Is High WBC Count in Pregnancy Dangerous?


A White blood cells (WBCs), or “leukocytes,” constitute 1% of a person’s blood. WBCs battle against infections, parasites, and microbes. The bone marrow produces more WBCs when battling a disease. After a disease, memory cells keep in mind the antigens to battle in the occasion of a moment introduction. WBCs react promptly to deliver antibodies and avoid another sickness. Pregnant individuals regularly have a raised WBC check. This article examines the causes, conceivable indications, when to contact a specialist, and the viewpoint.

high wbc during pregnancy

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In nonpregnant grown-up females, specialists consider a WBC count elevated when it is over 11,000 per microliter (µL) of blood. This is known as “leucocytosis.” The normal extend of WBCs for females is 4,500–11,000 in 1 µL of blood, which is proportionate to 17–40 million WBCs in each teaspoon of blood. In pregnant individuals, the normal run of WBCs is 5,700–15,000 per 1 µL of blood. The upper constrain is  around 13,800–19,600 

Doctors frequently screen WBCs amid pregnancy to identify disease and aggravation. A hoisted WBC check in pregnant individuals is common due to the body changing to carry a foetus.
A 2021study of 24,318 pregnant individuals appeared them add up to WBC raised expanded between 8 and 40 weeks of development. Certain sorts of WBCs expanded whereas others remained steady or decreased.

Amid pregnancy, the white blood cell number may increment to be able to react suitably to the embryo. This case is completely nothing to stress around and does not require any crisis measures. In any case, if the white blood cell check is hoisted amid pregnancy went with by indications such as raised blood weight, fever, stretch, weight misfortune, nosebleeds, etc. expeditiously inspected and treated by a specialist.


WBC number amid pregnancy is ordinary, and specialists do not suggest treatment unless blood tests propose an contamination or a individual encounters side effects such as fever and raised blood pressure. High WBC checks have an affiliation with preeclampsia, a condition that ordinarily creates in the third trimester of pregnancy and causes a sudden rise in blood pressure. Preeclampsia is genuine and requires prompt treatment. In preeclampsia, an lifted WBC number is due to an expanded fiery response. 

Causes Of High WBC Number Amid Pregnancy 

When a individual has a raised WBC , their neutrophils, a sort of WBC, are higher than regular, ordinarily due to disease. The body’s provocative reaction is to increment youthful cells, which take off the bone marrow as well before long and enter the bloodstream. A raised WBC check can have various causes, including: 

  • infection 
  • inflammation 
  • extreme physical or passionate stretch, such as fever, harm, or surgery 
  • burns 
  • kidney failure 
  • lupus 
  • rheumatoid arthritis 
  • malnutrition 
  • thyroid problems 
  • cancer, such as leukaemia and lymphoma
  • myeloproliferative clutters, which are sorts of blood cancers 
  • smoking 
  • obesity 
  • intemperate exercise 
  • certain drugs, such as: o epinephrine o corticosteroids o aspirin o allopurinol o chloroform o heparin o quinine o triamterene Read approximately common contaminations amid pregnancy. 

Symptoms of High WBC

 A raised WBC raised amid pregnancy may not cause side effects. 

Specialists may treat the fundamental cause when a individual has the taking after symptoms: 

  • fatigue 
  • fever 
  • startling weight loss 
  • shortness of breath 
  • pain 
  • night sweats
  • wheezing 
  • rash 
  • bruising easily 
  • intemperate bleeding 
  • queasiness and vomiting 

When To Contact A Doctor? 

A pregnant individual ought to have standard contact with a healthcare group amid pregnancy to screen their wellbeing, counting their WBC count. If a pregnant individual creates signs of an disease or feels unwell, they ought to check with a doctor. A specialist may require to arrange assist tests to make a determination and decide a treatment arrange. Some of the time, specialists endorse anti-microbials or anti-inflammatory solutions to treat leucocytosis. 

WBC raise dies as a rule rise amid pregnancy, crest after conveyance, and continuously return to nonpregnancy levels. A 2021 consider detailed that add up to WBC checks expanded altogether on the to begin with day after conveyance, extending from 8,400–23,200 WBCs per 1 µL. On normal, individuals who had a vaginal conveyance had a bigger increment in their WBC checks than those who had a caesarean delivery. By the seventh day after conveyance, the normal WBC check returned to the normal WBC check amid pregnancy. After that, it proceeded to drop, coming to nonpregnancy levels inside 21 days.