How to make Coconut Milk?


Home Made Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can be very easily prepared at home and is a great alternative for kids with lactose intolerance. It does not require special extracting machines, methods or techniques. All it requires is  a fresh dehusked coconut with water, white flesh and great smell.

Some of the commercial preparations of coconut milk are known to contain traces of chemicals for preservation. These chemicals along with some spoiled batches of coconut milk can make matters worse. So, to avoid such issues, it is better to stay away from commercial preparations.

Check our simple yet nutritious homemade coconut milk recipe and give your child a healthy start.

Appropriate Age : 6 months – 8 months

Preparation Time: 10 minutes – 15 minutes




1 medium size fresh dehusked coconut

Homemade Coconut milk recipe
Homemade coconut milk recipe


Step 1: Coconut water forms main ingredient in coconut milk. When you break open the coconut, preserve the coconut water inside in a bowl

Step 2: Proceed to removing the coconut flesh, cut them into small pieces and grind them.

Step 3: Now add the preserved coconut water back to the pulp.

Step 4: Take this coconut puree in to muslin cloth, wrap it and squeeze it. Alternatively, you can take out the flesh, cut them into pieces, grind them and boil the pulp in double quantity of water for about 15-20 minutes and strain the mixture in muslin or cheese cloth.


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