11 Benefits of Being Near Water for Kids


Be it the sea or a lake or even a pool, growing up near the water helps your child in more than one ways. It helps your child remain closer to nature. They learn to be more emphatic towards the flora and fauna, specially the sea lives.

They will always be in fresh air. They will learn to swim for sure. Things will never get boring for them. Especially, if you are staying near the sea then the sea water itself will offer a lot of health benefits. The wind from the water will help your child have a proper nap at night. The sun of the beaches will always be good for your child’s skin and overall development. They do not have to travel somewhere to enjoy a good splash. Plenty of water games can be played in front of the home only. If it is a lake or a river then you child can also learn fishing and bond with the elderly of the house.

Water for Kids: 11 Benefits of Water Play for Kids

Benefits of Being Near Water for Kids

Child Remains Close to Nature

Your child gets the opportunity to grow up close to nature. He/she naturally becomes conscious about the preservation of the natural resources and understands the basic cycle of nature. The rain cycle or the lunar cycles will not be just texts in their school books. Instead they will learn to grow with nature and learn to value and respect it. (Matthews, 2000)

Your child will not get Glued to the Television

Water entices people to take a dip, no matter what. Your child would not be like a regular kid who spends maximum time busy in his/her video game or the television programs. He/she will learn to enjoy the real funs of life by jumping and splashing in the water. They will have more exposure than his/her peers.

Boosts Development

Lack of activities hinders the growth and development of children. Water gives plenty of opportunity to stay active all throughout the developmental phase of your child. Your child will have plenty of physical activities and will grow at a much faster rate than all the other children in the school.


Makes them Stronger

Water based activities will definitely boost the overall muscle and bone development of your child. Children involved in water sports like swimming and diving tend to develop strong muscles when compared to the children who lack similar physical activities. So, being around water will allow your child to be stronger naturally.

Improves Metabolism

Water based sports and activities are likely to improve the overall metabolism of your child. Your child­­’s organs like heart and lungs will be properly functioning and the proper flow of blood throughout the body will ensure a strong appetite. Your child’s digestion will be very in a proper shape if he/she is doing regular activities in the water.

Don’t need to take Swimming classes

The hassles of driving the extra mile to teach your child swimming will not be there if your home is near any water body. He/she will learn to swim and dive in the water from his/her childhood and will automatically get to know all the tricks and twists of swimming.

In fact many expert swimmers are the ones who have grown near proper water bodies. Growing up near water might just make your child a sports champion. (Hallal, 2006)

Your child will never get bored

Your child will have always plenty to do when he/she is around water. Be it fishing, or swimming, or simply lying down under the sun, your child will have a constant source of entertainment. On his/her fun days he/she can just jump and splash in the water whilst on his/her sad days he/she can sit by the edge of it and soothe the mind with the help of cool breeze.

Either ways your child will have a constant avenue to let his/her emotions out.  Being around water will make him/her calmer in nature. (Wells, 2003)


Life is always a party

Your child will definitely be popular in school and especially in his/her high-school. Sounds a bit of trouble for you but it is true that your child will automatically have a huge lot of friends coming over only to take a dip in the water.

Starting from his birthday parties to high-school weekend fun, your child will be flocked by his friends for having a river side barbeque or a pool side party. You will not have to worry about your child spending the night out somewhere else, as party will happen at your place only. (Matthews, 2000)

Ensures a good night sleep

The breeze from the lake or the sea often has a calming effect on the nerves of the child. Also the splashing sound of the waves of the water acts as a lullaby to a sleepy child. Your child’s sleep pattern will be perfect and the wind from the sea will also help him/her a clean and clear respiratory tract. (Wells, 2003)

Your child will have a proper immunity and will fall less pray to cough and cold. Staying near water ensures that the overall temperature stays at a certain level throughout the year and your child will never be completely exposed to extreme climatic conditions. In that way your child will always be in a climate which helps him/her to have a proper immunity.

Also where there is water there are plants and trees around. That ensures a pollution-free environment for your child. His/her wee heart and lungs will be less challenged and stressed and it will ensure a proper development. (Hallal, 2006)

Bonding with Family

Be it a pool side barbeque or a Sunday afternoon fishing trip, growing up beside water will make sure that there are plenty of family activities for your child. For children who are not growing up around water the activities are more concentrated on going for movies or spending the day home with family. (Matthews, 2000)


However, for houses which are located near some water-body the kids enjoy a lot of family time. Boating, swimming, fishing, or just picnic beside the lake or sea, there are a lot of fun memories with which a child grows up.

Will Learn a Lot

Children who are growing-up around water will automatically learn a lot about the nature, the water, and the plants and animals which resides in it. They will learn how to take care of the flora and fauna and will learn to respect the nature.

They will be less vindictive and will become naturally more exploring by nature. Lazy afternoons by the lake or the sea often teach a child a great many things.


Growing by water has its own advantages. However, when your child is young you should make sure that he is safe from the dangers of water and you should teach him/her to swim and survive in the water, in case of any accidents.

Otherwise, if you are staying near sea then the salt of the sea water and the breeze is also good for your child’s skin and health.





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