25 Trips to Take Before Your Kids Turn 11


Looking for places to add in your family bucket list? Well, here is an amazing set of destinations to go along with your kids before they grow up. Have a look!

Kids Trips: 25 Places Your Kids Should See Before 11

must take kids trips

Dinosaur Bones in Vernal, Utah

Let your child go for time travelling to the Early Cretaceous period by visiting Vernal, Utah. The Quarry Exhibit hall consists of 1500 dinosaur fossils, that will surely be an amazing stuff for your kids to witness.

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Test the creative sides of your kids by taking him to this place. This place helps kids create the most amazing projects and have fun along with learning.

Ancient Mayan ruins in San Ignacio, Belize

History may sound boring but it’s a wonderful arena to explore. So, take your kids to this amazing place and let them see the ancient Mayan ruins and also enjoy in the  resorts and with the reptiles over there.

Legoland Discovery Centers

These wonderful centers are located in Atlanta, Missouri, New York and many other places. It amazes kids with building contests, short 4-D movies, soft play areas, and building workshops. So, let them twist and sharpen their brains.


Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is a hub of active volcanoes. So, you can take your kids to the  Volcanoes National Park to witness the fiery form of nature. The night sky can offer you some amazing scenery to enjoy.

The David F. Bolger Playspace

This play space was made by Ringling. It features basket-like swings, colorful Bouncing Flowers,and a three-story, 12-foot tunnel slide. I’m sure your kid will love the small adventurous place and the attached waterfall.

Chocolate making in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Kids love chocolate, so take your little one to the chocolate land and let them enjoy chocolate making, know about the Hersey’s story and some other bits of history related to the place.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Playscape, a massive exhibit on the third level, Reaction Contraption,Whirly Twirly Tower, and many more things are the highlight of this children’s museum which is a five storey house of fun, learning, development and memories.

Loch Ness monster in Scotland

For all those who have an interest in folklores can choose this place for a vacation with their kids. Go for hiking, cycling, kayaking, a zodiac ride across Loch Ness in search of Nessie and also enjoy a ride on the steam train, exactly the one that was featured in the Harry Potter movies.

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

This theme park is all that you and your little ones need to enjoy in the lap of nature. With a variety of swings, slides, rides and pools that too in nature’s lap this place is a must visit


Hot springs in a Colorado mountain town

The Colorado mountain is a nestle for many hot springs. So, here is another adventurous place with the Glenwood water park which has lovely water slides for kids. It’s has a developed network of hot springs.

The Polar Express Train Ride

This train ride is highly inspired by classic holiday book. It lets your kid enjoy an amazing rail ride and meet Santa at the end who is ready with a gift for you.

Beaches in Aruba

Highlighted by the hue of azure coloured water this place has a desert type climate. It’s the best place to explore some beaches and natural pools formed by volcanic rocks.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Disney has a set of amazing movies for kids and disney land stands as the most amazing place for your kids to enjoy their vacations.  Trust me one  never grows older for visiting disneyland. It’s a gateway to meeting all your favourite characters at one go.

Rainforests in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be a great family fun place because of its rainforest and serene waterfalls. Los Sueños Marriott is the best place to set up a base camp and let your kid enjoy the wonders of the rainforest life.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Let your kids know and learn about the beautiful marine life. The world under the sea is just amazing, and this place let’s kids explore the sea in short.


Ranches in California

Take out your kids from the world of video games and take them to a trip to communicate with nature. The ranches in California are quite famous for horse riding and spring-fed lakes. The Alisal Guest Ranch Resort is the must visit.

The Crayola Experience

Well, with 25 attractions to let your kid have an adventurous holiday, this place is just perfect. Kids can create their own digital projects and display them on big screens. Lovely isn’t it?

Waterslide in Northern Carolina

Sliding Rock, a 60-foot natural rock slide that splashes into a pool in Brevard, North Carolina, sounds great, isn’t it? So, pack your bags and get set to take your kid to the amazing waterslides in Northern Carolina.

Keystone Resort

Treat your kids this holiday with a mountain retreat. This resort has features tunnels, a lookout tower, ice slides, and an ice-sculpture throne. So, let your kids have their own jaw dropping snow castle.

Mermaids in Florida

Mermaid, just a word that can fill your kid with lots of excitement. So, why not take them to meet the mermaids in Florida.“The Little Mermaid” is a submerged, 400-seat auditorium, awaiting your visit.

The Freedom Trail in Boston

Boston is the place where the American revolution took shape.So, moving on the red- brick streets of this place your kid will not just have fun but grab some knowledge as well.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Well, enjoy the whole journey of harry potter once you visit his world.

Yellowstone national park

How about taking your kids to America’s first ever national park which is a hub of natural geysers. Old faithful shoots out steam every 90 minutes and there are stinky mud pots and multi-colored hot spring. You can also enjoy watching Bison, elk, bears, wolves and Bighorn Sheep.

An Alaska Cruise

Alaska has some immensely breathtaking icebergs and vast wilderness that will surely leave you . The best features include the swim-against-the-current pools, Movies Under the Stars, and ultra-private tween clubs. Hope you will have fun cruising through Glacier Bay.

Well, this was a huge holiday list, isn’t it? Just get your bags packed this vacation and take your kids to an amazing adventure. Happy Vacations!