from the body. It also encourages the uterus to remove residues thereby increasing uterine circulation.

2} Balanced nutritious fertility diet

One of the best natural cures for habitual abortion is eating a balanced nutritious fertility diet that help maintain a baby friendly body. Building nutrient storage for the developing baby, maintaining a healthy reproductive system, and creating a right hormonal balance helps reduce the incidences of habitual abortion.


Habitual Abortion

3} Fertility abdominal massage

Due to the stressful lives we lead, we end up sitting at the desk all day, with limited exercise. This decreases circulation to the uterus and does not promote a healthy conception in many women. A very important aspect to promote healthy conception and reduce abortion is fertility massages. Massages around the abdominal area improves circulation in the uterus. Also it is recommended to avoid sitting with legs crossed, as the uterus and left leg share the same artery. There are several massage centres that specialise in fertility massages.

4} Healthy foundation

One of the fundamental steps to reduce habitual abortion and promote a healthy pregnancy is to build a healthy foundation. Basic minerals and vitamins are necessary for healthy ovulation and hormonal balance. Multivitamins and omega-3 supplements are recommended to take before conception and after conception. A combination of B-vitamins and folate helps reduce homocysteine levels and prevent habitual abortion in pregnant women.

5} Herbs and supplements

Often miscarriages or abortion happens due to stress, poor diet, weak uterine muscles, trauma, depression, hormonal imbalances or low progesterone. Herbs and supplements help nourish a nutrient depleted body and makes the uterus strong for conception. If you are experiencing several instances of habitual abortion, you can contact your doctor or mid-wife for these herbs and supplement therapy.

6} Systemic Enzyme therapy

For habitual abortion occurring due to blood clotting or immunological responses, the systemic enzyme therapy is a good option. Systemic enzyme supplements are given to the woman before and after conception. These work anti to the immunological agents and help protect the pregnancy until the end of term.

7} Progesterone

One of the common causes of recurrent or habitual abortion is low progesterone levels. Progesterone is very essential to create a healthy uterine lining and maintain the pregnancy. Commonly called as the pregnancy hormone, it reduces immune responses to own cells and reduces blood clots in order to protect the baby. If you are diagnosed with low progesterone levels, your doctor may suggest you to start taking progesterone supplements to maintain the pregnancy.


8} Oat flowers

Most of us are aware of the healthy benefits of oats. But did you know that the milky tops of the oat plant is equally nourishing. These milky tops are nothing but oar flowers that nourish the central nervous system and counteracts stress related fertility issues.

9} Patridgeberry

Very few are aware of this natural tonic that helps reduce incidences of habitual abortion. This natural extract helps strengthen weak uterine muscles and has been used in traditional medicine to prevent miscarriages. Patridgeberry also helps reduce cramps, spasms and blood clots in first trimester of pregnancy.

10} Cramp Bark

Cramp bark is used since ancient times to prevent recurrent abortions. This wonderful herb helps reduce spasms of ovaries and uterine muscles. It also relieves uterine irritation and relaxes the muscles. This combination action helps prevent habitual abortion.

11} Black Haw

Black haw is an ancient herb used by many people to get relief from menstrual pain. Another benefit of Black Haw is that it prevents recurrent miscarriages.  Black haw helps stop uterine contractions, nervous tension, and bleeding in early pregnancy.

Pregnant women with a history of habitual abortion must take all necessary precautions to prevent miscarriage. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime will keep the mother healthy and allow her to retain a healthy pregnancy till the end. The above mentioned remedies are considered to be the best natural cures for habitual abortion.