14 Side Effects of Masturbation in Teens


Masturbation is a normal habit that one develops when they reach sexual maturity. This is the teen stage in humans, and is more common in boys than girls. However, it is a physically taxing activity and when done too much can result in side effects that affect not only the concerned area but the whole body.

Masturbation in Teens: Side Effects of Masturbation You Should Know

14 Side Effects of Masturbation in Teens


Here are some shocking side effects of masturbation that you may not know existed:


If you’re masturbating too much, one of the early ill effects you will notice is constipation. It isn’t necessarily something everyone will face, but it can very likely develop if one masturbates too much, since it can disrupt the digestive system and its normal functioning.

If you stop masturbating, constipation might go away after a day or two but it might also return if you start again. There are many reasons as to why constipation can happen but excessive masturbation is one key reason for it.


In the teen age, the oil glands of the face and everywhere else generally, are very active and therefore pimples and acne are natural. However, masturbating too much can cause pimples as well.


Especially in boys, pimples will appear if they masturbate too much. This is because the body produces more heat during this activity, and heat causes pimples. Some boys may have a naturally cooler body than others and therefore be affected by pimples a little less, but pimples are a telltale sign of excessive masturbation.

Pimples affect the face more than any other part of the body because facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body.

Instant/pre-mature ejaculation

Too much masturbation is the key reason for premature ejaculation; this is a medically proven fact. Men who masturbate excessively can reach orgasm with the slightest of stimulation and thus are poor performers sexually. This also affects semen quality and it can end up being watery and non-substantial. Besides, masturbating frequently can cause a man to get semi-erections in even non sexual situations and ejaculate, which would be embarrassing. For better performance sexually and biologically, abstaining from masturbation can be miraculous.

Repeated muscle twitching

This can be something that is very annoying. Men who masturbate excessively experience more random muscle twitching, and it can be any part of the body- arms, legs, back, stomach, etc. It is not necessarily harmful to your body but it can prolong for over days and weeks and can be annoying. It will also distract you from whatever you’re trying to concentrate on.

Weakened digestive system

This isn’t a teenage related problem, exactly, and it affects older men. After a certain age, constant masturbation causes the digestive system to weaken, because it is constantly confused by the activities of the body. This can be seriously detrimental to your digestive process, causing you to not be able to hold your food in longer, make frequent trips to the loo and cause loose motion.

Prone to diseases

Masturbation takes a lot of effort for both, the body and the mind. Therefore someone who constantly masturbates is weakened bodily and mentally. This leaves him vulnerable to more diseases as compared to other “non-masturbators”. An example of such weakness is catching the flu or coming down with an allergic reaction when there is a change in the weather.  It can also sometimes cause pains in different parts of the body, headaches that could last for hours.  Basically, constant masturbation lowers your resistance.



A constant masturbator finds it difficult to be at peace.  It interrupts with your sleep schedule as the mind is constantly looking to stimulate itself and is, as a result, constantly distracted.  A frequent masturbator doesn’t sleep well or peacefully, and his dreams might be clouded and unclear.

Burning and aching

Constantly touching the penis and stroking puts a lot of strain on the penis and it causes rawness and sensitivity of the skin which can cause pain. If the activity is too vigorous, then it might cause the skin to break, and sometimes blood may ooze out. Also, forceful stroking and rubbing can cause soreness in the area and constant pains.

Reduction in force

If someone is masturbating constantly, their penis can constantly tired and therefore the force of ejaculation will be very little.  This can cause trouble for a couple who wish to conceive, since the sperm will most likely not be able to reach the womb in such a situation.

Feeling empty inside

After reaching a certain age, constantly masturbating can cause a feeling of emptiness to be created after ejaculation. This is a psychological side effect, as the mind looks for something that fulfilling after masturbation is ended, but also it is a physical effect in part, as the body’s production of semen comes down after a certain age.

Reduced metabolism

As one advances in age, the body’s metabolism starts coming down. However, this can be intensified due to frequent masturbation. A constant “masturbator” has lower metabolism than a “non-masturbator”.  Metabolism is extremely important for a healthy existence, and excessive masturbation is a negative effect on it.

Problems in urination

One of the main reasons why men experience delay in urination is extreme masturbation, even though there are many other reasons for it. A constant masturbator will have trouble releasing urine immediately even if he has a full bladder, and that too with extreme concentration. Holding pee in for long will cause different issues such as kidney stones, problems in filtering the urine, and eventually make him take frequent trips to the loo.


Time taken to recover from sickness is longer

Lots of energy is spent in masturbating. This weakens the body, and reduces its capacity to fight against disease causing to pathogens, thus prolonging the time taken by their body to recover from a sickness. A person might not realize this and keep taking medicines, which might lead to further side effects.


Masturbating triggers pleasure hormones and makes the body feel momentarily lighter. It can also cause slight dizziness and lightheadedness, which is why it can be addicting. But once addicted, constant masturbation can lead to a host of other problems, therefore it is advisable for overall health that one abstains from heavily masturbation.

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