11 Best Home Remedies for Instant Migraine Relief


Migraine is one of the most common diseases in the world. People can be affected by migraines because of their heredity also. It can run in families with children and adults. Migraine is not considered as a simple severe headache, it is a part of a neurological condition, which comes with other symptoms, such as- vomiting, nausea, sound, light and smell sensitivity, numbness in hands and feet, visual changes, etc. It is characterized by intense, debilitating headaches.

Remedies of Migraine

Migraine can be ranged from uncomfortable to downright unbearable. It can disrupt one’s daily life also. The family history is considered to be the most common risk factors for having a migraine. There are many medications available for the treatment of migraine, a number of them are effective. There are a few natural remedies also. Here in this article, we will discuss 11 best home remedies for instant migraine relief. But before that, let’s know the symptoms of migraine.

The Symptoms of Migraine

The symptoms may begin 1-2 days before the headache starts itself. It is known as the prodrome stage. Symptoms of this stage :

  1. Depression
  2. Hyperactivity
  3. Neck stiffness
  4. Fatigue or low energy
  5. Food cravings
  6. Frequent yawning
  7. Irritability

There is something called migraine with aura, in this stage you may have problems with vision, movement, sensation, and speech. You may experience difficulty while speaking. You may see light flashes, bright spots, or shapes. You may feel a tingling sensation in your arms or legs. You may temporarily lose your vision.


And the next attack phase is the most acute and severe when the actual migraine pain occurs. This particular phase symptoms can last from hours to days. But the symptoms vary from person to person. The symptoms include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Sensitivity to sound and light
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Pulsing and throbbing head pain
  6. One side of head pain

After that, a person may experience the postdrome phase. In this stage, you may experience mood swings and changes in your feelings. Many medications are available for the treatment, which are suggested by the doctor, but natural remedies play a pivotal role in treating migraines. Home remedies are always best!!

The following are the 11 best home remedies for instant migraine relief. Let’s have a look

11 Instant Migraine Relief Remedies

Caffeine in your rescue:

Caffeine is an ingredient in coffee and other food, drinks, that can give you some instant mild relief. Caffeine is considered to be helpful in letting your body absorb some migraine drugs faster. But don’t consume too much. You can get dependent on caffeine. But it may help you in withdrawing fatigue, other headaches, and other symptoms as well.

Do daily exercise:

A little daily workout will be helpful for you in preventing your migraine headache. Regular exercise makes your body release endorphins, which is a chemical that fights pain. It can ease your stress and anxiety and make you sleep better. But the advice is not to try it in the time when you experience a migraine attack.

Sleeping well is the best solution:

Sleep well in time regularly, it may help you in staving off the migraine. Too much or too little sleep can be harmful in migraines, as it can trigger headaches and lower the threshold for pain. Aim to sleep for 7-8 hours regularly each night. It is important also to go to bed and wake up at the same time daily.


Triggers managing:

It may not be usual, but sometimes your migraine is set off by the food you eat. So it is necessary for you to find out which food brings your pain so that you can avoid it. Some common foods that can trouble your migraine are red wine, cured meats, aged cheese, etc. Sometimes the surrounding condition can also trigger. Those are bright lights, strong odors, staying at a high altitude.

Vitamin b2 consumption:

Vitamin b2 is considered to be known as riboflavin. You can find it in some food items like fish, chicken, cheese, milk, etc. Vitamin b2 is available in the form of medicine supplements also. You can take it as a pill. According to some studies, riboflavin is helpful in preventing migraines.

Cool it down:

Try this home remedy to get the instant result. Put an ice pack on your neck, scalp, and forehead for instant pain relief. There is no such strong reason why it works, but many experts assume that it may reduce the blood flow. If you don’t have any ice pack, then you can use a washcloth or a frozen gel pack. Try to rinse the washcloth in cold water.

Dark and quiet room:

As we all know, bright lights and extreme noise can make the headache unbearable and worse. You need to find a place in your house, which is away from the action. Pulling down the shades when you’ve got a migraine can also be helpful. This therapy will help you to recover faster.

Consume magnesium:

Magnesium is a mineral that you can find it in whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables. It may not help while you’re having migraine attacks. But according to some studies, magnesium consumption can prevent it. This mineral is available in supplement forms also, so you can take this as a pill. But it is important to consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

Yoga benefits:

According to some studies, daily yoga reduces the number of migraine attacks you get. Yoga sessions make your attacks less intense when they do happen. Yoga is such an exercise that gets your heart pumping, so it is helpful in preventing migraines. But for some people, it may trigger a headache as well. Experts say that this activity with its slower movement can be a safe alternative.


Take some ginger:

According to a recent study, if you take ginger in addition to regular over-the-counter pain relief medicines, then it may ease out the pain of migraines. This study found that in migraine, ginger works almost as well as the prescribed medicines. You can take raw ginger pieces or make your ginger tea as well.

Apply lavender or peppermint oil:

According to studies, inhaling lavender oil can give faster relief during a migraine attack. You can inhale it directly or apply it diluted to the temples. The menthol in peppermint oil can stop the migraine from coming on. You need to apply it to the forehead and temples to get effective results. It will give you relief from the other migraine symptoms such as nausea or light sensitivity.


If you get a migraine, the symptoms will be difficult to cope with. It may lead to miss your work or daily activity. Try the above-mentioned home remedies to get instant pain relief. But it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you’re experiencing migraine pain. They will surely help you with the medication.