How Cervical Fluid Predicts Your Fertile Days?


Did you know that cervical fluid can help predict your fertile days that can come in handy if you are trying to conceive? Read on for more information on how the cervical fluid can help you assess your fertile days and help you in your plan to have a baby.

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How Cervical Fluid Predicts Your Fertile Days?

If you are trying to conceive, you need to get an idea about the level of your fertility. Cervical Fluid helps to predict if you are fertile enough to have a baby. Although other commercial tests are available, they are expensive and people need to keep on repeating the tests, in order to determine the beginning of their fertile period. If you know how to determine the fertility level by observing the Cervical fluid, you will be able to cut down the expenses and seek a more natural way to determine your fertility level. This is a much easier and inexpensive option for your test.

Changes that occur during the cycle

In the cervix region, thousands of glands open up and keeps on releasing mucous every day. This secretion increases up to 30 times more during ovulation. Moreover, the thickness of this mucous varies during different stages of the cycle, depending on the water content in it. In order to identify the level of fertility, you can check out this mucous every day. Keeping track of the quality of mucous can help you in determining the fertility conditions.

Cervical Fluid Predicts

How can you check your fertility level by observing the Cervical Fluid?

You need to observe the water content in the mucous or Cervical Fluid to determine your fertility level. In the initial part of the cycle, you may find the mucous to be very dry, particularly after you have periods. However, as the ovulation stage approaches, the dryness of this mucous decreases. It will gradually become creamy in texture. It passes through a number of stages, becomes cloudy and finally watery. When you notice that the colour of the mucous has become egg-white, it indicates that the level of fertility is high.


You may get a part of the mucous by putting your finger in and observe its nature. Put the fluid between your index finger and thumb and pull them. If you find that the mucous stretches for about one inch, it indicates that the level of fertility is optimum. It is a positive sign, and it means that you are ready to conceive.

Generally, you will have low Cervical Fluid production immediately after your period. It remains dry during this period. It keeps on thickening and the moistness also increases as you near the ovulations stage. Moreover, you can also assess the level of fertility by observing the quantity of mucous. After the periods, it remains low, but later the production of Cervical Fluid increases and becomes much thicker. By observing the quality and nature of this mucous, you can get an idea about the level of fertility.

How does Cervical Fluid aid your fertility level?

It is important to note that the sperms can fertilize the eggs when the mucous is hospitable. It creates a medium for the sperm, therefore, you need to pinpoint the right time. At the peak of fertility, the Cervical Fluid turns egg-white in colour and becomes stretchy. It aids the process of fertilization, as the sperms are able to reach the eggs through the cervix. It mobilizes the path by lubricating the passage. The fluid is generated in your body on a monthly basis, so you should choose the phase when its production is the highest. The thickness and consistency of this fluid are determined by hormones. Oestrogen and progesterone influence the overall quality of the fluid. However, the water content in the fluid may vary from one person to another. You should know the water content in the cervical fluid in order to determine the level of fertility.

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Whys is it better to determine the optimum period at home?

As you know, tests in hospitals and other healthcare organization involves a lot of costs. If you are able to determine the peak fertility period, you will be able to cut down these costs. Moreover, you need to keep on testing for the right period to come. If you know the process, these separative processes can be eliminated. Most of the women who do not know the way to determine the level of fertility go for tests. However, now you know how to determine your fertility level, you need not go for professional tests when you plan to conceive.