9 Top Homemade Lube Alternatives for you


Coconut oil, aloe vera, greek yogurt, saliva, egg whites, vaseline, petroleum jelly, margarine and natural oils are some of the best alternatives for lube.

Sex is a topic that has forever been discussed in hushed tones in most of the cultures. This has resulted in young people being completely unaware of what it really is and what one should expect from it. The taboo surrounding it has only made it worse for people, who either develop a stigmatized approach towards sex or refrain from indulging in it due to lack of knowledge. Thankfully, the present generation is more open to a healthy discussion about sex. They don’t shy from discussing the essential things that one should know regarding sex.

Lube is an underrated accessory while having intercourse. A lot of people have little or no knowledge about their bodies before having sex for the first time. In such a scenario, nobody really knows what to do when they discover that their partner’s vagina/anus is too tight or dry. Lube not only helps in overcoming that discomfort, but it also makes the entire thing easier even for long term couples. Lubes come in various forms, though it is always recommended to use a water based lube for your latex condoms. However, in scenarios where you are in mood, but there is no lube at home, what do you do?

In this article, we will discuss 9 homemade lube alternatives. However, we would ask you to proceed with caution, because oils tend to interfere with the functioning of the condom at times. If you take care of that, then nothing can stop you from using these alternatives:

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9 Best Homemade Lube Alternatives for You



Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps in preventing dryness and also lasts longer than other lubricants. Due to its antifungal properties, it also lowers the risk of yeast infections. Although certain caution is advised while using coconut oil as a lubricant as it can cause the latex in your condom to break and thereby open doors to STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is gentle and so does not cause any irritation when applied to the sensitive parts of the body. It will be good to only use aloe vera gel that is 100% pure in order to avoid side effects. It is also safe to use aloe vera along with condoms as it does not weaken the latex.

Plain or Greek Yogurt

As strange as this may sound, Greek yogurt makes for a really good substitute for lube. Thanks to its protein content and high pH value, it also helps in treating yeast infections. You can also use plain yogurt for the same.


An age-old classic, saliva works amazingly as a lube. Just spit a little on your fingers, apply down there, and see how it does the wonders!

Egg Whites

It is believed that egg whites can be used as a lubricant while having sex, in fact, some people also believe that they help in conception. It is advised to only use pasteurized eggs as a lube to avoid salmonella infections.


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Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly such as Vaseline can be used as a lube, as it has no harmful effects and lasts for a long time. Although, beware while using a petroleum-based product as lube as it can turn messy.

Natural Oils

Natural oils like olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and margarine can all be used as a natural lube alternative. Certain caution is advised while using them as they may interfere with condoms just the same as coconut oil.

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This is one of the most common lube alternatives ever found. Every third person around you might just have used the good old Vaseline at least once in cases of emergency. However, just take care of the fact that it doesn’t interfere with the material of your condom. That would totally ruin your night!


Contrary to popular belief, margarine is totally safe to use and it is not the same as butter. Because it is smooth and yet has less fat content, it will also be less greasy and easy to remove after you have done your deed.


This article might seem as a savior for those desperately looking for lube alternatives. A lot of men and women suffer from medical conditions, which make their private parts dry, therefore making it difficult to have sex. However, if you are not suffering from any medical condition, then lube really isn’t a necessity. Of course, you can use it if you want to, but there is no reason to panic if you don’t have it. Just indulge in a lot of healthy foreplay in order to relax and make your parts naturally wet. This really helps. However, we would advise you to visit a doctor in case of a persistent medical condition. Have a great time!

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