15 Surprising Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts


When we talk about buts, almonds and peanuts are the one that capture our minds at the very first thought. And why not, they are healthy and delicious. But have you heard name of macadamia nuts?  They might not be as popular as other nuts but their nutritional benefits are not less to count. These are buttery flavored are harvested from macadamia nut trees commonly grown in Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia , Brazil and South Africa. Though there are seven species of macadamia nuts known to the world but only two of them are edible. Being considered as world’s finest nuts, this is widely used in bakery products like cakes, muffins and other products not limited to chocolates and candies. Having blessed with some surprising benefits, oil of these nuts is incorporated in various beauty products.

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15 Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts

Not only the texture or its taste that is out of the world, but its health benefits also makes it one of the most acclaimed nuts on the globe. Every bit of this nut is packed with plethora of health promoting nutrients including mono saturated fats, carbohydrates, iron, niacin, vitamin A, thiamin, folates, riboflavin and proteins. The nature has blessed these nuts with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties also.

Here are some of the surprising health benefits this nut is credited to offer you:

1} Lowers risk of heart diseases

Being a power-packed nut which is free of cholesterol, this nut is being seen as a source to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The entire credit goes to being a rich source of monosaturated fats which is a form of good fat. Also the flavonoid content of these nuts is quite high which turn into anti-oxidants and offer your body a strong defense mechanism against the particles that can lead to heart diseases.


2} Improves Health of Brain and Nervous System

The Palmitoleic acid packed in macadamia nuts contributes in protecting nerve cells thus lengthening their life span and ultimately boosting brain function. The other nutrients like Vitamin B1 and oleic acid, manganese, magnesium and copper helps in production of healthy level of neurotransmitter thus help in establishing healthy and fast communication between cells.

Also thiamine found in these nuts takes charge of converting carbohydrates into energy and making it available to brain which needs it more than any other organ in your body. Just one cup of macadamia nuts gives you 1.6 gms of thiamine which is more than the recommended dose of 1.1 – 1.2 gms for women and men respectively.

3} Improves Vision

Vitamin B1 and essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6 are considered to be good in improving vision and preventing your eyes from being a sufferer of cataract. Macadamia nut has bulk of these nutrients and consuming these daily let you enjoy good vision and healthy eyes even in old age.

4} Prevents Anemia

Anemia is a condition which occurs due to poor production or lack of red blood cells. It gets worse with severe kidney disease. It disrupts your major body functions due to lack of oxygen making you feel weak, low in stamina and face other metabolic conditions. However, with Macadamia nut, you can keep yourself protected from being an anemic as these are loaded with iron that helps in healthy production of red blood cells.

5} Helps in Losing Weight

Macadamia nut should be your nuts of choice if you are trying to lose weight. Its high fibre rich content makes you feel full for a longer time and you would not turn to snack out for a good long time. Don’t worry about its high fat content as it is the good one that prevents oxidative stress and not the one that leads to weight gain. Every 100 gm of nuts contains almost 60 gm of monosaturated fats that is good for your heart too.

6} Supports Gut Health

Dietary fibres are considered good for your gut health and Macadamia nuts as a good amount of both soluble and insoluble ones. Thus their consumption establishes regular bowel movement and removes toxins from body while eliminating chances of you developing constipation. If your food is lacking in dietary fibers, Macadamia nut would help you fill the gap.


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7} Provides Strength to Bones

Macadamia nuts are found rich in manganese, phosphorus and magnesium – minerals needed for making bones strong. Our skeletal system gets weak with age due to demineralization but including Macadamia nuts in diet would possibly reverse the effect owing to its potential to help in bone regeneration. These also have the potency to help you avoid rheumatoid arthritis.

8} Helps Control Kidney disease

Kidney disease has been becoming a prevailing health issue in the world. But with Macadamia nuts people can help themselves as manganese found in these nuts helps in managing kidney disease. However, it is recommended to keep intake of these nuts limited as these also contain phosphorus which is not considered good for renal health.

9} Helps in Maintaining Blood Pressure

These nuts offer you a good option to optimize your blood pressure. Having high Potassium while loaded with low sodium levels, these nuts are considered good for maintaining normal BP and thus a healthy option to snack on for hypertension patients.

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10} Prevents Diabetes

Macadamia nuts are lower in calories and found to have a low glycemic index. Hence their consumption reduces the chances of getting affected with type-2 diabetes.


11} Strengthens Hair

Oil of Macadamia nuts is considered to a nutritious food for hair. It nourishes hair roots, helping your hair develop natural shine, smoothness and strength.

12} Beautifies Skin

The fatty acids found in Macadamia nut oil render it an amazing product for getting a beautiful and healthy skin. phytosteryl macademiate which is an emollient is found to be present in oil of Macadamia nut which helps you get smooth and soft skin. Other nutrient component found offers you a number a skin benefits like delaying aging, repairing damaged skin and moisturizing it.

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13} Prevents Celiac Disease

Being gluten-free, this nut is a perfect snack to pick on for people who are gluten intolerant and suffer from celiac disease.

14} Prevents Cancer

One of best health benefits Macadamia nuts have to offer is its potency to prevent cancer. All credit goes to it being high in antioxidants that protect the body from damaging effect of free radicals and thus acts in direction of preventing different types of cancer.

15} Reduces chances of Atherosclerosis

American College of Nutrition conducted a study on macadamia nuts which showed that on consumption of 40-90 gm of these nuts on a daily basis for about 4 weeks the chances of developing atherosclerosis are reduced to a great extent, a condition which is characterized arteries or blood vessels getting thickened.


There are a number of nuts available that are loaded with number of health benefits to offer to human body but macadamia nuts tops the list in doing so. Not only you say bye to a number of diseases but also can assure yourself a long life and healthy body as it keeps your blood pressure in check and does not let you pack on bad cholesterol.

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