Is Kava Tea a Safe Natural Sleep Remedy During Pregnancy?


Kava or kava kava is a naturally grown crop found near the pacific islands. It has a bitter taste to it . The roots of the plant are often utilized for the production of a sedative drink that is prescribed for people suffering from sleep disorders. Kava roots have an entheogenic property in them that will restore the feeling of sleep and makes the patient drowsy. Moderate consumption of kava has been deemed to have acceptably low level of health risks. The biggest worry that arises in the mind of many is that whether the consumption of kava is safe for a pregnant mother. The answer of which is that as a result of its natural origin kava can be consumed in low quantities by pregnant women. It can also be used for the treatment of anxiety and restlessness during pregnancy, yet it is to be kept in mind that no medical study or research completely approves the use of kava tea during pregnancy.

The uncertainty of using kava therefore makes the doctors prevent the consumption of the same during the first trimesters of the pregnancy. It is always advisable for the patients that they must consult their gynaecologist first before adding this sleep drug in daily routine. Kava can be consumed by pregnant mothers in many forms and can enjoy the multiple benefits it has to offer. Having kava can be a bit of a difficult task due to its extreme bitter taste therefore many people try to find out alternatives for the use of kava. Many prefer to drink kava in the form of a tea some take it mixed with chocolate milk to balance out the taste while some people chop and freeze the kava eventually consuming it in the form of a pill.

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What are the benefits of consuming Kava Tea?

kava tea

For a pregnant mother kava drinks not only help them sleep but also provide a variety of other health benefits that will help them in their pregnancy and enhance the health of the unborn child along the way. Some of the benefits of consuming kava are;

  • Kava is a natural relaxing agent that can be used to help the person sleep at night.
  • Kava is often used to treat the feeling of extreme anxiety and restless in pregnant mothers. Its muscle relaxing properties help the mother to relax and calm herself down. Unlike many other relaxing drugs, kava does not have Vallium in it. Vallium is known for its harmful side effects to a developing foetus therefore it is essential that it should be avoided in the diet of the mother.
  • Kava tea improves the functioning of the brain. It promotes brain activities and increases the cognitive working ability of individuals making them cheerful and full of life.
  • It can be offered to patients recovering from a stroke as it re-energizes the body and can therefore be a good supplement to boost the health and nutrition level of an expecting mother.
  • Kava can also be applied directly on the skin by pregnant mothers that will treat rashes, dryness and itchiness of the skin as a result of it stretching over the belly.
  • Pregnant mothers always complain about swollen feet and severe back pains. Kava tea and drinks have anti-inflammatory properties in them that help to ease pain and inflammation in the body.

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Kava tea for a good sleep

Many pregnant mothers often have trouble sleeping at night or anytime during the day. Their belly prohibits them from turning into the desired sleeping position and also the movement of the baby may cause discomfort and lack of sleep. Though a wide range of natural remedies are available for the treatment of pregnancy insomnia yet at times sleep remains as an unachievable task. Kava therefore comes in as a handy solution with low risk factors when consumed moderately after a consultation with the doctor. The superior studies made in multiple laboratories claim the low risk factor of using kava by pregnant women.

Kava tea at night can help relax your body of any form of tension or stress that may be keeping you up at night. It is considered safe for pregnant women by multiple doctors all around the world. The less sleep you get the more disturbed and unsettled you are the next day and pregnancy demands proper rest and care of the mother to eventually care for the health of the baby.

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Kava tea: Risk factors

Although Kava has been declared safe for pregnant mothers in a supervised amount yet there are certain risk factors that threatens the health of all those who consume kava on a frequent basis. Some of the most important ones that need to be highlighted to common masses as well as expecting mothers are;

  • Kava poses a serious risk of liver toxicity if consumed in an unchecked amount. Though one may think that the multiple benefits allow a greater use of kava then you are highly mistaken because liver toxicity is a major side effect of consuming kava.
  • Kava can cause health issues like dizziness, depression and diarrhoea all of which are essentially harmful for a pregnant mother. Diarrhoea can lead to chances of hospitalization and severe dehydration in the mother’s body that can endanger the health of the baby as well.
  • Nausea and vomiting can be yet another side effect of kava if you use it in a injudicious manner.
  • Loss of appetite can lower the body’s nutrition level and cause shortage of the same in a pregnant mother.

Thus here were some of the most vital facts associated with the use of kava especially for a pregnant mother who bears the responsibility of two lives with her. Therefore it is mandatory that anyone who desires to include kava in their dietary routine must ensure that they consult and ask their doctors about the proper and healthy usage of kava to avoid any mishaps in the future.

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