21 Healthy Snacks For Hungry Teens


The life of a teenager is always hectic and because of that reason, they need a constant boast of nutrients from healthy snacks. They go through a lot of pressure, the pressure of studies, curricular activities, their body hitting puberty and they maturing both mentally and physically.

Teenagers are said to be at the most vital age of growth and nourishment. One needs to fulfill all the demands of the body and the brain. This age actually describes what one must be becoming in the upcoming years. It can make a person or break a person. And health is one of the most crucial aspects to look at because physical development states to be at the peak.

healthy snacks

21 Healthy Snacks For Hungry Teens

For a healthy teenage life and for proper growth, the following snacks will give nutrients and help in the development of an individual.

Sandwich with peanut butter

A cool snack with tasty elements and with full of nutrients. The sandwich having vegetables in it and peanut butter is tasty as well as yummy.

Almond and dark chocolate milkshake

There are teenagers who hate milk but love chocolate and this is one of the best healthy snacks for them. They will get proteins and nutrients from both milk and almonds. Moreover, almonds will increase their memory power and help them remember their studies for a long time.



Oats are considered to be one of the easiest meals to make and have. Any teenager can make ready-made oats by themselves. Oats can be of different types such as mixed vegetables with masala, fruits, and vegetables, only fruits, etc. So it one of the best snacks for any teenager.

Kellogg’s cornflakes with milk

The perfect morning breakfast and anytime healthy snack. Kelloggs with milk and if one prefers they may add some fruits and dry fruits as well to make it tastier and healthier.

Boiled egg

A boiled egg is a power pack for a person’s immunity boast. It contains all the proteins for an individual. 2 boiled eggs a day can keep a person healthy and fit for a day.

Chicken sandwich

A chicken sandwich is a perfect healthy snack for chicken lovers as it is healthy. It contains all the nutrients and it is a power pack feeder for a hungry teenager.

Yogurt with fruits

Fruits have their own delicious and magical effect on a teenager’s health. Other than that yogurt is creamier, tastier, and has proteins and ions to offer which helps in the growth of a teenager.

Dried fruits

Dry fruits such as date, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pecan nuts, kishmish all these fruits can be eaten raw. It can also be added to something like halwa, milkshake. These provide good nourishment to the brain which helps one in studies i.e. learning, memory, and understanding.


Sweet potato

If you’re feeling hungry and finding healthy snacks, then here you go with sweet potato. It is tasty, healthy, and doesn’t require any help as one can eat it by themselves.

Green smoothie

Smoothie is the new fashion food, every teenager enjoys smoothie. A green smoothie is basically a smoothie of green vegetables such as spinach. It is healthy as it provides vitamins like A and C which are good for both the brain and skin.

Chocolate cookies

A cookie is a perfect snack for any age group. As it is tasty and homemade, cookies of any flavor are always healthier and tastier.

Mixed vegetable

If you are a vegetable fan then nothing can be better than a bowl of mixed vegetables. It contains all that you will be needing for the healthy growth of your body and mind.

Banana chips

Often parents get worried about teenagers eating potato chips from different companies. Instead of eating that one must buy their kids these banana chips. They can eat this anytime: while studying, while watching television and this is healthy and tasty as well.

Cheese sandwich

Cheese in pizza and cheese in a homemade sandwich. Both are really amazing but eating a regular size pizza is not good for health. Eating healthy snacks such as a cheese sandwich provides a good meal to the stomach and also it is easy to make.


Chicken popcorn

Popcorn is a salty healthy snack loved by all while watching a movie, then why not try something delicious like chicken popcorn. Though it is time-consuming, once it is ready a person will be asking for more as it tastes yum.

Chocolate coconut balls

Coconut is considered as one of the healthy fruit. Along with that, if it is eaten with chocolate it tastes even more delicious. This can be made once in a while and can be kept in the fridge.

Fruit Hummus  

Hummus is a creamy dish that is made with the help of any ingredient you like. You can have this healthy snack for days with chips or just hummus. It’s your wish.


Pasta mama-mia, an amazing dish, easy to cook and delicious to feed one’s stomach. Bring a packet of pasta and make it with all those ingredients you want to include in your recipe and enjoy it.


Homemade crunchies are the best. One can make it with different dry fruits and it is a very famous snack as it provides strength and boosts energy.

Fried paneer

Paneer is easy to cook and can be eaten with a meal or just fried with sauce or other dips. It serves itself as a good meal for the hungry stomach.


Homemade burger

Burger in Mcdonald’s is eaten by many teenagers but a homemade burger is more delicious and healthy for a teen’s growth and nourishment.


We hope you liked the above healthy snack recipes. And if you make some, please send them our way as well! Happy cooking!!