9 Home Remedies for Meningitis in Children


Soybean milk, ginseng herb, neutral immersion bath, garlic, chlorella, cold packs and taking lot of liquids are best home remedies for meningitis in children.

All of the most important organs in the human body are protected by membranes. These are present to provide much-needed protection to not only organs that are crucial to all of our bodily functions but to protect their fragility in the wake of daily activity, which can prove to be more strenuous to our internal organs than we think. The brain and the spinal cord make up our central nervous system, which possesses a thoroughly complete network of nerves all over the body to send and relay messages that ensure we are in control of our body the way we want it to be.

The importance of the central nervous system is too obvious and need not be elaborated upon here and therefore, the principal organs also are protected by membranes as well, which is hardly surprising, considering their crucial role in maintaining our bodily processes. These membranes happen to be called meninges, and as such are instrumental in protecting not only the brain but the spinal cord as well, despite the latter having the vertebrae as a form of protection that is quite sturdy. The meninges, however, can be susceptible to inflammation, and in the event of this happening, this condition is called meningitis.

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Meningitis in Children: 9 Home Remedies

meningitis home remedies

In the following article, we shall discuss certain home remedies that could be used to bring this condition under control or to treat the symptoms of the disease in its initial stage.


Increase in Liquid Intake:

During meningitis, the internal parts of the body become dry and dehydrated especially the tongue and the adjoining areas in the mouth. Children are more prone to this than adults because their defense mechanism or immunity hasn’t developed much at this stage. Therefore, they must drink plenty of liquids to fulfill the daily requirement of fluids. They can also consume juices extracted from citrus fruits that help in killing germs in their body and also aid in producing saliva in their mouth.

Soybean Milk:

Soybean plays an important role in improving the immune system due to the presence of various nutrients present in it. Therefore, they speed up the healing process of meningitis. You can mix honey to soybean milk for taste and make your child drink it before going to bed. This remedy can be used for a few months in order to treat meningitis naturally, at home.

Ginseng Herb:

Ginseng herb is an essential home remedy. It has been used as one of the essential cures for meningitis. The active ingredient present in ginseng herb is ginsenosides, which directly acts on the affected membrane or meninges and eliminates the infection. Ginseng herb also helps in speeding up the healing process of meningitis because of its medicinal properties. You can either mix this herb in your child’s meal and feed it to him, or boil it in tea or milk to cure meningitis. It is an ancient Chinese herbal remedy for meningitis and might prove to be useful.


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Neutral Immersion Bath:

If the spinal cord and lining in your child’s brain are affected in case of severe meningitis, the neutral immersion bath is proven to be an effective way on how to treat meningitis. It is ideal for patients with meningitis to take the neutral immersion bath before going to sleep. It is recommended to take the bath for 25 minutes. The temperature in the bath is recommended to be about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. However, before your child takes the immersion bath, you should apply the wet cold cloth to his head and forehead. Because of immersion bath, blood circulation will be promoted and extra blood in his brain and spinal cord will decrease.

Avoid Liquid Food:

When your child gets diagnosed with meningitis, he should avoid liquid food. Instead of that food, he should drink the juice of ORS (oral rehydration salts). The better way on how to treat meningitis naturally is to mix the juice of ORS with the lukewarm water. This is the treatment for the first days. And after that he should drink fruit juice. Fruit juice will help in boosting his resistance and provide him enough energy. Moreover, it increases the urinary in order to get rid of toxins from his body. This treatment is also needed to keep the patients hydrated.



Garlic is known in Ayurveda for its anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. It can be used to cure your child completely from meningitis. It is recommended to give your child one clove of garlic daily, till he is completely cured of this disease.


It is a small plant containing greater quantity of chlorophyll than other plants, which implies that it has more oxygen as well. Therefore, it is effective for curing meningitis.


Diet plays a very important role in curing any disease naturally. It helps in repairing the damaged organs and tissues and supplies the required mineral and nutrients to your body. It is recommended that your child should eat less food in the initial stages of meningitis as it will restrict the elimination of toxins from your body. Once he starts recovering from the disease, you should include fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet to speed up the healing process of meningitis. Pineapple is one of the essential fruit you can include in his diet to cure meningitis naturally.

Cold Packs:


Fever is one of the common symptoms of meningitis and high fever can slow down the healing process. Fever is generally a sign to denote that your child’s body is fighting against infections, but high fever will be dangerous. It is recommended to use ice packs to control his fever and eventually giving chance to his immune system to fight against the inflammation and infection.

These home remedies might prove to be effective, but if the symptoms still persist, it is always advisable to go to the doctor for proper treatment.

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