Ibuprofen During Pregnancy: Can it Impact my Pregnancy?


Whether or not ibuprofen is safe to prescribe to a pregnant woman has been highly debated among medical scholars and doctors. Most research seems to be against the prescription of ibuprofen during pregnancy

Drugs of varying compositions may be suggested by doctors to their patients, weighing benefits and any possible side-effects in a way that is most beneficial to their patients. Be it to help the process of recovery from whatever ailment they are suffering from or to keep the pain away, medication is a part of our day to day lives. For most doctors, ibuprofen is a go-to option but there are various things to consider before resorting to ibuprofen. For instance, administering ibuprofen during pregnancy can have serious consequences. In fact, there are a host of changes occurring in a woman’s body during her pregnancy. From organ shifting to hormonal changes, there are many anatomical adjustments that are made. Bearing this in mind, your general physician can make an informed decision on whether or not you should be given ibuprofen while you are pregnant.

Ibuprofen Use During Pregnancy


What is ibuprofen?

If you are not familiar with the term ibuprofen, you are definitely familiar with Advil or Motrin or Ibuprin. These are the brand names under which ibuprofen is sold to the general public. If you are an adult who has had their share of medical issues, you have definitely come in contact with ibuprofen at some point in your life. It is not a steroid, but it has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat symptoms of pain, fever and inflammation, no matter what the cause. From migraines to rheumatoid arthritis including painful menstruation, ibuprofen can help with almost all conditions.

Medical research has suggested, however, that administering ibuprofen during pregnancy is best avoided as it can give rise to a host of complications in the mother’s body, which can ultimately lead to miscarriage. If you are in dire need of painkillers, you may ask your doctor to prescribe Paracetamol or Tylenol for your pain, provided that it is suitable for you.

Is it safe to consume ibuprofen when you are pregnant?

Whether or not ibuprofen is safe to prescribe to a pregnant woman has been highly debated among medical scholars and doctors. Most research seems to be against the prescription of ibuprofen during pregnancy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Taking ibuprofen during the first 30 weeks of pregnancy can give rise to a whole range of problems for the next trimester in your pregnancy.
  • A whole range of complications may develop in a woman’s body if she takes ibuprofen during pregnancy. The complications may even lead to miscarriage.
  • Taking a course of ibuprofen during pregnancy in the last trimester is most likely to harm your foetus.
  • An extended ibuprofen course in the months of your pregnancy can cause a passage in your baby’s heart to close in a premature manner, resulting in serious issues in the development of the foetus.
  • Your baby may sustain serious heart damage in other ways as well.
  • The issue with ibuprofen can also affect the developing lungs in a way that is detrimental to the baby’s growth.
  • If you are having a girl, ibuprofen during pregnancy may seriously affect the fertility of the growing foetus.
  • The way that ibuprofen affects your baby girl has been found to be irreversible. The study suggests that if you take the medicine twice during the first 24 weeks of your pregnancy, you are likely to affect the fertility rate of your unborn daughter.
  • The threat includes a reduced fertility period for your girl child and possible infertility when she eventually grows up to be an adult.
  • A few rounds of research have found that ibuprofen during pregnancy can also affect the fertility of a male child yet to be born.

While painkillers can keep the pain and discomfort away, not every issue requires a painkiller. It is best to avoid painkillers of all kinds during the period of pregnancy. If at all you need one, consulting your doctor for a lighter medication that does not directly affect your pregnancy may be advisable.

Ibuprofen Dosage

As it has been stated time and again, ibuprofen during pregnancy is something that you should absolutely try to avoid. If that is the painkiller you are used to taking, consult your general physician so that they may prescribe a milder drug with fewer side effects. No matter what, over-the-counter use of ibuprofen should strictly be avoided. Even one dose can be harmful to you or your baby.

If the circumstances are such that Tylenol and Paracetamol are not working, your doctor may give you a dose of ibuprofen. But even that may cause harm to your child.


For couples intending to raise a child in the lap of love and care, it is important to take into account the various threats that normal, everyday medicine may pose on the woman expecting to be a mother soon. While it is best to look into all the possible chemical reactions and side-effects of all the medicines you normally take, you must take extra care to avoid ibuprofen during pregnancy. Medical research across the board have found mounting side effects that can lead to either the termination of the pregnancy, or the baby to be born with serious conditions or defects. Avoid ibuprofen at all costs as it may harm your baby in manner that cannot be reversed. Your child may grow up and feel the effects of an ibuprofen course that you took in your pregnancy well into adulthood.





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