11 Amazing Health Benefits of Nopales in Your Child’s Diet


Nopales, also commonly called prickly pears or cactus, belongs to the group of species known as “Opuntia ficus-indica.” It is a popular vegetable known for its low calories and added in several dishes. In many countries, it is also served along with fish and meat. Nopales is a kind of vegetable that originate from the soft pads of prickly pears or cacti. They are the size of a hand and generally either green or purple in colour. Nopales are rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals and possess numerous health benefits. Read on to know more.

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Health Benefits of Nopales in your Child’s Diet

When it comes to your child’s nutrition and well-being, you will leave no stone unturned. Although rare, and not consumed by many, Nopales has several health benefits that you simply cannot ignore. Listed below are some health benefits of adding Nopales in your child’s diet.

1} Improves digestion

Nopales are rich in dietary fiber and is a great addition to your child’s diet. Consuming Nopales improve bowel movement and reduce symptoms of constipation and diarrhea. The dietary fiber present in Nopales also helps keep the heart healthy and reduce bad cholesterol.

2} Anti-inflammatory properties

It is very important to give your children anti-inflammatory foods that help fight inflammation to various infections in the body. Nopales contain anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight inflammation in the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and muscles. It is rich in bioflavonoid quercetin that helps fight and eliminate free radicals from the body. If you child is suffering from urinary tract infection, Nopales is one of the best remedies that will help cure this infection in your child.

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Benefits of Nopales

3} Anti-oxidant properties

Nopales are rich in anti-oxidants called as Betalins. Betalins help detoxify your child’s body and remove all the toxins from it. It also encourages new cell generation in the body.

4} Improves metabolism

Nopales are known for its high vitamin and mineral content. They are rich in Vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, and all other vital compounds that are required to regulate enzyme activity and carry out metabolism in the body. For your child to have adequate energy throughout the day, it is essential to maintain a good metabolism. Feeding him Nopales will keep him energised throughout the day.

5} Build strong bones

Your children need strong healthy bones for proper growth and development. Hence, it is important to feed your child foods that help increase bone mineral density and build strong bones. Nopales leaves are rich in calcium that helps in repairing broken bones and also build strong bones.

6} Improves sleep

Children often suffer from disrupted sleep and irregular sleep patterns. Adequate sleep is mandatory for growing children for proper growth and development. Nopales are rich in magnesium which is known to treat restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Nopales triggers the release of serotonin which in turn increases melatonin levels in the body. This response reduces the nerve function and calms down the body by inducing a sedative effect.

7} Cures Ulcers

Children are prone to all forms of ulcers in the mouth, stomach, and intestine when at a very young age. Nopales is one such wonder food that helps cure ulcers dramatically. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties and dietary content, Nopales are known to cure all forms of ulcers in your child’s body.


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8} Improves Brain Health

Nopales contains flavonoids such as quercetin 3-methyl that acts as a neuroprotector. In order to enhance the function of your child’s brain, feed him the stems and flowers of Nopales. Nopales also protects the brain cells from damage.

9} Prevents cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease that affects small children as well. In order to keep your children protected from cancer, you must start feeding them healthy from a very young age. Nopales are rich in anti-oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and phytochemicals that protect the body against free radicals and remove them before they mutate the healthy cells into cancerous cells.

10} Skin care

To keep your child’s skin healthy and clean in the coming years, feeding healthy food is mandatory. Nopales are rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that prevent skin infections from occurring on your child’s skin.

11} Maintains ideal weight

An ideal weight is necessary for your child to be healthy. Children tend to overeat which cause them to obese and unhealthy. Nopales are healthy vegetables that are full of dietary fiber and keep your child’s stomach full. It is low in saturated fat and high in metabolic potential. This makes the body work more for usage energy without putting on weight.

Nopales are power packed foods that help you and your family stay healthy and fit. If you want to keep your children healthy and fit, bring home Nopales. Experience the dramatic improvement in your family’s health once you start consuming Nopales.


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10 Health Benefits of Nopales