Mommy and Me Yoga: 11 Moves to Try


Yoga is the best way to make life healthy and positive. After the child is born the mother usually encounters some hormonal changes, negative thoughts, and anxiety. Sometimes the mother can also gain weight, which is very unhealthy and not appropriate for the mother’s age. Yoga is a very healthy and most favorable way to deal with life after you give birth to your child.

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Benefits of Postpartum Yoga for Mothers
Benefits of Yoga for Babies
What is Postnatal Mommy and Me Yoga and How is it Structured?
When Can You Start?
Top 11 Moves to Try

Benefits of Postpartum Yoga for Mothers

Postpartum is the stage that begins just after the baby is born. It is the stage when the mother’s body starts coming back to a normal or non-pregnant position. Benefits of postpartum yoga are:

  • The most important benefit of postpartum yoga is that it helps the mother to get back in shape.
  • It is a healthy beginning for the mother and child.
  • Postpartum yoga helps to build a beautiful and healthy relationship between the mother and child.
  • It helps in making a beautiful bond spiritually and physically with the child.
  • It reduces the level of anxiety and negative thoughts
  • You will feel more active than ever.
  • It can be a healthy start for the day.

yoga for mommy and the kids


Benefits of Yoga for Babies

Babies are sensitive. Sometimes it might not be possible for you to take care of what your baby is eating and what all physical activities he/she is doing? Thus, through yoga, you can help in balancing and maintaining your baby’s’ health. Postnatal yoga can help the baby to be very healthy. Here are the benefits of yoga for babies:

  • Postpartum yoga with the mother can help the baby to be healthy.
  • It will also help the baby to be active.
  • It will keep the baby away from being dull and low on activity.
  • The baby will have the habit of moving and this will increase the overall activity.
  • This will also help in balancing the movement and overall activity of the baby throughout the day.
  • Most importantly the postpartum yoga will help the mother and child to make an amazing bond with each other.

What is Postnatal Mommy and Me Yoga and How is it Structured?

Postnatal mommy and me yoga is the yoga sessions that the mother does with her child after the child is born. It is done usually during the postnatal stage that is after the pregnancy, and when the child is born. Postnatal mommy and me yoga is very interesting as it is structured in a very cute way. In this yoga, the mother and child do it together and in all the poses the child is with his/her mommy. It can be in any way, either the child is in the hands, in the lap, on the back, on the shoulder, up or down and even adjacent. It’s a fun and cute yoga session which also creates a never breaking bonding between the mother and child.

When Can You Start?

It depends on the mother. The process through which your child is born is very important to know when can you start postpartum yoga. One can start it soon if it’s a vaginal birth and a bit later when it’s a cesarean birth. It’s important to consult with your doctor before starting yoga. There might be some complications, dangers or risks if you do a certain yoga pose. Thus, to avoid any problems, complications, risks and for doing it tension freely one must consult a doctor and think and include every possibility related to postpartum yoga.


Top 11 Moves to Try

Cow and Cat Pose

This pose is a fun pose. In this, the mother has to be on her hand and knees or one can say on all fours. The mother can be presumed as a cow and the baby as the cat. The mother has to stretch her back outwards from her body and then bring the spine back to normal. Make sure that the child is also on his/her hands and knees. Make silly faces whenever you see your baby and when you come back to the normal position or we can say when you bring your spine in and relax. This pose can be very beneficial in reducing back pain.

Knee Plank Push-Ups and Kisses

This pose is the same as the cow and cat pose. There is one difference slowly move down and keep your back and chest a few inches away from the floor. Keep your toes slightly fixed at on place and while bending your shoulders, elbows and arms try to push yourself a bit downward. While you come down to try your to kiss your baby on the forehead or the nose. Do this posture again and again and it will be very beneficial for you and your baby and it will help relieve back pain.

The Tree Pose

This pose that is known as the tree pose can be really funny but exciting at the same time. In this pose, you have to stand on the left leg and fold your right leg and keep it resting on the thighs of the left leg. Take your baby by both the hands and keep him holding while standing on one leg. Keep in mind that you change the sides often. This is important for the mother as this pose will help in opening and making the hips back in shape. This is a cute exercise and your baby will laugh and enjoy while you both do this together.

The Boat Pose

This pose is quite funny and exciting. In this, the mother has to sit with her legs forward. She has to sit on the floor with a mat. The baby should be kept on the belly of the mother. The mother has to keep both the knees folded and then raise her legs together. In this exercise, the calf muscles will strengthen and the baby will enjoy the ride of a boat.

The Downward Dog Pose

This poses the baby and mother to enjoy the most. The process through which this pose is done is as follows; keep the baby on the floor on his back, with your hands and knees on the ground and your face towards the baby lift your knee and take your heels as far as possible. This pose will help in maintaining a good shape of the legs and keep the tummy fat away. This pose is quite enjoyable for the baby. The baby laughs a lot, this is because every time the baby’s face comes near the face of the mother the baby starts to laugh and is happy.


The Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is the easiest and the babies love to copy it. Keep your baby on the ground in front of you. His chest should face the floor. The mother has to lie on the floor with her chest facing the floor. After both of you lie now put your hands below your shoulder and then try to lift your chest with the strength of your hands. Do this until your arms are straight. The baby would also copy you. This pose is very helpful for treating back pain and keeping the body flexible. This pose is really important for the baby’s cognitive development. This is because of the fact that the baby tries to mimic the mother and tries to learn through observational learning.

The Savasana

This pose looks quite lazy but is really relaxing. It helps in smoothening the mind and gives the body rest. This pose can be performed very easily with your baby. The best part about this pose is that it doesn’t require flexibility. The savasana pose is the easiest and the best pose as it requires zero labor and no twisting and turning. This pose can be performed by lying on the floor straight. After the mother lies on the floor she can now place her baby. The baby should be placed above your belly. Keep the babies back low and keep his/her head near your heart. This pose is very helpful for relaxation. After your baby and you get into a pose just be there in that pose for a couple of minutes and continue relaxing for a while. The baby will feel loved and you relaxed.

The Super Baby Pose

This pose is really interesting and requires the equal participation of both the mother and child. In this pose, the mother has to lie ob her back and fold her knees while keeping her heels high. The baby has to sit on the mother’s heels and legs while she stretches and relaxes her knees and the body. This pose requires some flexibility but is good for maintaining the thighs and keeping them fat-free. The baby will definitely enjoy the whole experience of this pose. This is because of the fact that this pose gives the baby an adrenaline rush. The baby is lifted above and gets excited. This feels more like a game than a pose for the baby.

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is a bit tough but exciting for the baby. Babies love when they are lifted or snuggled. In this pose, you have to lie on your back. Keep your feet pressed on the ground and lift your thighs hips and the back while pressing on your feet. While doing this make sure that your baby is sitting on your hips and thighs. This pose will help the mother to avoid thigh fat. This pose will also make the calves stronger and the legs more strengthened. While you do all the strength training your baby will enjoy the lifts!.

The Legs Up the Wall Pose

The pose is really by interesting and your baby would love doing this. It requires patience and helps in building strength. Lie on the floor and make sure you lie on that side where the wall is nearest. Now keep your legs on the wall adjacent to the floor. Keep your baby above your belly. Stay there for up to eight to twelve minutes. Well, that’s possible only if your baby lets you stay there for this amount of time. To keep your baby stable and in one place try to make funny faces and irritate and tease your baby to get his attention in one place.

The Goddess Pose

This pose looks a bit funny but is really interesting to perform. Stand on the floor with your feet up to three feet apart and keep the toes pointed out in the same direction as your knees. After you stand like this make sure you hold your baby while you stand in the desired poise. You should hold your baby by clutching him on his chest from one hand and clutching on his hips with the other hand. This will help you to maintain the grip and make sure that the baby doesn’t fall! Keep yourself in the goddess pose or about five to ten minutes. Make sure that you clutch and snuggle with your baby properly. There are chances that he might fall while you maintain the balance. Though this is unlikely to happen, for the worst-case scenario make sure that you have a good grip of the baby.


The poses mentioned above are very beneficial for the health of both the mother and the child. All the poses mentioned above are easy to do and have a good impact. The poses also help in creating a relationship with both the mother and baby. The postpartum you with the baby helps to create a strong bonding with the mother and child. The postpartum yoga helps to keep the life of the baby disciplined at the beginning itself. This can also help in maintaining a perfect plan and schedule of the tasks that the baby has to do. The mother and baby will have a perfect time of the day where they meet and do all the exercises and fitness things.