101 Beautiful Hispanic Baby Boy Names


Looking for best Hispanic names for your baby boy? Here is a list of best Hispanic Baby boy names.

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101 Best Hispanic Baby Boy Names

hispanic baby boy names

Name Meaning
Abran Variant of Abram meaning Exalted father.
Adan Variation of Adam From the red earth.
Dark: Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (The Adriatic sea region.)
Agustin Majestic dignity: grandeur.
Alano Handsome
Alanzo Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
Alarico Rules all
Alba A place name.
Alberto Noble: bright.
Alejandro Defends mankind. Spanish form of Alexander.
Alfonso Spanish form of Alphonse. Eager for war.
Alfredo Spanish form of Alfred – counsels the elves
Alonso Eager for battle: Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
Alonzo Eager for battle
Aluino Noble friend
Alvar Truth-speaker or guardian.
Alvaro Truth-speaker or guardian.
Alvino White: fair.
Amadeo Loves God
Amado Loves God
Ambrosio Divine
Amoldo The eagle rules.
Anastasio Resurrected
Bonifaco Benefactor
Bartolo Ploughman
Bartolome Ploughman
Basilio Noble
Beinvenido Welcome
Beltran Bright raven
Bemabe Son of comfort.
Bembe Spanish form of Barnaby – prophet
Benedicto Blessed
Bernardo Strong as a bear.
Berto Intelligent
Blanco Blond
Blas Stutters
Bonifacio Benefactor
Ciceron Chickpea
Carlomagno Charles the Great
Carlos Manly
Casimiro Peaceful
Cedro Abbreviation of Isadoro strong gift.
Cesar Long haired
Cesario Variant of Caesar.
Cesaro Long haired
Chan Nickname for John.
Abbreviations for names ending in -ano and -rio. Chan: (Chinese) family name.
Charro Nickname for a cowboy particularly in Argentina.
Abbreviations for names ending in -ano and -rio. Chan: (Chinese) family name.
Abbreviation of Jose: Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.
Chico Boy: lad. Also Spanish abbreviation of Ezekiel.
Duarte Prosperous guardian. Variant of Edward.
Desiderio Desired
Diego Supplanter
Dino Abbreviation of names ending like Bernardino.
Domenico Variant of the Latin Dominic of the lord.
Domingo Born on Sunday
Donatello Gift from God.
Donato Abbreviation of Donatello gift from God.
Donzel Abbreviation of Donatello gift from God.
Duardo Prosperous guardian. Variant of Edward.
Eliazar God has helped.
Edmundo Wealthy protector
Eduardo Prosperous guardian.
Edwardo Prosperous guardian.
Efrain Doubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim
Elia My God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah.
Elias My God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah.
Felipe Spanish form of Phillip loves horses
Fanuco Free
Faro Reference to the card game faro.
Faron pharoah.
Fausto Lucky
Federico Spanish form of Frederick peaceful ruler
Feliciano Happy.
Gaspar Treasure
Gabriel God is my strength
Gabrio God is my strength
Galeno Small intelligent one
Galtero Spanish form of Walter strong warrior
Garcia Brave in battle
Hernan Adventurous. Variant of Ferdinand.
Heitor Variant of Hector.
Heriberto Spanish form of Herbert shining warrior
Iliana Variant of Elena.
Ignado Fire
Ignazio Fire
Jago Supplanter
Jacobo Supplanter.
Kemen Strong
Leon Lion
Leandro Lion
Mateo God’s gift
Martinez Warring
Martino Warring
The name Nazario means ‘of Nazareth’ referring to Jesus who was from Nazareth. It is a deeply religious name, fit for traditional families.
Does Christmas day hold special meaning in your life? Or was your son born on the 25th of December? The Natalio will be the perfect name for him. It means ‘Christmas day.’
Your son was the answer to your prayers. Natanael means ‘given by God.’
We are sure you have heard the name Nicolas several times. It is a very common name and means ‘victor of the people.’
A very Hispanic name, Nicodemo means ‘victory of the people.’
If you don’t mind naming your son something very common, opt for Oscar. The name means ‘God’s spear.’

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