11 Cell Phone Rules for Kids


Cell phone no doubt is a savior. Every one of us is so much involved with our cell phone. It is a time saver, a watch, a calculator, a television, a communicator and the list goes on, its kind of never ending.  Now a days its just impossible for every people to leave without mobile phone. Its quite hard as well to do all kind of work without having a cell phone.

But different age groups have their own reason for having a cell phone. But what about a kid what’s their need, why will they be in the need of having a cell phone? The answer lies with the parents themselves. They give the kids their cell phone to distract them from all sort of irritating stuffs which they do. They do this for diverting them from their daily stuff but they have no idea how much they get addicted towards this.

Its not the fault of any kid this is really very normal, even we cannot live without our cell phones for a minute. And once they are involved in any sort of new and different environment and if they find that to be interesting then no one can separate them from that anyhow.

This generation is not only advance but also full of electronic gadgets and its really very normal to see a child using a touch phone. According to survey it has been proven that maximum of the kids left playing outdoor games because of mobile games and it’s so addicting that it can engage a child for hours. And now a day’s both parents are working there is no one to look at the child and the child need phone to contact their parents so they are having cell phone in a very young age, and thus they are attracted towards cell phone.

Some children takes cell phone to the school for showing off and it makes them feel superior and this is now a day’s one of the most talked about matter. Some are punished and some are left with a warning.

Cell Phone Rules for Kids: Advantages, Disadvantages and Rules

cell phone rules for kids


Advantage of having a cell phone


It’s true that if you give your kid a cell phone than you can keep an eye on him and can track him wherever, whenever he goes somewhere. You’ll be able to call him to know what else he is doing and where is he or she. If the kid faces any sort of a problem he or she can call you.

Learning process

A cell phone is not only a communicator but as it contains internet it may help the kid to do his studies. As now a day’s parent are both working and doesn’t have enough time to look after their kid and after coming from work teaching the kids may be little tiring so it will help the kid to get any kind of help from the internet regarding their studies.

As we came across some of the basic advantage of having a cell phone for kid, let us know some of the disadvantage of having a cell phone.

Disadvantage of having a cell phone

Kids will get addicted


Its one of the true point that kids are kept busy with stuffs but stuffs like mobile phone can make them totally addicted towards that and they can be addicted in such a way that they won’t be able to get detached.

Socially detached

Its obvious that if they stay at home they won’t learn interacting with others and it is really very common now a days where people even sitting side by side talks through phone, yes it is funny but true as well. So, if they’ll be having mobile they won’t be feeling the need to communicate with someone personally. So it is a major issue.

Cell phone rules for kids

Don’t give your kid a cell phone early

Giving a kid a cell phone early won’t be helpful rather it would be a headache as well as it will be harmful for the child’s eye.

Cell phone not allowed in bedroom


This is one of the most important things every parent should do. No buzzing sound, no beeping sound peaceful, soundless sleep.

Listen to your kid

Whenever you ask a question to your kid have the patience to hear them as well. Make them realize that there is someone who is there to hear and to scold.

Phone not allowed in school

Teach them the consequences of taking a cell phone in the school. This must be strictly followed.

Spend some quality time with the kid keeping the phone a side


Take your kid out for a weekend. Show him different places and make sure that you enjoy with him totally.

Sing and dance together

If you want your kid to not get addicted towards mobile you have to do something which is more energetic and fun.

Understand him

Try to understand your kid which will make him more happy and superior. Let him do what he wants to.

Limit in internet usage


That should be something which should be under control because now a days more than games kids are addicted towards watching different stuff in internet.

Help your kid in studies

Even though you are tired try to sit next to him and ask what he is studying .

Read your kid a story

Every night try to read a story from your child’s story book so that he feels little special.

Play with your kid


Whenever you are home try to play with your kid so that he forgets the mobile phone game.

These are some of the ideas parents should apply to distract their kid from cell phones.