Microblading While Pregnant -Is it Safe?


Microblading is a form of tattooing and needs great precautions. If you are pregnant and you want your eyebrows to be micro bladed, read on to learn if you should do it, is it safe or you should wait until the pregnancy ends. Opinions regarding this vary greatly and also experts label microblading while pregnant a huge NO GO !

During pregnancy, mothers and in fact every woman wants to look nice all the time. This may include to have your hair done, continue waxing, to have flawless skin and makeup.  Makeup is one of those things that enhances our features and improves our appearance. However, eyebrows are the essential part of our face that naturally complements our look and so it should always be in consideration while doing makeup.

Microblading is one such technique that enhances the look. This technique has been on a steady rise these days and the results are also fantastic when it is done correctly, giving a very flawless and natural look.

Things to Know About Microblading While Pregnant

microblading while pregnant

Here are the following reasons for not recommending it during pregnancy:

Higher risk of infection

  • During pregnancy, the body goes through various changes hence there is an increased risk of infection while doing this procedure. Most of the salons can’t maintain cleanliness and hygiene. So this may increase the risk of infection as well as picking up some other possible diseases like HIV and hepatitis b.
  • During pregnancy healing is also prolonged as the body is highly vascularized. So this is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure risking the life of both mother and baby. So, experts advice to use an eyebrow pencil during pregnancy.

Hormones are altered during pregnancy

  • There occurs many changes in our body during pregnancy and one such major change is the hormonal changes. Hormones regulate many of our bodily functions and there occur drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Due to improved vascularization during pregnancy due to high estrogen levels so during pregnancy women might tend to bleed more during the microblading procedure. So this is also the reason for not recommending it while pregnant.
  • Bleeding can affect the final result because excessive bleeding can dilute the pigment and thus less pigment will be absorbed and so there are chances that you have to get the process done again and since it’s not a cheap procedure, it is better to do it after the pregnancy ends to minimize the chances of it not working.
  • Hormone changes can also cause skin colour to change and can hinder the procedure of microblading. During pregnancy, some women experience hyperpigmentation and discoloration. So there may appear the wrong choice of colors and may affect the final result.
  • After the pregnancy ends, hormone levels will be back to normal and so does the skin tone. So the colour chosen might prove to be the wrong choice as it may be inadequate for the women’s normal skin tone.

During pregnancy, there will be swelling on face and there might be bloating present due to fluid retention. Because of this reason, microblading procedure has its worst outcome to have the shape done wrong. Once the swelling goes, the permanent makeup could change its shape.


Safety for the  baby

The safety is questionable and that’s the reason why microblading while pregnant is a no-go.

  • Some chemicals used during the procedure of microblading might not be safe for the baby.
  • During microblading, anaesthetics are being used that are unsafe during pregnancy.
  • Some anesthetic contains epinephrine that may have harmful effects on the fetus such as fetal tachycardia, cardiac anomalies, and increased heart sounds. Certain substances present in the pigments that are being used during the procedure are also unsafe during pregnancy.
  • The pigments used are natural pigments but they contain chemicals like iron oxide and nickel in trace amount which might not be harmful to an adult human being but they are toxic for the growing fetus.

Ways to reduce risk

As said earlier, the experts won’t recommend undergoing microblading while pregnant. But, if you still want to go through with the procedure, there are few things which need to be kept in mind while undergoing microblading procedure.

  • Select reputed places which have high standards of hygiene.
  • Check whether the professional is a registered practitioner.
  • Ask them to follow safety measures like wearing gloves and sterilizing the instruments before using.

So if you want to be safe and also want your baby to be safe and healthy, opt not to microblade while pregnant.

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