15 Creative Mother’s Day DIY Card Ideas


No matter how much thought you put into a gift for your mom, no mother’s day present is complete without a card. What a mother really want is appreciation and the best way to do is with a heartfelt note. A simple “thank you” or “I love you” is a good place to start.

One of the most beautiful ways to congratulate the mother on her day is by means of a card. Although it is a classic, for the design of the card you can always resort to creative and original ideas, and make them in a homemade way with the children. There are multiple options for the little ones to make Mother’s Day cards at home, easily and with very little money.

15 Cute and Creative Mother’s Day DIY Card Ideas

A card to congratulate and express good wishes is a classic for any tribute. But, despite that, it is always of great merit and, with some creativity and imagination, original results can be achieved. In addition, in the case of Mother’s Day, a gift made by children with their own hands acquires much more value. Below are ideas for making cards at home for Mother’s Day, in the shape of a purse, heart, with buttons or muffin paper, with flowers, scratch and win, and even in the form of an Internet search engine.

mother's day diy card ideas

Here are 14 happy mother’s day DIY card ideas that you can make to congratulate your mother on this mother’s day.

1. Bag-shaped card

The making of a bag-shaped card seems more difficult than it really is. You have to take a card, fold it and cut it to give it a bag shape. Then it is decorated with drawings, paintings, small objects (like pebbles, buttons, etc.) or whatever you prefer. The interior is free to write a congratulatory message.


bag shaped card

2. Card with flowers

This is a simple but very attractive concept: a card composed of a flower folded twice, like a triptych, so that the front is like a double-leaf door. The stem of the flowers is behind that “door”, but the flowers protrude from the top. You can also tie both leaves of the door through a small cord, which adds beauty to the whole, and include a message for the mother inside the card.

card with flowers

3. Scratch card

This is also very original and simple to do with children: a scratch card so that the message of congratulation for the mother is hidden and she herself has to find it. You have to write the message on the card and then cover the cardboard with transparent adhesive plastic. A mixture of paint, liquid soap, and glitter will be placed on this plastic. It is allowed to dry and the card will be ready for the mother to scratch with any coin.

scratch card

4. A card in the form of an Internet search engine

This card is very simple and, without a doubt, original. It is proposed to make a card of the simplest form, that is, folding it into two equal parts, in such a way that there is a cover and an interior part. The original is what has to be stuck on the cover: you have to access the homepage of a search engine, such as Google, and write in the search box “the best mom in the world.” Inside, the card can include a photo of the mother or a phrase.


5. Heart card

After trimming and folding properly, you can make a card in three dimensions, in the shape of the heart, which can be decorated and completed with a congratulatory message inside.

heart card

6. Cards decorated with buttons or muffin paper

To make cards, it is allowed to use all kinds of resources. Finding new applications for everyday objects is a challenge, but it also brings a lot of originality. You can use buttons and muffin paper and design any suitable thing with them. You can make a flower made with a muffin paper container or you can make a heart with buttons.

button card

7. Tomatoes Cards

Yeah, you heard it right. But don’t go deep with the name. Just make a simple card with a picture of tomatoes and put a short line- I Love You Mom from my head to-ma-toes. Got it right! Simple and easy it is.

tomatoes card


8. Noodle cards

Again a simple and easy one. Just make a sun with its rays on the front and write some lovely quotes for your mom. Make sure that you make the sun with a sketch and its rays with the help of noodles.

noodle card

9. Periodic table mothers day card

If your mom is a teacher, then she will surely love this one. You can make the card with the help of symbols.

Mo- Molybdenum

Th- Thorium

Er- Erbium


periodic table card

10. Google Search Engine mothers day card

As mentioned above, here is yet another one similar to it. Just make the logo of google and put a search bar below it. Type World’s best mom in the search bar and show just one result found. Write about your mom in it. She will love it for sure.

11. 10 things I love about you

Just jot down the 10 best qualities of your mom (to no doubt there are more) on the card and decorate it in your own possible way. You can make 10 hearts and write one quality in each of them or any other design that your mom will love to see.

10 things I love about you

12. Mom, you are one in a melon

This one again is a simple yet impressive one that can make your mom’s heart melt. Make 2-3 melons and above it write the quote as- Mom, you are one in a melon. This can bring a smile on her face. What else needed.

one in a melon card


13. Queen of the day

Just make a simple crown and color it. Take a picture of your mom and put that crown on her picture. Simple and lovable. You can also write some good quotes that suit the scene most.

14. I Loaf you, you butter believe it

You might have got the idea in your mind from the name itself. Make a loaf of bread with butter and write the quote as-  I Loaf you, you butter believe it. Simple and funny and your mom will love it.

I loaf you

Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner, be ready to experiment with something new and make yourself a DIY card for your mom and express your love to her. No matter whether you are an expert in crafts or just a beginner, above mentioned ideas, are easy and simple and you can make them easily. Do show your own extra skills while making the card.

15. Embroidered Card:

Use embroidery floss to stitch a simple design or message onto a piece of cardstock. You can create flowers, hearts, or other motifs. Embellish the design with beads or sequins for added texture and sparkle.

embroidered card for mom




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