51 Mexican Baby Girl Names for Your Princess


If you inspired by Mexican culture and looking for some beautiful names for your baby girl, here are 51 unique and beautiful Mexican baby girl names for you.

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Unique and Beautiful Mexican Girl Names

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It is the Latin version of the name Mary, which comes from the Hebrew word Miryam. While some believe it means a sea of bitterness or a sea of sorrow, others feel it means the one who is a wished-for child and is a mistress of the sea. Maria Sharapova is a Russian tennis player who ranks very high in international tennis rankings.


Elena in Spanish means one who is like a bright and shining light and will gain fame and popularity. It is another variation of the name Helen in Greek. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym used by a popular Italian novelist.

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The beautiful name is the Latin variation of the name Rose and stands for the flower. African American Rosa Parks is also referred to as the ‘First Lady of Civil Rights’ by the United States Congress for her role in the civil rights movement. Rosa Mendes is a Canadian wrestler.


The name is a combination of two different names – rose, which is a flower, and Mary. Unlike the meaning of rose, which is usually sweet, Rosamaria means the one who is bitter.


The name comes from the Spanish culture, but the ‘j’ in the name is silent, making the pronunciation Aley-haan-dra. It is a Spanish variation of Alexandria, which is a feminine variation of Alexander. It means the brave and fearless and protector of mankind.

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Being the feminine version of the name Gabriel, it comes from the Hebrew word Gavhriel, which refers to the phrase ‘God is my strength.’ The name is widely used in various cultures, such as Portuguese, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish. Gabriela Sabatini is a former Argentinian tennis player who ranked high in world ratings.


The name is the Latin variation of the name Margaret. While it means pearl in Latin, in Spanish it means the daisy flower.



It stands for a gift from God and belongs to Hebrew. It is also the feminine variation of the name Juan, which is the Spanish equivalent of the name John. Juana refers to the phrase ‘God is gracious.’


It another variation of the name Letitia. It stands for one who is full of happiness and joy. During the Middle Ages, the name was also used in England as Lettice. Leticia Dolera is a Spanish actress.

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This beautiful name is a feminine version of the male name Joseph. It comes from Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish origins and means ‘God shall add’.


The name that was made eternally popular in the Archie Comic series is originally a Latin form of the name Berenice. The name is a combination of two different words – verus, which means true, and iconicus, which means belonging to an image, and thus stands for true image. It also means the one who will bring in victory. The name is extremely popular in various cultures, such as Romanian, Italian, English, Mexican, and Portuguese. Veronica Roth is the much-loved author of the Young Adult trilogy Divergent.


The name comes from the land of Greece and is derived from the Hebrew word Elisheba. It means the oath of God, and ‘God is satisfaction’. Elizabeth Arden was the Canadian origin American entrepreneur who founded the cosmetic empire known by the same name.


Maria de Jesus

The royal sounding name comes from the Portuguese culture. It is a culmination of two different words, Maria and Jesus. The name means the one who will watch over mankind and discover the world.

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The name that comes from the Spanish culture is another variation of the name Theresa. It is widely used in various cultures, such as the German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, English, Italian, Polish, Swedish, and Finnish. The name means the one who reaps. Mother Teresa is the internationally loved and renowned humanitarian who is known for her compassionate work with the underprivileged and destitute.


Coming from Latin, the name means one who is from the woods. It is widely popular in the English, German, Portuguese, Slovak, as well as Spanish cultures. Silvia Colloca and Silvia Rossi are both Italian actresses.


This is the Spanish version of Elizabeth. It was and still remains the most popular name amongst royalty, with Queen Elizabeth II being the current Queen of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The name refers to the phrases ‘my God is bountiful’, ‘God’s promise’, and ‘devoted to God.’


Francisca is the feminine version of the male name Francis, and comes from Spanish and Portuguese cultures. It means liberated and free. It was also used to refer to someone who belonged to France. Francisca Valenzuela is a Chilean origin American singer.



The beautiful name has a lilting tone to it and refers to the color violet. It is a more modern version of the medieval French name Yolande. This was derived from the name Violante, the Latin variation of viola, meaning violet.


It comes from the Aramaic name marta, which meant a lady or mistress. It is also a biblical name and is widely popular in various cultures such as Swedish, Norwegian, Latin, Greek, German, and English. Martha Stewart, an American entrepreneur and social personality is one of the most well-known persons to share the name.


This Mexican baby girl name was derived from the Latin word Hadrianus, which means dark. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian actress while Adriana Grande is an American singer.


This unique name comes from a combination of two different words – altar and sky. It means an altar to heaven.


As is very obvious from the name, Gloria means one who brings glory. It originated from Latin and appeared as a character name in George Bernard Shaw’s work ‘You Never Can Tell’. Gloria Estefan is a Cuban American singer and actress.


It is an Italian variation of the name Louisa, which means a renowned warrior. Luisa Moraes is a Brazilian actress while Luisa Lopilato is an Argentinian actress.



Guadalupe is a Spanish name that has become so common in Mexico that around 800,000 people were registered under this name in the Mexican National People Registry database between 1930 and 2008. The name means ‘river of the wolf’ in Arabic. It represents ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’, who is believed to the apparition of Virgin Mary in the Americas.


Coming from the Greek lands, it means the one who is a native of Delphi. Delfina is the Spanish variation of Delphina. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has named his daughter Delfina.


It is a name that originated in the Basque culture and means the one who is loved dearly. Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress.


This cute Mexican girl name is the shorter version of the name Alexander or Alexandria. Alexa Davalos is an American actress.


The name comes as a derivation from the Latin word Luna which means the moon. According to the Roman mythology, Luna was the moon Goddess.


A name from Latin culture, it is derivation from the word mirandus, which means admired. The name also prominently features in Shakespeare’s work ‘The Tempest’. Miranda Kerr is an Australian model while Miranda Cosgrove is an American singer and actress.



This pretty name is a feminine variation of the masculine Paul. It is American in origin and means small. Paulina Gaitan is a Mexican actress.


The name is often considered a shorter version of Anastasia or Anna. It is thought to be the Spanish form of Anne, Hebrew for grace. Ana Ivanovic is a Serbian tennis player.


The pretty angelic name comes from the Italian culture and is thought to be another form of the Greek word Angela. It means one who is like an angel. The name is also popular for American actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie.


Just as the name suggests, Violeta refers to the color violet. It is popularly used in cultures such as Mexican, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. Violeta Parra was a Chilean artist and performer.


This pretty Latin name means the one who has brown hair. Morena Baccarin is a Brazilian American actress.


This is a variation of the name Jasmine, which comes from the Persian word yasamin. It refers to the jasmine flower. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the daughter of the Prince of Monaco.



The name has its origins in the Greek, Latin as well as French cultures, and means black. Melanie Laurent is a French actress, Melanie Ynskey is an actress from New Zealand, and Melanie Griffith is an American actress.


Considered as a feminine version of the male name Michael, it comes from the Spanish and Portuguese culture. The name means ‘who is like God’. Micaela Ramazzotti is an Italian actress.


The name comes from the German language and is a feminine version of the name Carl. It means little and feminine.


It is the feminine version of the masculine name Paul, meaning small. British author Paula Hawkins got instant fame for her much-acclaimed novel The Girl On The Train.


The Latin version of the name Carolus means the one who is strong. Carolina Marin is a Spanish badminton player and amongst the top players in the world.


As the name suggests, it is a combination of two different names, Maria, which is a form of the Mother Mary, and Angel.



It is believed to be based on the names Oliver, or Olive, which is a Latin word for olive. The name was first used in a literary context by William Shakespeare in his work ‘Twelfth Night’.


While its origins are unknown, the name means as strong as a mountain. Aitana Sanchez Gijon is a Spanish actress.


Coming from German, it means graceful and ready to go to battle. Luana Piovani is a Brazil actress.


It is a Spanish name which is thought to be a shorter version of Dolores. Lola means sorrow. Lola Forner is a Spanish actress.


It is a derivation from the Spanish word milagro, which means miracle.


This beautiful Arabic name means to abstain. Fatima Bhutto is a poet and writer from Pakistan.



It is a shorter variation of the name Candelaria and means candle.


The Hebrew name is a feminine version of Ivan and means a gift from God.


The feminine version of the name Fabiano comes from the Italian culture. It means a beans farmer. Fabiana Baiana is a Brazilian footballer.


This unique name comes from Italy and stands for like a flower. Fiorella Mattheis is a Brazilian actress.


Most kids know Fiona as the female protagonist from the very popular movie series Shrek. The name is of Gaelic origin and means fair.


It is a Swedish name which means the one who comes from the tower or the woman who is from Magdalene.



It is the feminine version of Paolo or Paul and means small.


No one popularized the name as much as Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales and the first wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales. The name, which means divine or heavenly, has Indo-European roots.


The English name means one who is from the woods of 5th royal forest.


Used mainly in the Spanish and English-speaking cultures, it means the season of spring. It was also used as a surname.


The name is especially popular in Mexico and means from nobility.