Is It Safe To Take Botox Treatments During Pregnancy?


Well, regarding Botox treatment there are conflicting opinions, especially during pregnancy. Some are of the opinion that such treatment is not safe for the pregnant mother. As the treatment uses a special toxin to treat wrinkles, it is thought that it might harm the baby.

There is no such evidence to prove that Botox treatment is harmful during pregnancy. Animal tests have been done by the scientists to see for abnormalities in them. Such tests did prove certain abnormalities in the new born babies of the animals. But it is yet to be proved in human babies. Such tests have not being done in humans.

Due to the absence of any anecdotal or clinical evidences, Botox treatment cannot be claimed to be unsafe during pregnancy. But it will be always wise enough to consult a dermatologist about the outcomes.

How Safe is Botox Treatment During Pregnancy?

botox during pregnancy

What is Botox treatment?

Botox is a treatment that removes fine lines and wrinkles. Basically it is purified botulinum toxin A used by doctors in minimal doses to treat wrinkles. This toxin basically helps to block the nerves that cause contraction of the facial skin. This Botox treatment is done in order to improve the appearance by treating fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox treatment not only treats wrinkles but it also prevents the development of it in the future.


How it is used?

The toxins used in the Botox treatment is said to be poisonous. If it is given in high levels then it may paralyze or may cause death.

However, it is not that dangerous as the amount used for the treatment is very minimal. The toxins are also purified before application. It is absolutely safe for cosmetic treatments.

Botox is used for aesthetic reasons. It helps the muscles to relax which in turn stops the contraction of the skin. These contractions cause the formation of skin lines and wrinkles.

The toxins are directly injected in the skin and it does not spread as such. So it hardly affects the other parts other than the treated portion.

Botox treatment and pregnancy

As the treatment uses a poisonous toxin to treat the skin lines and wrinkles, it might be risky during pregnancy. For this most of the dermatologist does not recommend such treatment for pregnant mothers. They are against Botox treatment to keep the baby in womb safe from any complications.


Botox injection during the time of conceiving or before it won’t cause any harm. Even taking the injection during the first trimester of pregnancy will not be risky as well. This is because one injection doesn’t inject much toxin to your body to reach to the womb. But continuation of it may cause serious harm to the pregnant mother.

Side effects related to Botox treatment are rare but it might lead to serious problems like upset in stomach, muscle pain, breathing problem and others.

Most of the dermatologists suggests to stop or not to take such treatment during pregnancy. It is just for the safety of the little one growing inside the womb.

It is always recommended to go through such treatment or opt for such treatment only after you stops breast feeding your baby. While you are pregnant there is enough fluid circulates in the body. Blood flow also increases. In such a condition, the toxin injected might spread faster. This can result dangerous for the baby.

Mothers can stay wrinkle free without Botox treatment

Good news for all the pregnant mothers is that they can glow without any cosmetic treatments. Doctors say that the combination of blood flow and hormone secretion during pregnancy will keep the Botox away. The body retains more fluids than normal. It heals the fussy crow’s feet and fills out the fine lines naturally.

Many hormonal changes take place inside a woman when she is pregnant. Such hormones increase the secretion of the oil of the body naturally. It makes the face glow naturally. The oils also make the skin healthy as well.


It means that there is no need of any Botox treatment for all the pregnant mothers. They will look youthful and bright during their pregnancy. Instead they might opt for some natural remedies for their fine lines and fussy wrinkles.

Some other safe ways to keep their stubborn fine lines under check:

Application of pregnancy safe serum

In the market you will find different products that work for fine lines. But you have chosen the right one while you are pregnant. You may ask your doctor for suggesting the right serum for fine lines.

Follow the usual Cleansing, Toning and moisturizing routine

The pregnant mothers can continue their daily routine of skin care. But they have to continue it without any break. Pregnant mothers may feel tired or feel lazy to do all these. But continues following such habit will keep their skin clean, toned and it will replenish the lost moisture.

Eating right


All the pregnant mothers are prescribed to eat healthy. The diet should contain foods that are rich in Vitamin E, C antioxidants and many other essential minerals.

A plenty of purified water should also consumed regularly.

All these will keep the skin glowing and toned.

At night exfoliate the skin

Exfoliate the skin every night before sleep. This will open the pores of the skin and will clean the dirt from inside. So use a good scrubber to exfoliate your skin and apply a moisturizer at night.

Quit squinting


Squinting can make the muscles around the eyes overwork wrinkles. It might make them worse as well.

Stay happy

Always stay happy during the time of your pregnancy. Worrying too much will make you frown. This will help the development of fine lines and will make you look tired. Smile away all the worry lines.


You may take up Botox treatment during your pregnancy. But always ask and consult your dermatologist about the risk factor. I don’t think you want any harm for your baby. So it is always better and safe to opt for such treatment after the baby’s birth.

So enjoy your Botox Treatment, but only after a successful baby birth.