Is Kombucha Safe While Pregnant: Benefits and Risk


Kudos! Are you expecting the arrival of a new born in your life?Do you intent to stay active and boost your energy levels during the course of pregnancy. If yes is the answer, then Kombucha is a tailor made solution for you. So what is Kombucha? What are the health benefits you can derive from the same? Is it safe to consume Kombucha during pregnancy? Let us have a concise idea about it in a nut shell.

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What does Kombucha mean?

Kombucha is in the form a fermented tea, incorporated from white, green or black tea. The process of fermentation is undertaken for a week. The ingredients being fungal culture coupled with sugar consortium of bacteria along with yeast. It is rated to be quiet popular and has its traces of origin ever since the 3rd century B. C in China. Such has been the evolution of it is that you can find it in any corner of the world. It is so probiotic that it goes by the name of mushroom tea and you can a lot of benefits can be expected from on consumption during pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Kombucha During the Stages of Pregnancy

1. Is known to detoxify your body

It is incorporated with glucuronic acid that works its magic as a detoxifying agent. It combines with the other toxins of your body. This could be in the form of environmental pollutants and it is converted into soluble compounds which helps the body to excrete. So when you are expecting it does help your body to detoxify. When you drink Kombucha it aids the body tissues from absorbing the harmful toxins that are part of the atmosphere.

2. Provides antioxidants

Kamboucha is a rich source of antioxidants, with vitamin C, vitamin E in combination with presence of various other carotenoids. It contains polyphenols in combination with a host of other compounds that have antioxidant properties. In terms of numbers, the antioxidant property of Kombucha is 25 % and 100% greater than vitamin E and C respectively. On consumption of  Kombucha during pregnancy, you keep a tab on the risk associated with health ailments alongwith chronic ailments.



3. Prevents hypertension

The dizziness along with hypertension is eradicated to a great extent. This emerges during hypertension that is common in the stage of pregnancy. In fact high blood sugar levels are also dealt effectively.

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4. Immunity levels are enhanced

Oxidative stress during the course of pregnancy dwindles your immunity to a considerable extent. Kombucha is incorporated with high levels of vitamin C that is going to boast your immunity levels. The antioxidant power it possesses helps the mother along with the baby from cell damage, inflammatory ailments or tumours effectively.

5. A boost in energy levels

From black tea iron molecules are free with the help of Kombucha. So on consumption of Kombucha, there is an increase in the level of haemoglobin. This increases the supply of oxygen to your cells, and this is when you are expecting. The ability of your body to absorb non heme iron is also enhanced. When there is good haemoglobin count during the course of pregnancy the risk of anaemia is also low.

6. Acts as a support to your nervous system

Kombucha is incorporated with B vitamins, a host of amino acids along with ascorbic acid .It  is necessary for smooth or normal levels of metabolism of the nervous system. On drinkingKombucha during the time of pregnancy, it helps in preventing depression, nervousness’s, epilepsy and headaches.

7. Kidney stones are a thing of the past

Due to environmental pollutants Kombucha tends to prevent any formation of kidney stones. On consumption of  Kombucha during pregnancy any form of calcification is eradicated along with the formation of kidney stones.


8. Promotes digestion and heals any type of gastric ulcers

Kombucha is known to be a protective barrier against any form of gastric ulcers. It controls the secretion of gastric acid which tends to occur when themucous membrane is damaged. During pregnancy, Kombucha promotes digestion, treats gastric disorders and prevents constipation.

Are there any side effects associated with Kombucha during the course of pregnancy?

Despite numerous health benefits associated with Kombucha during the course of pregnancy, there are a few pitfalls associated with it as well. Let us analyse the risks associated with the consumption of Kombucha when you are pregnant

  • The traditional version of Kombucha is embedded with caffeine that is harmful to both the mother along with the baby during the stage of pregnancy
  • It is also known to contain a small amount of alcohol, which does not work out to be a good bet when you are pregnant
  • In the early stages of pregnancy the detoxing property of Kombucha is not ideal as it might treat the foetus as foreign substance and detoxify it

A valuable piece of advice

If you are drinkingKombucha for the first time there is a word of caution. On consumption during pregnancy it can pave way for unbearable allergic reactions. So it is better in avoiding Kombucha when you are expecting for the first time. If you are still keen on consumption of Kombucha then approaching it in a slow and steady manner is better. Ideally start of in the form of 4 ounce a day and then slowly build on top of it.

On the other hand if you plan for consumption of Kombucha during the stage of nursing, then be aware of the symptoms of loose tools in your baby. After all you would not want to dehydrate your little one!

You can brew Kombucha in the comfort of your home, and there are various online tutorials on the internet about how it can be done.

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