11 Natural Alternatives to Miralax to Cure Constipation in Kids


Kids tend to have many problems related to eating, as their appetites are still forming and they are not mature enough to determine which foods in what quantity are good for them. This leads to a number of digestion issues, which also includes constipation. There are a number of medicines available to treat constipation, out of which Miralax is one. While Miralax is effective, it is a strong medication with numerous side effects. So many parents try to find alternatives to Miralax in order to cure constipation in their kids. In this article, we will discuss 11 natural alternatives to Miralax to cure constipation in kids.

11 Must-Know Alternatives to Miralax for Treating Constipation in Kids

Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is one of the quickest and most effective ways to have a bowel movement. Magnesium is the fifth commonest mineral in a human being’s body and many kids are deficient in this. Magnesium Citrate isn’t totally absorbed by the body so it works quickly to provide a movement. The body basically poops out the magnesium citrate that it can’t absorb. Make sure you activate the Calm by adding hot water. Then you’ll add ice, make a slushee, add it to juice, etc and then give it to your kid. Magnesium citrate is what was prescribed for constipation and cleanouts prior to Miralax being invented, so it is definitely a safe option.

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Ex-Lax Chocolate Squares

Ex-lax chocolate squares are made with Senna, which causes the intestines to contract. This product works well if your kid is struggling to push out the stool. But it can even cause cramping, so that is something to remember if your kid gets cramping after taking it. It also has sugar and dairy in it, so if your kid is avoiding those things, this won’t be the simplest option for them.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink

Homemade electrolyte drink is used for constipation. You can use this recipe for a natural and safe electrolyte drink made for your kid.

Organic Grape Juice

This juice can work for some kids. If your kid has got fructose intolerance then the juice isn’t an excellent choice, otherwise the juice will help your kid go.


Buffered Vitamin C

When you get too much Vitamin C your body expels the excess similar to how it does with Magnesium. You can mix this with water or mix it with a little bit of water and then mix that in with your favorite juice and give it to your kid.


Being dehydrated can cause constipation. If your kid doesn’t like drinking water, you can make them drink water in unique ways. You can make infused lemon or fruit water in a glass. Even ice pops made with organic juice or homemade lemonade counts. Of course, nothing with caffeine counts towards your kid’s water intake and sodas do not count at all.


Enema can really help when there is large, hard stool in the colon. It is never fun to have to do an enema but it can break up the stool and make it easier to pass. If your kid is impacted, then a top-down bottom-up approach will be really helpful.

Glycerin Suppositories

This works similarly to an enema, but use glycerin to lubricate the poop to help it come out without causing pain. They aren’t going to go as deep so might be easier for you to do, but they also won’t break up a large hard stool as well as an enema.

Restore ( Supplement)

This isn’t usually a short-term fix for constipation but a long-term solution to heal the gut. This can be magical for kids with Crohn’s and kids who have struggled with constipation and gut issues from birth.

Milk of Magnesia

This can help in the short term. Be careful to read all ingredients as many versions contain hypochlorite which is essentially bleach and should be avoided at all costs. Milk of Magnesia is also an antacid and we need acid in our stomach to digest food properly.


Eliminating Dairy

This can be a hard thing to imagine doing, but dairy causes a lot of constipation issues for many people. If your kids drink cow’s milk there are lots of non-dairy milk alternatives at just about every grocery store. Make sure to get one without carrageenan as it can cause gastrointestinal issues. Almond, cashew, coconut milk and hemp milk are all good alternatives. Try to avoid soy as it can have an estrogenic effect and may contribute to hormone issues in your kids.

Therefore, to conclude, these alternatives will help your kids overcome constipation. But if the problem persists, then go to a doctor.