11 Home Remedies to Treat Stomach Flu in Children


Stomach flu is very common among children. Children do tend to skip personal hygiene. They put things in their mouth, which they are not supposed to. They also put their unwashed hands in their mouth. These habits allow many bacteria and virus to enter your child’s digestive system.

Stomach flu causes tremendous stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. This can lead to further complication in your child. Some children might face stomach ache and a loss of appetite. Some might undergo vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes you child also might suffer from fever. The symptoms can be many and the cures are also plenty. There are many easily available home remedies which can you can adopt in order to make your child, feel better.

11 Home Remedies to Treat Stomach Flu in Kids


Stomach virus tends to cause more deficiency in minerals. That is why it will help your child if he/she drinks electrolyte water. It not only will help him/her to get the desired energy but also it will help your little one to restore the salt balance in his/her body.

Constant vomiting and loose motion robs your little one from the required minerals.

treat Stomach flu in Children

Home Made Re-hydration Solution

Instead of purchasing commercially available electrolytes, you can also make re-hydration solutions at home. You can add 8 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and it give it your child.


Caraway Tea

Caraway teas are fantastic remedies of stomach flu in children. Add some caraway seeds in a cup of hot water. Then keep it like that for 10 minutes. Then strain the water and the tea is ready for your child. It will provide him/her with great relief from stomach aches and pains. You can give him/her the tea up till three times a day.


Apples are very good for your child’s intestine. If raw apple is difficult for your child to consume, during the stomach ache, then you can give him/her baked apple. Liquid applesauce is also equally beneficial. It also helps your child to swallow it faster instead of going through the pain of chewing raw apple, during his/her illness.

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Garlic has good antibiotic. This will help your child to heal his/her stomach and fight off the virus. Garlic is a natural protector of your child’s bacterial flora and is good for the intestine.

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Lemon contains a huge amount of Vitamin C. It also helps in boosting your child’s immunity. You can mix one spoon of sugar and one pinch of salt with one spoon of lemon juice and mix it well in a glass of water. This will help your child to get the desired relief from the tremendous stomach aches.


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Soft Drinks or Soda

Mild soft drinks or soda are also natural relief providing alternative for your child, when he/she is suffering from stomach flu. You can add some lemon into the soda or the soft drink and offer it your child. The fizz helps his/her stomach to feel better and allows your child to relax. However, if you have other alternatives, it is wise to avoid soft drinks as an alternative.


Peaches are high in sugar content and are very good for stomach virus. It is a very well known home remedy for stomach virus. If your offer your child a can of peach, during that phase, it will work better than any medication.

Peaches have anti-inflammatory property which allows them to cure the infection in your child’s digestive system and also intestine. Just like apples, this marvelous fruit is also good for your child and can offer multiple benefits.


If your child’s age is more than 5 years, then you can offer him/her with mint. Mint has some sedentary benefits which will allow your child to get some relief from the stomach pain. Taken in small dosages, mint is generally very good for digestion.

It will help your little one to get relief from the regular aching and will allow him/her to relax a bit. However, raw mint leaves should not be given. Add a bit of mint in chilled water and make it into sherbet. Also mint candies are useful in such situations.


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Rice Water

Not a very well known home remedy, but rice waters do tend to cure many stomach related problems for children. Firstly you should boil a cup of rice in a pan. Wait till the rice gets soft. Rinse the rice and eat it separately. However, do not throw the water away.

This water is very good for treating stomach flu in children. You can always add a pinch of ginger and honey to this water to make it tasty for your child. This is always a very safe and effective remedy.


Last but certainly not the least yogurt has tremendous impact on the overall well being of your child’s digestive health. It contains the bacteria which aids in digestion. Sometimes strong medicines kill the important bacteria in your child’s system. That makes it even more difficult to cure the problem.

Feeding him/her with yogurt on a daily basis is a very good alternative to ward off stomach flu. Yogurts have the capacity to cool and soothe your child’s stomach. They also can boost the digestion and help your child smile again.

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Make sure of your child’s age, digestive capacity and allergies before trying the home remedies. Sometime fruits become very difficult to eat and digest specially in the raw form. In that case you can turn them into mash or paste.

Also if the situation gets out of hand it is always safe to call the doctor. In many cases stomach infections and viruses are not cured by home remedies. Prolonging home treatments will only delay the cure. Things might also turn for the worse. If your child is suffering for over a stretch of three days it is vital that you call your pediatrician. However, things like rice water and yogurt can also be given alongside medicines. They will help your child to restore the biotic balance in the digestive system.