13 Home Remedies for Postpartum Hemorrhoids


Women face a range of complications, post childbirth, one of them being postpartum hemorrhoids. They are identified by swollen veins in the rectum. When these veins swell up, you feel a soft mass protruding from the anus.

Home Remedies for Postpartum Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids at home using any of the 11 natural methods mentioned below:

1. Turmeric

The antibiotic properties of turmeric can help treat hemorrhoids. Take a little mustard oil and mix some turmeric powder and a few drops of onion juice to it. Apply this paste to the affected body parts and you will notice pain relief.

2. Onions

Everyone knows that onions are very good to minimize nerve irritation. This quality helps them be ideal for treating postpartum hemorrhoids. To get the best of onions for postpartum hemorrhoids, add three tablespoons of sugar to one red onion. Drink this mixture every day. By drinking it regularly, the bleeding associated with this problem will reduce, apart from nerve irritation and general discomfort.

3. Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate peel helps treat postpartum hemorrhoids. To use it, crush a cupful of pomegranate skin. Add hot water to it, when it cools, drink the blend twice a day.

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4. Goat Milk

A reliable method of getting rid of the pain, bleeding and discomfort of postpartum hemorrhoids is to consume goat’s milk. To use goat’s milk for treating hemorrhoids, add 10 grams of ground mustard to 10 tablespoons of goat’s milk and drink the liquid each morning prior to breakfast. You will get rid of the inflammation and pain of hemorrhoids.

5. Witch Hazel

New mothers love to use witch hazel for postpartum hemorrhoid treatment. To use it, soak a towel in cold water, wring it and pour out some witch hazel on to the affected area for instant relief.

6. Black Mustard and Yogurt

This natural remedy is safe for new moms who nurse their babies. To use this combination, grind black mustard to a fine paste and add fresh yogurt to it. Eat this mix every morning prior to breakfast and finish with a glass of buttermilk. This will give you the required relief from inner and outer hemorrhoids.

7. Tamarind flowers and Yogurt:

For bleeding and painful hemorrhoids, here’s an excellent cure. Extract a spoonful of tamarind flower and add fresh yogurt to it. To this, you can add coriander, ginger powder and pomegranate. Eat it with your lunch every day and enjoy relief from postpartum hemorrhoids symptoms.

8. Change of diet

By eating a specialized diet, you can get rid of all the symptoms of postpartum hemorrhoids. You can eat boiled raw banana, drink buttermilk with a little turmeric powder; or mix a little grated radish with a teaspoon of honey.

High-fibre foods can also prevent you from constipation and give soft stools. High-fiber foods to eat include wholemeal and soft grain bread varieties; beans, peas and lentils; wholegrain breakfast cereals; fresh and dried fruits with their skins; wholemeal pasta and brown rice; and nuts and seeds.


9. Ginger

Ginger is very effective in finding relief from postpartum hemorrhoids. For this, take a little ginger juice and add a little lemon juice and mint to it, and some honey. Drink this solution every day and you will find it giving you relief from postpartum hemorrhoid symptoms.

10. Radish and Honey

Honey and radish have each distinct remedial properties where postpartum hemorrhoids are concerned. Add a little honey to some radish juice and apply it to the affected area and you it will soon be healed. The pain and discomfort of postpartum hemorrhoids will also vanish soon.

11. Use a Sitz Bath

Fill up your bathtub with warm water and soak in it for as long as possible to get rid of the pain and discomfort of postpartum hemorrhoids. Sit in the tub and ensure that the water submerges your rectal area. Soak in the tub a few times a day for at least 10 minutes each time.

12. Ice Packs

If you apply ice packs to the inflamed area, you can get instant relief. Before you do this, remember to adopt a couple of tips, such as: The ice pack you use should have a soft covering, and soak the cold compress in witch hazel for best results. By using ice packs, the swelling and general discomfort you suffer can reduce if not disappear.

13. Kegel Exercises

They prevent hemorrhoids from growing by increasing the blood from flowing into the anal region and thereby improving blood circulation. After all, hemorrhoids causes bad blood circulation.Doing these exercises strengthen the perineum area, which act as good support for the internal  and prevent existing ones from spreading their roots.



By diagnosing hemorrhoids in time and preventing them from growing are the best ways of curing this problem. If, after trying a few of the above-mentioned remedies, you still don’t find any relief, speak to your doctor immediately.