11 Must Know Tips to Prevent Birth Defects During Pregnancy


Happiness knows no bound when you get confirmed on your pregnancy. Giving birth to new life is an eternal feeling and you go all miles to get that experience. The journey of 9 months within the womb is not as easy as it looks. There could be many roadblocks and you need to tackle them to have a safe birth. These roadblocks are nothing but ignorant activities that you as parents would do during the pregnancy phase. Safety should be the priority and below are some of the tips to prevent birth defects during pregnancy.

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1. Know the right time

Exactly, knowing the right time is crucial for your baby’s birth. Thus, when you plan to have a family, introduce folic acid supplements. Folic acid supplement is Vitamin B and should have been included in the routine at least 3 months prior to conception. These supplements prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy and avoids defects in spine and brain of the baby.

2. Choose Your mid-wife wisely

Pregnancy and its journey of 36-40 weeks is a crucial phase in a woman’s life. The special guidance and care from your mid-wife is extremely crucial. Choosing wisely, the one, is necessary as they are specialized in that area. You should be comfortable throughout the journey to ensure a smooth child birth. With the body changing and the life growing inside on daily basis will require a special attention. Go wherever you feel comfortable and safe.

prevent birth defects

3. Aim an Ideal Weight

Maintaining an ideal weight before getting pregnant will again save you from severe complications. Congenital heart diseases and other birth defects are likely to have higher chances of occurring. Pregnancy will also add weight on the body and the excess weight will prevent you from daily activities swiftly.


4. Exercise

Starting to exercise before pregnancy and during pregnancy will help in several ways. Exercise will keep the body fit and healthy. This will ensure proper circulation of blood to the brain and help you get a sound sleep. The events are crucial for a healthy child birth.

5. Increase your knowledge

Getting pregnant gives you immense joy. However, this phase of life is something that you will remember for life, but, knowledge on this phase is also important. Knowing how to refer to the changes happening in your body will keep you updated and prepare you to deal with the change. There are immense body changes that would take place and you should know about it. Internet is the basic source of information.

6. Say No to alcohol and cigarettes

The moment you decide to get pregnant or are pregnant should say no to alcohol and tobacco. These two things are a strict “NO” and is sure to create pregnancy problems and lead to severe birth defects. Not even occasional drinking is allowed during pregnancy. The body takes forever to flush the toxins out of the body and the same can affect severely to the fetus.

7. Stop Unnecessary Medicine

Pregnancy phase is a phase where there will be a series of medicines being put on you. So, this should automatically cut down on other medications that you have been put one. Have a word with you doctor and get the best solution out. Too many medicines will interfere with each other’s function and there will be no result.

8. Stay away from infections

During pregnancy, staying away form infections is also crucial that would matter! You being away from various infections like, cold, flu, influenza will save the little one inside to contact any of the above. This adds an additional pressure to the body to look after the growing one and the host.

9. Break from Regular Chores

Your home is dear to you and everyone knows it! However, continuing to do the regular chores can cause birth defects in your child. The exposure to cleaning chemicals like phenyl, Dettol, dust etc. will pull your body down and cause severe damage. Hire a help and safeguard the unborn.


10. Maintain the diet

Well, a heathy diet is essential for the fetus growing inside the womb. Including fish and meat in the diet will supply your body with extra nutrients that can boost up the little one’s growth. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish is a wonder nutrient for excellent growth and development.

11. Get Yourself Tested

Getting yourself tested for many disease like STD’s, HIV etc. is mandatory as the same can get passed onto the womb. The same after birth will show up as neurological disorders in the little one.

While each pregnancy is different and the journey is completely unique, one can always follow the above tips to have the phase pass smoothly. Birth defects are at times beyond control and one cannot do anything to avoid it. However, the above tips will reduce the chances of any such mishap!