11 Best Ice Cream Games for Kids


Well, we all know that our kids love ice creams and that makes one of their favourite treat and reward after a day’s hard work. Every child has a sweet tooth hidden in them and can never say no to ice creams. Now for a minute just imagine your child playing with the same vigour when some fun games incorporate the theme and ideas of ice creams in board games, mobile apps and outdoor activities. What is even more fun is that these games are specially designed for young kids and they will, therefore, promote the learning capacity of the child. In a way, it will be teaching made more fun. Here is a list of some of the most fascinating ice cream games for your kids to have fun with;

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11 Play Fun Ice Cream Games for Kids

ice cream games

Ice cream board game

Who hasn’t heard the famous shout out of you scream, i scream, and we all scream ice cream? Now to here is an interesting board game for your child to keep them engaged and learns multiple new things. In this game the children have to collect scoop cards and place them on the cones provided to them and later the child who has drawn the highest number of scoop cards will win the game.

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Scavenger hunt

Adults and children alike, we all like the good old game of scavenger hunt but this ice cream game comes with a twist. Instead of finding the treasure chest the kids go on a hunt for all the ingredients hidden in the house which will combine to make their favourite ice cream. From the bowls to the ice cream scoops all are to be hidden around the house with small clues attached to them for the next. This game will not only teach your child to work hard but also improve their analytical skills when they try and break the clues to find the answer.


Blind taste test

Are you having trouble finding the favourite flavour of your child and this is making them fussy? Here is the right solution for you in the form of a simple game. Blindfold your child and arrange the most commonly consumed flavours in front of them and give them a spoonful of each. Let them recognize the flavour they are eating and also decide their favourite scoop for the future.

Ice cream truck race

Every child loves a little creativity and i am sure yours does the same. Arrange a lot of cardboard boxes and remove the top and bottom half of the box. Then ask the children to decorate the box in the form of an ice cream truck and the one who completes first wears their truck and runs towards the table to finish their bowl of ice cream and win the game.

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Ice cream cone brigade

This game is a fun party game for your children’s birthday or any family get together that will ensure that the children’s have a fun time playing. Take two bowls and place them far apart. Fill the bigger bowl with a lot of ice cream sprinkles and the keep the other one empty. Give one cone to each child and then instruct them to collect as many sprinkles from the bowl and drop them in bowl b. This will improve your child’s balancing ability.

Froyo bar

Froyo bar is a free online game that is a major attraction for young girls. In this game, you have to meet the froyo orders by the customers who have a unique froyo in mind. The player has to adequately manage time so as to not keep one customer waiting but simultaneously make the froyos that are being ordered. This game teaches the child how to manage time as well as multi-task.

Ice cream way

Similar in technique to candy crush, ice cream way demands the players to match three similar items for them to burst and the new options to slide in. This game is a good way of enhancing the mathematical and visual skills of the child.


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Icy rush

Somewhat similar in manner to the froyo bar, in this game many customers walk into your parlour and order their ice creams. Not only does the child has to manage the orders but also ensure that no customer is kept waiting for long. It also gives a chance for the kids to advertise their shops and serve many customers for good money.

Ice cream decoration

As the name suggests, this is another gadget based game in which the child has to decorate their ice creams to make them as attractive as possible. A good looking ice cream is bound to appeal to the customers who will then come to your shop. The game teaches the children the art of presentation and how they should avoid overdoing or under doing whatever they are making.

Ice o matik

Ice o matik is a game where your child is bestowed with a robot that is there to assist them in serving customers and making delicious ice creams. The only problem is that the robot cannot work on its own it needs directions to tackle all the clients who are impatiently waiting for their dessert. The game teaches your child how to direct others as well as have a good command over their business from a very young age.

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Ice cream donut

In this game, your child designs new and innovative recipes that are sure to leave you with a sweet tooth and a sugar rush as well. The children organize multiple ingredients given to them and work with their team to make a successful dessert.


Thus, this was a list of some of the most delicious games that not only will keep your child engaged but also teach them multiple abilities about efficiently working in a given environment. Playing games is extremely essential for the mental growth of your child. Therefore let them play to their heart’s content be it an indoor or an outdoor game as per convenience.

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