10 Healthy Foods That Are High In Iron


In order to get all of the nutrients that your body needs, it’s important to stick to a healthy diet. This is because certain nutrients can be found in a whole range of healthy foods, helping to meet your recommended daily intake without any concern.

Within this guide, we will be taking you through ten healthy foods that are high in iron. We will also uncover why the body needs iron, highlighting the importance of getting enough of it each day.

Why Does The Body Need Iron?

Iron is one of the many essential minerals that your body needs to function normally. It has been found to support many roles in the body, including contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (EFSA, 2010). Iron is also necessary for the transport of oxygen throughout the body (EFSA, 2009).

foods high in iron

Foods High In Iron

Just like most nutrients, you can get enough iron from the foods that you eat. However, some people still choose to take iron supplements to safeguard their intake. This is most commonly done amongst pregnant women and those over 50.

Here are ten healthy foods that are rich in iron:

  1. Spinach

Leafy greens like spinach are packed with a whole load of nutritional value. Spinach is incredibly low in calories and can be added to just about any meal for a healthy touch.

  1. Fortified Cereals

A lot of vegetarians or vegans meet their nutritional needs through fortified foods. A lot of fortified cereals are rich in iron, making it easy to meet your daily intake. The levels of iron will vary depending on cereal, so always be sure to check the packaging.

  1. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit makes a great snack and can be topped onto your breakfast cereal for an even healthier touch. When seeking for dried fruit that’s rich in iron, we recommend opting for apricots.

  1. Chicken Liver

Liver is incredibly rich in iron – it’s probably the food you hear about most when talking about iron. Liver can make for a delicious dinner, but it is not recommended to those who are pregnant.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is another healthy food that’s high in iron. It is also high in protein, making it a staple food for vegetarians and vegans in particular.

  1. Mackerel

Many types of fish provide a great source of iron, including mackerel. Mackerel tastes great on a warm summer’s day when accompanied with salad and quinoa!

  1. Canned Tuna

Another great source of iron from the sea is canned tuna. Whether making a tuna sandwich or tuna salad, canned tuna makes it both easy and convenient to load up on nutrients.

  1. Chicken Breast

Chicken is a lean meat that provides many health benefits. For best results, we recommend focusing on chicken breast and cooking it as healthily as possible.

  1. Legumes

Legumes are loaded with nutrients, providing more great news for vegetarians and vegans. This includes beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and peas.

  1. Turkey

Much like chicken, turkey is another lean meat that contains iron. Dark turkey meat is what you’ll need to focus on for best results.

As you can see, there are a whole range of foods rich in iron, suitable for both meat eaters and vegetarian diets. However, if you’re concerned about your intake and feel as though your diet doesn’t support your nutritional needs, do not hesitate to speak to a nutritionist.