7 Risks Associated with Kombucha Tea


Very few drinks are capable of generating as much fascination as Kombucha. Around the world, millions of people point to the benefits to health and sensory nuances of this drink, commonly called tea. Although it is not a type of tea properly, it is called so because it usually occurs from an infusion of leaves and shoots of Camellia sinensis to which sugar and a group of very particular bacteria is added.

What is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha tea is made from a plant that resembles a fungus and includes several species of yeast and bacteria. It is promoted as a true elixir of health, however, there are not many scientific facts that can support those claims.

However, Kombucha tea also has some serious side effects. It runs the risk of being poisonous, due to the amount of acids it contains. There are examples of people who frequently consumed and were hospitalized and in some cases, the consequences of tea even lead to death. The amount of acids in the body tends to cause heart problems like heart attacks.

Therefore, drinking too much of this tea should be avoided. In addition, it can have a completely opposite effect on people with the HIV virus, because they have a tendency to acquire a bacterium that can be very harmful to people suffering from this disease. Pregnant women should not use it under any circumstances.

7 Possible Risks of Kombucha Tea

risks of kombucha tea


7 risks associated with kombucha tea:

Diabetic patients

Since this drink is produced by the development of a fungus and several bacteria (symbiotic relationship) in a tea with a large amount of sugar, it can be very harmful for diabetic patients. Although much of this sugar disappears during fermentation, a certain amount may persist that causes changes in the blood glucose levels of these patients.

People with immunity problems

This drink should not be consumed by those who are immunocompromised, because the drink is colonized by germs that can cause disorders and in the case of immunosuppressed patients can be really serious. And on the other hand, that this risk of contamination is greater in this beverage due to the type of manufacturing.

In childhood

Children do not have a digestive system prepared for such a strong drink, and their liver and kidneys are not developed to metabolize and eliminate Kombucha. Therefore, Kombucha tea has a major risk associated if taken by children.

During breastfeeding

Due to the fact that through the breast milk would pass substances that may be impossible to metabolize properly by a baby it is not recommended to consume Kombucha tea.

Caffeine in Kombucha

In addition to sugar, Kombucha is composed of tea, primarily black tea. Tea contains caffeine and this can become an addiction to those who are stimulated by it.


Acid drink

Finally, we must bear in mind that it is a very acidic drink (its pH is between 2 and 3), so there is a risk of metabolic acidosis among those who consume it excessively.

Unknown side effects and risks

The problem is that almost half of the possible side effects of this drink have not been discovered, so it is very risky to consume it, especially when you already have a disease. Its ingredients are far from neutral. In fact, when combined with an undesirable substance can have a very dangerous effect, especially when the immune system is already in danger.

If you want to consume Kombucha, it is advisable to consult a doctor first to make sure that it will not do more harm than good. To improve the effectiveness of tea, it is recommended to have a healthy and balanced diet. That means consuming a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, sprays, tobacco and artificial colours and flavours. It is not necessary to drink more than one drink a day to get the health benefits, but you can drink more if you wish. As with anything that you consume, you must consider how your body is reacting to it. If you are receiving any bad reactions then try to reduce in amounts.

Some people like to drink more, some people like to drink less. Each person is different, so drink and enjoy and find the amount that suits you. You may find that when you start consuming Kombucha tea you will experience some type of reactions such as bowel movements becoming more stinking. This is simply pouring toxins out of your body. Drink lighter water every day to help eliminate these toxins from your body.